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  1. Well, after a long time out. Came back to say that I finally started parkour.
  2. Sent my e-mail and cell phone number through PM to the both of you. Remember to bring locks and a raincoat! If it does rain, what do you both think about postponing the skating and just meeting up for some hot choco and a bite to eat? We can do that or meet at the coney island rink as alternatives. If the weather's just plain nasty, we'll cancel. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, but txt me in the morning what you both think to do tmw! Hopefully, I'll see ya soon! Sleep early and well!
  3. Just want to confirm, is everyone still okay with ice-skating this Sunday at 11:30 AM? Are you all ready for some FUN? Are we all EXCITED~?
  4. Seems SI is going to be a hotspot come Spring. Now I'm curios about the place too. We'll plan a trip then! As for our skating trip at McCarren the 22nd, I'll meet you two right outside the station at 11:30 AM. Finally, are the both of you okay with me bringing a friend or two over?
  5. I propose the 22nd of December. All in favor s̶a̶y̶ write Aye!
  6. Take the E to Court Sq-23rd St and transfer to the G. Then ride the G to Nassau Ave. McCarren is only a few blocks from the stop, but I can meet you both outside of the station if you'd like that. =)
  7. Back! I can't do the 15th, so how does the 22nd sound for you guys? I know it's close to the holidays, but how about it? As for which rink, are you both fine with McCarren, then? It's not the one known to be the least crowded on the weekends (that award goes to the Riverbank rink), but cafes and restaurants are only 3 blocks away (unless you're going to drink the choco right outside the rink, then it's even closer, but that choco will proooobably be more expensive). The rink is also relatively new, so I'm hoping not that many peeps know about it, yet. Williamsburg is also an area that's relatively easy to access for us all, within a short-ish commute. Someone I know also said it was a good rink, too. Reviewing the site just now, I noticed that for those of us that are students, and have IDs, we can get in for $5 instead of the usual $8. The skate rental is $5. Locker usage is free. Locks are $6, so bring your own. This means total admittance cost ranges from $10-$19. Add some $ for foodz and choco and $20-$30 should be enough for the day. So. What do ya say? Good? If McCarren sounds good, I'm thinking of getting there pretty early, at around 10:30 AM, just so I can walk the area a bit, get some hot choco in my system and then maybe warm up my joints a bit by jogging round the track across the rink. We can make the meet-up time 11:30 AM in order to avoid the slippery ice DaiXi talks about. Also, I'm thinking of asking some of my friends (3) if they'd like to join. Are you guys okay with that? If you are, feel free to invite your own friends as well! The whole point of this is to have fun! =D @simonize120: I actually have a friend who lives in SI that I have yet to visit. I've only a handful of memories about SI from when my great grandmother used to live there. What areas do you think are worth visiting in SI? I'm itching to visit Gov's Island for a bike ride in the summer. That and attend Water Day.
  8. I've never visited (though I have passed some) rinks before, so I honestly don't know how to choose or which rink to choose from all of the ones available - and man am I surprised at all the choices there are to choose from! Here's the nycparks.gov site, which lists all the city's public ice rinks by borough (click on "more information" for pricing, hours and location), and here, here, and here are some sites that offer reviews and mention some of the other state-owned or privately-owned rinks available in the city. A friend of mine mentioned recently her mother visited the McCarren rink and that her moms thought it was great, so that's one for Brooklyn. I'm assuming Wiliamsburg is the locale closest to us all based on what I know of you two (from the Anyone in NY? thread. I swear I'm not a stalker), so that's something to consider. The rink holds 300 and, since it is Williamsburg, abundant amounts of cafes and hot chocolate-serving places are sure to be close by. The price is the city standard of $8 for Adults plus the $5 skate rental. McCarren sounds good, but I went to school near there. I don't know how I feel about skating through memory lane. Kidding, but for more options, Brooklyn has another rink in Prospect Park, the LeFrak Center, which hasn't opened yet, but seems to be shaping up to be an awesome rink. I often visit Prospect Park though, so that may just be my bias talking. Queens offers the World Ice Arena and the City Ice Pavilion. Both are indoors. