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  1. So busy I only just looked at where I am on the walk to Mordor. I must have gone through rivendell in a daze!! Now find myself on the way to lothiorien!! Well, I've completed my third challenge: Diet - ok Hiking- more than I thought! Body weight workout - pretty hopeless and erratic, with almost no stretching. Still know I want to do it. Will think again for next challenge. Not even sure which tribe is the most appropriate, but thanks to those who've encouraged me on the journey so far and hope to see some of you on the next stage
  2. Glad to hear your finally feeling better than you did - was wondering why you'd disappeared - like reading your updates. Enjoy your adventure planning
  3. Sounds like you've had a really effective and positive challenge.
  4. Does accuracy count a lot in the tomahawk throwing? Or is it just distance
  5. Lots of cuddling of the baby has always seemed a good thing to me. Much more important than schedules, for both you and the baby. And Mr de Vries sounds like he's happy if you're both happy. Sounds like this is better for all of you
  6. Good luck with your move tomorrow. You'll be able to mentally wind down a bit after it's done
  7. I love being out and listening to the breeze rustling the trees. Complete lack of progress with the challenge but happy to be here anyway
  8. How's agent white doing? I loved the first picture. Sorry to hear about your old friend
  9. You're doing great getting things off your moving list - looks like you'll get all of that list sorted - well done. Deserve a big pat on the back for managing that and staying sane. Also great stuff with eating. Waiting to give loud cheer when you break the 300 barrier
  10. Ok. Decided to try again fitting in some strength exercises around tent, so did squats, 15:15:15:5. Not a lot, but a start. Also tried proper press-ups (hopeless- managed 5, not very good ones!) Did 5 real, 10 knee, 5 real, 10 knee. Hope they get easier.....well, possible!! Will try both again day after tomorrow. Will do planks tomorrow
  11. But it's lovely to be home for a few days too
  12. Hang on in there - we're cheering you on through these tricky times. Tough luck for your wife and her interviews but maybe some new opportunity will open up
  13. Sounds like you were right to get out of a working environment that you found frustrating. Hope you find a better one
  14. Sounds like you're having more fun with the weights than you thought you would. Following in this challenge
  15. How's the stretching going! I confess with my chaotic trekking round the country I've made almost no progress with this but know I should have another go. Perhaps you are being more consistent with this.ps happy birthday
  16. Well done in persevering with getting a sling - I'm sure it will open up more opportunities for you with the difficulties with public transport and give you some feeling of independence back
  17. How did you get into tomahawk throwing? Sounds fun though
  18. How's the dancing and bodyweight training going? Sounds like you enjoy the dancehall
  19. Hope your back is settling. Perhaps you'll be able to venture out to see the trees again soon
  20. Hope you are feeling better. Agree it's frustrating when you would just rather be out doing something
  21. Hello again - list you cos I linked up with druids this time. Sounds like you are doing great with your challenges this tine
  22. Noticed I said 'recharge things like God!' probably unnecessary! Meant GPS system
  23. Chaos and more chaos! Hard to stay organised at the moment. Seeing lovely places, but distracting having to hunt for electricity to charge things like God rechargeable batteries, very large gaps in phone signal coverage and hence very variable access to internet. Also losing track of simple things like ' what day is it?' or 'is it June yet?' Brief update Diet ok Hiking variable but broadly ok - although must update walk to Mordor Strength training - hopeless really, will keep trying Currently home for couple of days, largely doing laundry, then off again on Sunday Sorry for being mostly uncommunicative - will catch up with people's threads etc whilst I have unlimited electricity!
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