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  1. 1. One arm push ups 1. 5 2. 4 3. 4 Total: 13 2. One arm supported chin up negatives 1. 8 2. 8 3. 4 (as slow as possible) Total: 20 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift (32kg) 1. 8 2. 8 3. 6 Total: 22 4. Gobblet squat (32kg) 1. 6 2. 6 3. 6 Total: 18 5. Toes to bar 1. 10 2. 6 3. 6 Total: 22
  2. 1. One arm pushups 1. 3 2. 3 3. 3 2. Assisted one arm chin ups negatives 1. 6 2. 6 3. 6 3. Kettlebel one leg deadlift (32kg): 1. 6 2. 6 3. 6 4. toes to bar 1. 8 2. 8 3. 8
  3. 1. One arm pushups 1. 3 2. 3 4. 3 Total: 9 2. Assisted one arm chin ups negatives 1. 2 (here I tried to do full motion) 2. 6 3. 6 Total: 12 (i don't count the first one) 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift (32KG) 1. 6 2. 6 3. 6 Total: 18 4. Gobblet squat (32kg) + calf raises 1. 5 + 10 2. 5 + 10 3. 5 + 10 Total: 15 + 30 5. toes to bar 1. 10 2. 8 3. 8
  4. I don't know why, but I woke up with a sore arm (like a joint damage), so I'll try to go easy 1. Archer pushups: 1. 8 2. 8 3. 8 Total: 24 2. Regular chinups 1. 9 2. 6 3. 5 Total: 20 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift (32kg): 1. 8 2. 8 3. 8 Total: 24 4. Kettlebel goblet squat (16kg) 1. 8 2. 8 3. 8 Total: 24 5. Toes to bar 1. 8 2. 8 3. 8 Total: 24
  5. I'm really struggling to keep my habits lately. I think I might injured my knee last time with the heavier ketllebell. We'll see how this one will go 1. One arm push ups: 1. 4 2. 4 3. 3 Total: 11 Comment: Not as bad as I expected. Not bad at all 2. Wide pull ups 1. 8 2. 8 3. 6 Total: 22 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift (32kg): 1. 4 2. 4 3. 4 Total: 12 Comment: Next time I'll try to do 5 per set 4. Kettlebell Goblet squat(16kg): 1. 4(32kg - after that I switched to 16kg because I can still feel pain on my right knee) 2. 8 3. 10 Total: 22 5. Toes to bar: 1. 8 2. 5 3. 6 Total: 19
  6. 1. Goblet squats w/ kettlebell (32kg) 1. 8 2. 8 3. 8 Total: 24 Comment: Finally something more demanding 2. One leg kettlebell deadlift 1. 6 2. 6 3. 4 Total: 16 Coment: Same as above 3. One arm pushups 1. 4 2. 4 3. 3 Total: 11 4. Narrow pull ups 1. 7 2. 5 3. 5 Total: 17 5. Toes to bar 1. 6 2. 8 3. 8
  7. Start small and don't give up! Life can be rough, but that doesn't mean that you should put up with it. You can gradually build up your small routines to accomplish what you're after. This place is great to keep track of your progress and have some support in harder times Good luck!
  8. I felt like this month's been almost perfect 1. Fitness/health - Bodyweight workout three times a week - I still continue the habit of doing some pushups and pullups in the morning, although I think I'll have to give it up, because I'm planning on bulking soon. When it comes to consistent workouts - that sucked this month. I usually did two workouts a week. I've been experimenting on shifting my workout days, but I guess it didn't work, so I'll have to stick to the old pattern (it didn't work because I tried to fool myself into thinking that I would want to do a full workout on saturdays when I should rest after a whole week of working, learning, training, attending psychotherapy and just living everyday life. I haven't got any spare time on two weekends in a row already and I feel terrible. This weekend's gonna be third - I've updated my stats in signature - second visit in dietician's office was pretty succesfull - I've lost 3.5kg (almost 8 lbs), in wchich 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) was unofrtunately muscle, but I guess that's something you have to roll with when you're losing weight. Everything is going in the right direction so far. - My intermittent fasting schedule is going pretty ok, except for this week, when nothing is going ok basically - Leveling up on nerd fitness dietary guide every month or two (sweet spot is being on level 7 consistently) - For the last 4 weeks I've been going hard on ketogenic diet, but I've come to a point where I cannot stare at the keto foods anymore, so I'll introduce more carbs into my diet again, but I'll stick to intermittent fasting anyway for that keto advantages anyway - I'd like to create a habit of taking vitamin C + D and ashwaghanda regularly. I'll set up and alarm on my phone to remind myself about it at 9 P.M. every day. - I've totally neglected this one 2. Professional development: - Coding/learning for one hour every weekday - I've come up with a set routine which manages to schedule time for 45 minutes to 1.5 hour of coding practice and a full workout the same day. That's a big leg up for me, because it was very hard for me to find time for those two activities in one day. That gives me more peace of mind, because I know that I don't have to sacrifice my workouts for my coding session and vice versa. All I need to manage is the time that I go to