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  1. I changed my plank goal to roller blading, shhh Goals - Sunday 27 -Fitness, rollerblading Went rollerblading without killing myself, so i’ll say that’s successful ;p -Fitness, splits Down to 3.5 cm now...although I’m not sure how much further i’ll physically be able to do since I can now feel my topper thighs against the floor sometimes. -Diet, no sugar Reasonable success, but it has only been a day! Although, I did have two snack bars (full of sugar still but they are meant to be the ‘healthier’ ones, so better than a chocolate ba
  2. Hello! Haven’t been on here for quite a while, the last time for Parkour, but now I’m focusing on what I know i’ll actually keep doing and need! :p As I joined quite late, i’m settting goals that hopefully will be achievable by the time/can be continued :p Diet -No refined sugar Sugar in fruit and any natural sugar is, obviously, fine. A good alternative even :p I just want to cut down on cakes, chocolate, and ensue I don’t have fizzy drinks (not that I have them barely at all anyway). I like to use pure coco powder to make milk hot chocolates, and if I really crave some
  3. Thanks all! I already have myself set as an ‘assasin’ since I am into Parkour, but focusing on iceskating during competition season, but I still think this is a good one since I also am focusing on my flexibility at the moment... @Jake I have a pair of roller blades but unfortunately don’t find much time to get on them, but thanks for the tip as I’m sure that will motivate me to walk down/up the hill to get to the best track to roller blade on! Thanks so much, helped a lot
  4. Hello! I have attemped to do the challenges in the past, but have always found myself failing, so this time I have decided to base my goals around what I am already doing and love, ice-skating. For example, doing x number of turns on a spin, but maybe including some other off-ice exercises to help with my fitness. Any ideas of what guild I would be in? Thanks!
  5. Yep thats what I do on the way to Piano. It's great. There is also a center in Cardiff which is good. Fluidity Freerun? My level...err not high. Let's leave it at that XD Well, I have only done things from Youtube. I can do side, safety, kong, speed, lazy (think its the same/similar to side?), and there are a few others i don't know the name, like a cartwheel with one hand on a small block and the other on the ground. These all depend on the height of the wall! Oh well, gonna keep trying (Alsooo, sorry for the super late reply, i haven't been on for a while)
  6. 1) This one is basically complete for now. But I am going to go to practise every week before piano after the holidays! 2) I am going to have a go at that schedule. I need more strength for parkour. Yes, I will develop it (hopefully, hehe), but this will help 3) Okok well, I had an ice cream today but apart from that i had none! I feel like i can control myself more now, so if I have a little now and again it is ok. Once a month? I resisted some lovely chocolate caramel shortbread in the café multiple times, yay! 4) Yep, all good. Some days is no wake up t
  7. I do it alone I have some friends that go to the place with me, but they just want to have fun (i.e jump in the foam) rather than do actual parkour. Motivation? It is totally awesome and fun. I also started doing it in daily things, like on the way to piano lesson. Being honest, I haven't done that much, but I hope I can keep motivated! Keep trying Thanks! Good idea. so exited This is so true! I'm walking along with my family, and suddenly i see a railing and i'm like "bye". Hmm, yes well I must have gotten stronger considering how much i ached aft
  8. Next time, if at least some of these are successful, I will focus more on parkour and the moves, maybe doing levels to go through. It is really fun to practise! I found a railing going down sone stairs with some straight parts, and practised lazy vault, a bit of kong vault, and a mix of a speed and turn vault. I need to work on my left side, because going to the right is easier for me. 1) Change of plans, we aren't going to the caravan as much (if at all) as we thought, so I will have to make do here. If we do not go, this challange is basically complete, since it was to go
  9. Thanks everyone! I have my computer now, but sometimes it is hard to access it. I was just wondering. When I edit my reps onto the spreadsheet, should I also edit the totals at the top? Also, (sorry for all the questions!) when it says a maximum of 20, are we only allowed to do 20? or 20 that day, and we can do more the next day? Thanks
  10. Um I would like to join, sorry it's a bit late! I only have an iPad right now, would it be ok if I recorded on my notes what I did and added it tomorrow? Or maybe it would be too late... (sorry I'm kinda new)
  11. Ummmm... well, I have always wanted to go to Canada, and ice skate on a lake. That would be awesome! But then, if I could go anywhere, I feel like I should choose something else. As in, The Garden of Eden or Ancient Rome, something like that. If I could not die, to the point when the Earth was made.
  12. 1) Well, I didn't exactly go to the park yesterday, but I found a really good spot(s) on my way to piano. (As in, I left an hour early so I could scout and then practice parkour before having to go to piano). I think I am going to do that every week, as long as it is light. 2) I did one just before creating this post, so I couldn't do one yesterday, but I will do one today. Now that I'm thinking about it, it would probably be a good idea to do it in the morning before shower and school. However, that means less sleep time...solution: go to bed sooner xD 3) Nothing in sc
  13. Thank you! I chose to do parkour, a high impact sport, however I have dodgy knees. Not the best combination? Parkour is just everything that I have wanted to do, attempted to do and basically failed at all put into one, but put together I can do them
  14. This is my second challange! However, part way through my first my iPad wouldn't let me log on Hopefully it's better now. I do figure skating twice a week. Parkour is so fun I would also like to get back into body weight exercises, and maybe try out some jogging. I know I started late, hopefully I will be on time next time xD I chose to do parkour because it combines everything I wanted to do but couldn't, however it is a high impact sport and I have dodgy knees. Not the best idea? I am very much an assassin. For one, the name just calls to me. Then, obviously parkour. However, I reall
  15. Hi! I know I'm kinda late with this challange, but oh well This is my second challange, however part way through my first my iPad got messed up and there was problems logging in Hoping for better luck this time! I love parkour, even though I can't really do it yet, I am trying to get back into body weight exercises and jogging.
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