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  1. Rebel Dan

    Checking in

    At about 259.8 now hitting my first big milestone, which was, to get back to the weight I was at before I got sick. Next big milestone is 230 lbs - which is the best weight I remember being a within the last 10 years. THEN... 200 lbs will be the goal - which is the weight I ran the Portland Marathon at in 1997. But, anyway - one good decision at a time - we will get there!
  2. Rebel Dan

    Checking in

    I don't have time to post here very much but, I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone involved with NF. Thank you! I have read all the material on the site, and have been working the last 3-4 months adopting some of the mental models that are being taught here. I am making small changes, that fit in my life, and also are things that I enjoy (maybe I don't enjoy inch worm exercise very much, oh and planks arg hurt) but, everything else! Started doing some Yoga with my wife once in awhile too. So, on to the good stuff. I started the program at 280lbs. After 3-4 months I am down to 269lbs. Its not very fast weight loss but, I don't care. The things I am doing to lose this weight, and get stronger are things I know I am going to be able to keep doing forever, and I think that is the whole point. No temporary diets, just permanent, and positive changes. At this rate, I should be able to lose 30lbs this, year, and one more year after that ill be damn close to my goal. I wanted to share some of the things I am doing in case others maybe interested. 1. I am doing the Body Weight workout level 2 program x3 a week, every other day basically. I think once I get to 265lbs ill try boss battle to get to BW level 3. 2. I eliminated bread carbs except when I don't... Keep reading that'll make more sense. 3. One cheat day per week - where I eat my favorite carb filled foods. Orange Chicken from Panda Express - Sub Sandwiches w/bread, or Burgers w/buns - or pizza. 4. One 24 hour fast day per week. Ill eat dinner around 12am (im a night owl) wont eat again till Dinner the next night at 12AM so I am finding this fairly easy cause I only miss breakfast, lunch, and snacking. I dont actually have to skip a Dinner. 5. Half the time im doing the 8/16 fast only eating between 6pm-2am. Skipping breakfast, and early snacking. (I usually wake up for work around 12pm) 6. Doing 45 minute walks after work (desk job) to try to get around 6,000 steps a day. I skip a walk sometimes after a BW workout cause legs are sore. 7. Be more conscious of sugars in sweets, and fruit trying to be more mindful of it. 8. Adopting a 70% of the time Paleo type eating style - veggies, and meat. Thats, about it Ive lost 1 inch off my belly - gained 1 inch on each biceps - everything else is about the same over the 3 months but I am seeing more muscle definition. Im experimenting with the 24 hour fast, ive done it two weeks in a row now, and its definitely helping. My question if anyone reads this far, and knows, is should I do the 24 hour fast, and have the cheat day after or have the cheat day, and 24 hour fast separated by a day or two. This week the cheat day was right after the fast day so we'll see how that goes.. Im feeling pretty proud today, and wanted to share.