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  1. Well I must apologize to anyone following my thread on here. I kinda dropped the ball. Well no, I did drop the ball. I'm not sure exactly why, but here's my report... So according to my Joe's Goals chart and prior posts, I was pretty consistent for 18 days (up till Thursday the 18th). Friday I missed and I can't remember why. Saturday I did work out. Sunday I spend the day rock climbing. Then somehow my resolve evaporated and I've not worked out since. Now I do realize that I've only missed three days technically. So all is not lost. But it did make me consider something. I think as Americans
  2. Well, I've not been the best with a daily track record of posting to this board. Sorry about that. Here's an update of the last few days... Day 15 - Core workout completed! Day 16 - PT workout completed! Day 17 - Core workout completed! Day 18 (today) - So I got up this morning and was really debating whether or not to do my workout. It was like pulling teeth. Somehow I managed to start and then of course there are several sections of my PT workout where I was also debating, "Why don't I just stop here and do the rest later in the day?" After arguing with myself for a few minutes, I'd convince
  3. Day 12 - Core workout completed! Day 13 - PT workout completed! Day 14 - REST DAY!! Thoughts... Well, honestly you'd think I'd be able to see some tone development and unfortunately that's not the case. I recall Steve mentioning something about what you eat (or don't) as being a big factor in terms of how much weight one will gain. I think this is the one factor that I've not considered too much. I mean as a vegan I don't eat too bad, but I do think my diet isn't the greatest. Yesterday for example I ate pancakes for breakfast with orange juice. Lunch was lentil soup and a rice/broccoli casser
  4. Day 9 3/9/10) Completed my physical therapy workout! Day 10 (3/10/10) Completed my core workout! Day 11 (today, 3/11/10) Decided to start switching it up and completed 40 minutes of a power yoga workout. I followed the first 40 minutes of the Power Yoga Total Body workout DVD by Rodney Yee. This DVD is actually an hour long and kinda kicked my ass, but I like yoga so hopefully I can integrate this into my workout schedule somehow. Or maybe I'll get a few different yoga DVDs in order to vary up the practice. I also posted my Joesgoals.com badge onto my very first post -- take a look! I realiz
  5. I'm happy to say that while I've not been great about daily posting to here, I have been good with keeping up my end of the 28 Day Challenge. So far I only missed the one day (Day 4). But days 5-8 went according to plan. Day 5 - Completed my core workout. My core workout consists of the following (taken from the Thrive Fitness book): 25 double crunches 15 jackknives (20 second rest) 20 hip rotation bridge things - I'll get the right term in here later... (20 second rest) 20 side crunches - 20 each side (20 second rest) 20 swims (20 second rest) Do
  6. Uh... yeah. That's kinda what was goin on! And while that's all good, it wasn't part of my 28 Day Challenge!
  7. Well kinda dropped the ball today. Today was the PT workout and I missed it. Had a girl over last night till the wee hours, missed my alarm, yada yada. Told myself I'd do it after work and it didn't happen. On the up side I did climb for 3 hours so that's a good workout, but its not my plan. Climbing is fun for me, not so much a workout and my workouts are aimed at toning up in a balanced way because climbing isn't always a balanced workout. So... Day 4 didn't work out so well. But at least I can go to sleep and get up and get my abs workout in tomorrow!
  8. Hey Porkle. Steve tells me you're a climber too. Cool! Where do you climb primarily? I see your goals and lead climbing is awesome. I'm sure you'll get that down. Let me know if I can be of any help. I'm doin the 28 Day Challenge thing too. Neil
  9. Above is my joesgoals badge that tracks the goals I'm working on, which include the workout goals listed below. Click the badge for more information. It's a great resource for helping to build momentum for positive habits! Ok here's my plan... I realize this note is 3/3/10, which is a couple days late. However since I've already been trying to implement a workout plan and I've been doing it sporadically in the past (including the last two days) I figure I’m still in with the 28 days. So here's my background physically: I'm vegan. I'm also an avid rock climber. But these days in New Jersey it
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