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  1. Chant Brings Order from Chaos -- Part II

    There you are! Should have known to try druids first. Sorry you've not felt great and hope improving. Following
  2. What The Fork am I doing here?

    I agree with above - and start your streak again, otherwise you'll get distracted by counting how many days you've failed instead of how to build on your successes. Good luck with the weight training
  3. Another Challenge's Creative Title

    How are your BWW and walking going? Has to be better than mine -see post!
  4. Rainelf moves into unknown territory

    Nope! Didn't fit in the BBWW yesterday either! Never in a room on my own, no floor space and raining all day, so even the grass was wet and I didn't want to lie on it in full view of the curious public walking round the park and do surreptitious planks in case someone thought I'd collapsed and came to try resuscitation!!! Diet ok though, hiking about 7000 steps (quite low for me). I'll keep looking for opportunities
  5. Wobbegong Conquers the Sakamichi

    Ravens really do make a weird metallic sort of noise - as well as being big!
  6. Iceburner #9: Finding the balance in mind and body

    Sometimes it may help that if one of your goals is 'read books' or 'enrich your knowledge and skills' is to make yourself be more specific and perhaps decide on a couple of titles or a specific area. I sort of want to do something similar (tend to end up wandering around news channels which don't always enhance my life) so decided to do a free on- line open university course about weather (just an example,). Having found it and committed to it means that when I find myself drifting off into time wasting, I can do a short bit of the course, which leaves me feeling more upbeat (as well as helping me know more about weather... Always helpful when helping with fieldwork from a tent!!!!!!!) Good luck with your challenges
  7. Pt. 4: Even More!

    How's the steps going?
  8. Rainelf moves into unknown territory

    Progress report- little progress! That's just because it's all a bit chaotic and I have less control of my time than I thought I would, but I'm sure I'll get a better pattern as time goes on. Surprisingly (to me anyway) I'm managing in the ' less cake' one, but finding the hiking one most difficult just cos I feel like i'm rushing around from A to B doing urgent tasks. Missed the BWW yesterday too (completely forgot it was Monday!) but will try to fit it in today. Staying with my brother and niece, sleeping on floor at the moment, so space a bit of an issue, but should have brief interval of time to myself later. Getting to see lovely places though - must remember an occasional picture update
  9. Motif's second challenge

    Like your goals. Good luck and keep enjoying the journey
  10. RememberYourPromises Take 2!

    Keep the focus and keep it simple. Small rewards are a good thing- make a lists so you can look forward to them
  11. What The Fork am I doing here?

    I'm so impressed with your first week. Keep going for the 'A'
  12. Farmgirl working the Farm!

    You've clearly put more focus into how you're going to achieve the goals - for example with the interval training (although I think the trampolining with the kids also a great idea, as was your previous bursts of body weight training during the meal making for the family!) Pleased you're also feeling more confident about the portion control. Well done - you're getting there!
  13. Motif's second challenge

    Hi again. Glad your walking as part of your journey and good luck with the decluttering
  14. Rainelf moves into unknown territory

    Now in tent listening to pouring rain and a thunderstorm! Hiking my be limited by travelling tomorrow but I'll see. Diet going ok I think. Dawdling towards rivendell.
  15. Another Challenge's Creative Title

    That's great. Sensible not to risk injury, but still doing BBWWx3 sets 3 X a week has to be a significant increase over what you were doing even 2 months ago