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to skate indoors (I want to freeze myself out in nature's glory). These rinks are close to you, simonize120, so if the weather does get any ideas about ruining our day these two can become possible locations. Prices are the standard $8+5, but the commute requires the 7 train....which is a @#$%! for me to transfer to (I've got a history with the 7). Manhattan has the famous Rockefeller, Bryant, Trump Wollman and, recently, the South Seaport rinks. Unfortunately, I'm almost broke these days, I don't have skates (so I can't skip out on the rental) and crowds give me the heebie jeebies. I can't afford these luxurious rinks. ... Aw, who am I kidding? The truth is that I don't want to make a fool out of myself in front of a mass audience. I'm actually up for visiting these locations if you two are up for it. As a native New Yorker, I do sometimes feel ashamed over the fact that I've never said, "Fuck it," shelled out the $ and ever skated the Rockefeller in order to become part of the city's picturesque iconic winter scenery. It'd be nice to say, "Heeeey, I been there!" I especially would like to visit Wollman if it snows, cause the pics really make it look like a winter wonderland. (◉⊽◉) Manhattan also offers the other Trump rink, Lasker, but I think that rink's too small based on Yelp reviews. =s It is cheaper than Wollman though. Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers is downtown and it's not bad looking for an indoor rink, but the price is $10+5 compared to the $8+5 of most of the other rinks in NYC. In Harlem, the Riverbank State Park has a rink. It's partially enclosed and reviews say it doesn't get crowded on the weekends. It's also $5+6, which is cheap. It's damn far though. I have never gone there, so I am curious about this so called NYC state park, but that commute is easily as far a ride for me as the Coney Island rink. The Coney Island Abe Stark Rink is the second nicest looking indoor rink in my opinion (based on Googlle pics only). Price is $9+5, but the location is closest to you, DaiXi, and straight-forward on the F train for you, simonize120. If we do decide on an indoor rink, I'd be up for making the trip to Coney. The Van Cortlandt Park rink is in the Bronx. The rink is too far for all of us and there's not a lot of hubub in the area to make it a desirable meet-up location, but I will say that the park has some really wonderful trails (for a city park), it's picturesque and it's a park that really needs some more loving. /plug That's all I got for today. I'm thinking McCarren might be the best rink to go to. It costs $2 bucks extra. But it's right in the middle for all of us. DaiXi, you just have to take the F to Church Ave to transfer to the G and simonize120, the G can be taken after getting off the E at Court Square. McCarren is near the Nassau Ave stop on the G. Let me know what ya both think. If TL;DR Read first paragraph. Click links. I like McCarren.
  9. That's fine, just remember: It'll be my first time finally ice skating, so please do impress me with your tricks when we meet up. I'll need all the motivation I can get after I actually put on the skates. I've inline skated before, but I fell so many times, I can only imagine how much harder ice skating will be. Personal fears aside, I'm glad you're up for the trip! (I'll also respond to your e-mail tomorrow, but I do wanna say thank you for your condolences.) The count's up to three. I say that's good enough to start setting up a date, so let's do this! Wicked, can you do Sundays? If yes, then to the both of you: What Sundays are good for you? I can't go skating this Sunday, but next week's Sunday is free so far and I don't really have anything planned for the rest of the Sundays of this month, so I'm ready and willing whenever!
  10. I think the rinks are open Sundays, but let me get back to you on that. Glad we're up to two, though! xD Have you ever ice skated before?
  11. Hey, I'm planning an ice-skating meet-up. Check out this thread here to see if you're interested. =)
  12. It's kind of cold to meet for a picnic in Central Park now, but we can meet to skate! Anyone want to join me in busting my ass on an ice skating rink for the first time ever (on blu-ray and DVD!) on this lovely freezing month of December? I'm usually free Fridays and weekends, but I can do any other day if the meet up is set up at least 5 days in advance. I'm thinking Lasker is a good match to the thread's title, but if we go to Bryant's rink early in the morning, everything's free minus the skate rental. If people aren't afraid of venturing out to the boroughs, I know of the Prospect park, Flushing Meadows and McCarren park rinks, all of which are cheaper than Lasker (except for McCarren). I think there's also a big one in Van Cortlandt park. If people get interested, I'll research some more. After skating, I'm thinking we can chat and get some hot choco at some cafe. If this sounds at all interesting, people, let's make this happen! \o/
  13. Hey man! I've been MIA for awhile, but I hope you've been doing well! I'll be sending you an e-mail later this week!

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