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  1. It is going good. Along the lines of better health/shape I find that I still don't always track my food etc. I just forget. I've also been working on trying to figured out how to stay motivated in working out on workout days. I start good and then I get board with the routine lol. I do it from home till I have funds to have a gym membership. If you have any tips in those two areas or any tips in general love to hear them :).
  2. Pretty good. I haven't been doing yoga every day but with living on a homestead it tends to get busy, but I've been making it a point to do it every 2 days or so to keep my back stretched out.
  3. I've been with NF for over a yr now and finally after implementing and trying I found my groove and what 100% works for me (after a lot of trial and error). That's when I decided it was finally time to try out a 4 weeks challenge to add to my motivation level and have even more accountability. Main goal, lose 5 lbs or at least continue to see signs of toning and shrinkage in my body appearance in this 4 weeks Make it a consistent goal to utilize mymacro+ to keep track of my macros plans each day (aka sticking to my macro diet that is working for me) Do yoga eve
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