sleep and when I wake up (I sleep for about 7 hours everyday, maybe I should try to sleep that one hour extra...). It basically works, but this week's a disaster. I'll write more about it later in this post. 3. Productivity/concentration: - I wrote about it pretty much in the point above. I've stopped treating my computer as an entertainment device. It's a tool to work and learn instead. I'll still play some video games occasionally on the weekends, but not as often and not as long as I used to. 4. Time management: I'm still using todoist to manage my daily tasks. Restricting amount of tasks per day didn't work, but I feel like I can do a lot more during the day when I wake up and accomplish the most important tasks for me the first thing in the morning. It gives me the sense of accomplishment everyday, and later I'm more driven to do the smaller tasks after work and not litter my mind with worries about my personal priorities when I'm at work. Well, I still have to work out after work 2-3 times a week, but I don't have any clever idea how to do 1.5 hours of coding and then a full workout from 5 AM to 8 AM and still manage to get myself ready to work without an unpleasant sence of hurry. 5. Finances: - I'm budgeting with YNAB, but I've come to conclusion, that I might be saving too much. I don't have any buffer to cover some unpredicted expenses and barely any money for entertainment (be it cinema, eating out with my girlfriend etc.). I've lowered the amount of money that I save every month to have more elasticity. And that feels good 6. Mental health: - I don't know why, but for the last week I've been feeling very crappy and unmotivated. The worst thing is that I can only guess why I feel like this. I've been on my friends birthday where I drank a little too much. I got back home on the next morning and slept untill 3PM, which for me is basically a day wasted. That's not relaxing for me. Add the amount of alcohol I drank and the tired organism and you get a temporary depression - I didn't go to work on monday, I just wasn't capable to function among other people. This state of sadness and unease is still following me. Another thing is that I got bit by a tick and I'm afraid of getting the Lyme disease. I already bought some blood test which I'm going to do soon, but none of them are 100% accurate unfortunately The mood swings I experience, lack of energy and motivation to do anything can be symptoms of this.
  9. Congrats on you big whys Also - SWEET POTATO PASTA - HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS MIRACLOUS THING?!
  10. My new kettlebell arrived, but I feel so low mentally and emotionally, that I can't push myself to do a workout. It's really weird, because all was ok for last couple of weeks. I felt motivated and energized. Now I wan't to do nothing. I didn't go to work yesterday, because I just wanted to lay in my bed all day. I'll try to figure it out on my therapy session. I'm considering no workouts for at least this week to put myself together again and not to associate workouts with something I have to push myself to do. I have no energy to do my morning routine (pushups and pullups). Nothing specific has happened to trigger this state in me. I have no idea what's going on, but I feel like crap. I hope I'll manage to deconstruct this and learn to cope with it.
  11. 1. One arm pushups 1. 6 2. 5 3. 4 Total: 15 2. Wide pullups behind the head 1. 6 2. 5 3. 4 Total: 15 3. Ketlebell one legged deadlift 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 Total: 36 Comment: I ordered a new, heavier kettlebell, so I hope next workout will ruin me 4. Goblet squats 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 Total: 36 5. L-sit while chin-up (I'll explain :D) 1. 10 sec 2. 8 reps 3. 5 reps Total: Well.. 13 reps and 10 seconds You figure it out Comment: Basically - I wanted to hold the final phase of positive chin-up movement with my hands very close together and my legs in 90 degrees from my torso (L-sit-ish), but first set showed me, that this is to early for that, so I did some reps of raising my legs straight to 90 degrees in that position instead.
  12. Having a harder time today. I just watched some calisthenics youtubers and realized that they're somewhat my age and are crazy ripped. They're experts at what they do. I started to regret the time I've wasted NOT thinking about taking care of myself and that getting to their level will take me a lot of time (most propably like 4-5 years of consistent hard work). That kinda sucks, because I'll never be a good looking, ripped 25 year old (I'm already 26, so yeah good luck with that :P). I just regret that I didn't take enough care of myself when I was 18-19 years old and I went the path of alcohol and addictions instead. That's unmotivating, but I'm not gonna make the same mistake of giving up again.
