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  1. You are right, hearing these things makes you so much more confident and serious about your goals. Great work!!!
  2. After working out every other day for the last two months, combined with the paleo diet, working towards that first pull-up was my #1 target. Today I decided to try it; slowly but steadily I managed to pull me and my 91 kg's of meat up towards the ceiling. Made me feel proud of myself! Then I just tried some more; I got to three. Woot! - By the way, I now believe more than ever in paleo eating. Last year I started eating paleo, but after some months I began eating grains again. Quickly I began feeling more tired, some days I couldn't make it til the evening without taking a nap. When I
  3. Hello everyone, After hovering around the 90 kg mark for a while I thought it was enough: today I signed up at the local gym. And a good old friend of mine also started a quest to lose weight so he is my sidekick now, it's awesome! When I get below the 88 kg mark, you'll hear me in the w00t section. When I get six pack abs (oh the holy grail of fitness!!), you'll notice!
  4. Beer, chips, fruit juice, more beer, bread. And I can't stop thinking of chocolate, it poisons my mind!
  5. Going full Paleo at first seemed simple but the fast adaptation can easily backfire. That's what happening to me right now; I'm fighting it with all my life because the cravings are huge! Small steps can prevent this and you should feel comfortable with the new diet. But it certainly works! So good luck and hang on, you can do it!
  6. I support you! If you have a hard time, just go to this forum and know we're there for you! I know it's hard when there's little support, I'm coping with it myself. Keep on fighting and you will win!
  7. Great to hear you found something you really like, that's a powerfull way to accomplish your goal! I also agree with JediNickD that it's hard to build habits; I'm having a hard time myself sticking to my new life pattern. But take small steps, hang on and you'll get there!
  8. Thanks for your advice! I think blue- and blackberries will become my candy, when I've done a workout. I will also go 'real' paleo by buying organic meat and fish from now on, even if it is more expensive. The same goes for veggies. If I don't sort my things out now, I'll never stay below the 90 kg mark. And brushing my teeth seems a good advice; maybe a cup of coffee with some cinnamon will help too.
  9. Help, I'm getting cravings for sweet stuff but need to keep my diet paleo and low in calories!! Any tips? My weight isn't dropping very fast, wobbling around the 90 kg mark. I need serious advice!
  10. Well I had the total opposite: my brother started losing weight because he was obese and unhealthy; now he is thinner and in a better shape than ever. I didn't expect it because he did lots of different diets and suddenly... Boom! He was in good shape before I knew it! I had nearly given up all hope on him but this surprise really inspired me and I told him so...
  11. Congratulations! Nice work! Good luck on your further quest to your dream figure!
  12. Welcome, wxkev! I like your ambition and hope you will get in shape! Have you set a specific goal in time? It can help to motivate you further and implement changes in your life more easily. I also want to encourage you to have ambitious goals like having six-pack abs! It is not only for the 'lucky few', with enough effort and motivation it is in anybody's reach. NF will help you! Good luck!
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