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  1. This week has started out okay, although I think my diet may be suffering a bit. Saturday will tell, because that's when the weigh-in happens. I've done walking with some jogging mixed in this week, but no BBW workouts yet. I really struggle with those, especially getting motivated to do them. I had been thinking this week might be a 5-circuit week but now I'm backing off of that and considering combining fewer circuits, maybe 2 or 3, with my daily walking/jogging. I just enjoy the walking so much more. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Weigh in this week was a wash, meaning I stayed the same. Being on a business trip, though, I’ll take that. For me, this week, it was all about the diet and I did okay. Onwards!
  3. Thank you! Things are going okay. I'm on a business trip this week so there's lots of walking involved but I haven't done a BBW workout yet this week. I know I can do one in the hotel, but the days are long and by the time I'm done it's time for bed. I am watching my diet, though, and avoiding the sugar.
  4. Wednesday and Thursday were walking/jogging days and that went well. Today was another four-circuit BBW workout. I find that, depending on my mood, I hate different parts of the circuit. One time it will be the squats, another time it will be the jumping jacks or maybe the lunges. It's weird how that works for me. At any rate, workout complete and the beat goes on.
  5. Back with another four circuit BBW workout today. Feels very good. The weekend precluded me from officially working out, but I burned calories doing chores on Saturday and Sunday. Continuing to give it hell.
  6. I am. It’s always nice to see the weight trend line heading downhill.
  7. I had a positive weigh-in this morning. It was expected, since I had one Day this week where I couldn’t eat due to a medical test I had done. But it sort of validates the intermittent fasting idea that I see written about on NF. Back to the workouts and walking.
  8. Back on the horse today. BBW workout done and this time four circuits. I hate it again, lol. But I know it will get easier, because it has.
  9. And my diet has betrayed my weigh-in this week. I expected it, however. In all the celebratory things around the job, I didn’t adhere like I should have. But instead of denial I sucked it up and weighed anyway, and now I can refocus this week and claw it back.
  10. This week I substituted walking for the BBW workout. I just needed the mental unwinding provided by the walking and that helped. The job hunt is reaching a positive conclusion as we speak so that’s a good thing too.
  11. Having been down this road many times, I can say that one thing I've tried to change is not beating myself up over an isolated "choice." We're only human, and sometimes the heart simply wants ice cream. Or nachos. Or Scotch. Mostly Scotch. Anyway, I digress. In the past I would use a "bad decision" as justification for blowing the whole thing off and saying, "Well, might as well throw in the towel, since I've blown it already." This time, I'm forgiving myself those "choices" and just keeping the bigger picture in mind. It's helping me stay on track overall, even though I might not be perfect in my diet. Continued good luck!
  12. Sometimes all you can do is try to find that opportunity. It sometimes doesn't work out, but that is certainly not the end of the world. I think the end of the world would be if we stopped looking.
  13. I walked on Monday and Tuesday so that's going well. The BBW workout is scheduled for today BUT if I don't do it today I will at least substitute another walk. I just find the walking helps me unwind from my day really well. Thank you for asking and yes, I've been following your thread.
  14. No doubt it’s a marked improvement. This stuff works.
  15. Today was BBW workout day. It continues to get easier. I did three circuits again and could have done a fourth but I don’t want to over do it and risk injury. So I’m taking it slow. Was rewarded this this morning with a good weigh-in. Lost a little and given some of my dietary failings lately, I will take it.
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