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  1. A lot of good advice here. Only thing I would like to add - is to start VERY SMALL... If you go into trying to change your life by adding in 15-25 changes all at once, most people will not be very successful long term. I would suggest picking 1-5 things at a time.. and do each of those things at a level that seems insignificant. What I mean is ... if you think you should be walking 30 minutes a day.. start with 5 minutes. If you think you should eating 5 servings a vegetables a day... start with 1 serving. If you think you should be getting 8 hours of sleep a night instead of 5... start with 5.5 hours. Hopefully this helps.. this idea is starting small so you can be 100% compliant, and with the goal that whatever change it is your making stays permanent. Once you have mastered, for instance, walking 5 minutes everyday, and it become automatic push it up to 10 minutes. Then once you mastered the 10 minute daily walk, push it up to 15.. ect ect ect................................... if it takes you weeks or even months before you feel comfortable committing to the 10 minute walk.. that is perfectly fine. The important thing is knowing your making progress building the habit.... changing your life. What your changing, and how much your changing it is less important than building the habit of actually doing the thing that is going to help you. For me, this mindset, and starting very small is what has helped me start to get out of my problems... I know this system makes things take longer, but the nice thing is, progress is always being made, so it when you think about it like that it really doesn't matter how long it takes. IF you lost 10lbs a YEAR would you consider that a failure? Not me, because 10lbs a year means in 5 years id have lost 50lbs in 10 year I could lose 100lbs.. now those 10lbs a year doesn't seem so small right? When you think long term with small permanent changes. Time goes by no matter what we do, nothing we can do to stop it, may as well improve ourselves with that time, one small permanent change at a time.
  2. you'll find a lot of support here. remember its just 500 calories less a day, than you burn off naturally, equals 1lb a week lost, could turn into 52lbs in one year. i am on the journey also, when i break it down like that the numbers it helps me not think its so impossible.
  3. Sounds like your in the same boat im in. What helps me is thinking just 1 lb at a time.. no need to rush... just 1 lb at a time. Don't go up, and breaking even on the scale is ok sometimes. Never beat yourself up about missed workouts or bad eating choices... just when it happens know that it did, and don't miss the next workout, and don't mess up the next meal.. it helps a lot. try to make small changes, so they stay permanent, and you won't be miserable.
  4. Im loving the rings. Im an overweight dude still, and there is a bout 8 different things I can do on the rings that feel amazing. I can feel myself getting stronger as time goes on. Recently my my most recent success was during assisted pull ups, I could actually feel the muscles in my back flexing... I have never felt that before. Pretty awesome.
  5. Did some 45 degree angle rings push ups last night they felt great - they were shaking on me pretty good but, I think thats part of the magic getting stronger so they don't shake. I managed x3 set of 10ish. I am gonna mix this work out in with my other staples that im doing.... Im not super hard core still working on adding things to my workouts as I get stronger. Time is also a factor with the walk I can usually get everything done in about 1.25-1.50 hours... so I need to figure out where to put the rings push ups, and I been meaning to get started on assisted dips with the rings too... maybe the solution is a 3 day rotation than a two day hmmmm.. Currently I strive for a every other day schedule where day 1... 6,000 steps, push ups, squats, assisted ring pull ups over hand grip. second day I do 6,000 steps, planks from push up position, lunges, military press with dumbells - (super light weight I mostly just stretch with this between lunges, and planks) assisted ring pull ups under hand grip
  6. Awesome, thanks for the video. I think I can manage the 45 degree angle ones for now. Kinda banged up my knee a bit so laying off the lower body stuff for a week or two. I want to take this opportunity to make some good progress on my push ups. Excited to try this on my rings!
  7. I am assuming negatives can be done from the rings? When I get home I'll try it.. Barely able to do full no knee push up on the ground probably a couple months away from being able to do them with rings. I wonder if holding push up plank position from the rings will feel more difficult than on the ground? thank you for your advice guys.
  8. Ok that makes sense.. do as many no knees regular push ups as i can per set, then finish it off with knee push ups or the negatives.. I forgot about the negative strategy.. I also do planks from the push up position working on getting better there also, I can hold it for about 40-50 seconds.. im pretty sure 1 minute was the bench mark to try to get to.
  9. Hi, so here is my situation. Started 281lbs, now im 252lbs - its been about 9 months since I joined NF. Best thing I ever done, the knowledge ive gained here is priceless. I primarily do Bodyweight workouts - im not super interested in lifting anything other than my own weight - as such I train with rings (although im not real good at them yet) and do BW exercises. on to the the point.. I started my push up journey doing them off of a 3 foot high counter.. about 2 months ago I found I was able to do them on my knees, and recently I discovered i can actually do about 3-4 reps with out my knees on the ground. With my knees on the ground I can do about x3 sets of 12 ... without knees on the ground I can do 3 sets but its like 3-4 on the first set, 2-3 on the second, and 1-2 on the third.. Do I keep sticking with the knees, and doing more reps.. or push through the no knees with smaller reps whats better?
  10. Got my front plank up to 21 seconds! Doing very good on the walking, getting 6-7000 steps a day. Before, I started trying was only getting about 1,500. BW workouts going well, and on schedule. (think im gonna try my boss fight at the end of this challenge) Failing on the NOT eating popcorn - still trying to figure out how to break this habit. Trying not to beat myself up over this to much, my refrigerator broke this week and its been difficult to have veggies around. Hopefully it will be fixed by Friday /crosses fingers. Did good having breakfast, and morning walks on my two days off.
  11. started a new thread in the general section for cute cat pics. https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/107946-cute-cat-pictures/
  12. My mothers, she runs a cattery. I just have 3 myself - ill get some pics of them up here
  13. Ive noticed this, my wife will come over, and start doing yoga stuff when I get going on my BWW's for the night. Seeing me is helping her, and when she gets started with me, it helps me. Oh, and food for thought... Do your "family walk" 15 minutes BEFORE dinner instead of after - nobody eats till they walk first! lol I find it easier to workout before I eat rather than after.
  14. I think I need to re-evaluate my wake up 35 minutes early EVERYDAY to walk, and do breakfast. Lets make that just on my days off or on the days I work my Graveyard shifts for now So far though, accomplishing all the other goals ok. I was a definite mental battle not taking a soda to work with me. I am saving for tonight when I get home.
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