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  1. In a sense, you don't have to learn or do everything yourself - if you find an artist who does suitable pixel art, outsource it. Is strapped for cash, cut them in on the potential profits in the long run? Well, my point of view is efficiency, and I just thought that if you enjoy all that, learning it all and doing it yourself, it's all a win, then? Would be Super interesting to hear more about it, mechanics, progress, just rambles of what you've learned... And if you need a beta-tester, here's one!
  2. I told my mom about being bisexual, and she took it pretty well. ... And, I'm sorta having a crush for a male friend. I've known him a pretty short while, so I don't know if he's interested in men, or anything more than friendship, but the thoughts about him make me very happy It is just that accepting that side of me, after sort of.. ignoring it all until now makes me feel so gloriously free
  3. Sounds.. fun. But yeah, shrug and move on?
  4. Wow. That sounds pretty damn extreme (if he hasn't, like, recently divorced or such) ..But just randomly? My friend is quite possibly going to run a D&D campaign for beginners. 5th Ed, light on the rules, favouring narrative (if that's wanted by the group, we are still planning and gathering people for this, 4+GM currently), but homebrew monsters. Any tips, what to do, what not to do? I'm trying to think of a character, now I got a sort of half-elf fighter/rogue hybrid, who learned to fight with a pickaxe from a group of dwarven ambassadors sh
  5. I think I should contact a mod with this, but if, hypothetically, I made a battle log, and part of my goals would be writing? And suppose further some of them would happen to be erotic stories, with sex? *blushes* If I were to link those, NF isn't the place for that? I seem to remember having read somewhere official it isn't ok to publish sexy things on the forums? (I'd be glad, if a little flustered to share, and y'all can pm me for those, but do not ask unless you really want to know )
  6. Fearkiller

    New Moon Light

    If it is possible, I would very much like to read the paper about male issues and priviledge you wrote Mental health is also a topic close to me, and I'm looking to learn. ..I wish I could help with the custody crap. But if you want, hugs are something I can offer? Yes, there is violence, and sickening, twisted things in the world, but however hard it is at times, I still (at least try to) feel there is equal amounts of good and bad in the world, just that we hear more about the bullshit and less about the quiet, wonderful people and thing
  7. How long would you need to sleep to feel good, or is that.. 4-6? hours you are getting usually what you like? (Though, I doubt it is) Excited to hear more about the forge project!
  8. I think it was Spezzy who said that actually working towards the goals is more important than posting about them Glad to hear it's going forward The short of it is that the crap I've had the last few years is subsiding, and I'm back on track. Even if slowly, but still
  9. That is so cool, LT! Acting sounds wonderful! But, how are you doing?
  10. Much needed emotional support from a sweet, sweet friend, and eventually we ended talking about chili rather than my problems, which was really good. My three friends in general have brought many smiles and good feelings.
  11. http://imgur.com/Zy14vsN That is this far the best selfie I've ever managed to take. (I'm smiling because of the daft awesome hat )
  12. And even if I am in the middle of a minor heartbreak, I am still inclined to say it is worth the risk of getting hurt.
  13. I suppose you're familiar with my dark-ish sense of humour by now.. Reddit, 'What is the most ignorant thing someone has ever said to you?' After my sister had passed away, someone I knew said, "At least she died doing what she loved" She died of a heroin overdose. -BigOlGabe
  14. Not much to tell, really. Writing, reading, doing random household chores since I'm not working. Kinda boring, really
  15. Hi, people! ^-^ Loooong time no see, huh? Anyway, hugs 'n' stuff
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