  13. 1. One arm pushups 1. 5 2. 4 3. 4 Total: 13 Comment: Well..that went better than expected, considering a total of 70 pushups in 3 sets in the morning 2. Wide pull ups 1. 8 2. 8 3. 4 Total: 20 Comment: Also did about 20 of those in the morning 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 4. Goblet squats 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 5. Knees to chest 1. 12 2. 10 3. 10
  14. Your post about body-soul relationship reminded me of Alexander Lowen. He created a whole psychotherapy method based on finding relationships between state of your body and your psyche. You can check his works out. Let me know what you think about it if you decide to check that out About creating your own program - I think it's a good idea to borrow from someone else (like you do now with Strong by Bret) and then experiment from there. Of course it will be a long journey, but hell - the experience and knowledge you're gonna get out of it is priceless Besides - it'll motivate you to seek knowledge even more.
  15. 1. One arm pushups 1. 4 2. 3 3. 3 Total: 10 Comment: I just ate and learned a valuable lesson - that wasn't a good idea to start a workout right after a meal...I feel pretty full and those pushups were pretty lousy. 2. Wide pullups: 1. 10 2. 6 2. 6 Total: 22 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 Total: 36 4. Goblet squat 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 Total: 36 5. Knees to chest 1. 12 2. 12 3. 10 Total: 34
  16. This one is from 11th July, I don't know why it didn't submit, but...yeah... 1. One arm pushups 1. 4 2. 4 3. 4 Total: 12 2. Wide pull ups 1. 10 2. 6 3. 6 3. One leg kettlebell squat 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 4. Goblet squats with kettlebell 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 5. Knees to chest 1. 10 2. 10 3. 10
  17. I stay below ~25g eating two meals a day (sometimes one + coffee with butter), and it's actually pretty manageable (as long as you get enough protein and fat). It's weird in a good way, but after my first meal (around 11:30 AM) I don't feel hunger till about 6PM and I can do whatever. Working out in a fasted state isn't a problem also.
  18. 1. One arm pushups 1. 4 2. 4 3. 3 Total: 11 2. Narrow pullups 1. 7 2. 7 3. 4 Total: 18 3. One leg kettlebell squat 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 Total: 36 4. Assisted pistol squats 1. 10 2. 10 3. 10 Total: 30 5. Knees to chest on a pullup bar 1. 10 2. 10 3. 10 Total; 30
  19. 1. One arm pushups: 1. 3 2. 3 3. 2 Total: 8 Comment: Poor diet and sleep on the weekend took its toll 2. Narrow pullups 1. 8 2. 4 3. 4 Total: 16 3. One leg kettlebell squat 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 4. Assisted pistol squats 1. 9 2. 9 3. 9 5. Rotating planks 1. 30 sec I haven't finished my workout, because clock was ticking, and I had places to go I'll do my best to be more disciplined next week.
  20. Firstly - I'd like to make one thing clear: I don't want to discourage you. The things I'll write below are my observations and thoughts after reading your logs One thing that struck me is that you don't plan any rest days between your workouts. Personally, I don't think I would be able to sustain this type of schedule (I'm a beginner myself, I workout regularly since april this year). My biggest mistake in the past was exactly it - going all in, giving my 150% on every workout to the point that I wasn't able to pick myself up. The longest I was able to maintain this schedule was 6 months, after which I was sore, depressed and unmotivated to do anything else. Rest is also a very important factor in leveling up your fitness. I hope you'll get better after hot dog and soda marathon Keep up the good work and congrats on daily logging - that's quite a challange
  21. 1. One arm pushups (per hand): 1. 4 2. 3 (last rep on left hand was a bit assisted) 3. 2 Total: 9 Comment: I feel a lot more tension in my core while doing one arm pushups. I'm satisfied with my current level in this exercise despite my week long break from any solid workout (I did pushups and wide pullups every morning anyway as a morning routine), I think I'm gonna continue that path and try to increase reps. 2. Narrow grip pull ups: 1. 8 2. 6 3.5 Total: 19 Comment: I thought it would be a good idea to change back exercise a bit. I'm gonna do those for a while and then either go back to wide pull ups or some progression towards archer pullups(?) 3. One leg kettlebell deadlift: 1. 12 2. 12 3. 12 Total: 36 Comment: This has become too easy - I'm gonna budget some money to buy a heavier kettlebell (It'll become useful with squats as well) 4. Assisted pistol squats: 1. 8 2. 8 3. Total: 24 Comment: I'm gonna buy heavier kettlebell and do some gobblet squats instead of this. 5. Rotating planks (description a couple of post higher :D): 1. 60 sec 2. 40 sec 3. 30 sec Total: 130 sec
  22. Well, this month wasn't perfect, but I feel like I'm making some small progress in my life overall: 1. Fitness/health - Bodyweight workout three times a week - Most of the time I've managed to do 2-3 full workouts. That's not ideal, but I developed a habit to do 8-15 wide pullups + 20-40 push ups in two sets every morning before going to work, so that's always something ;) It gets me pumped up for the day, and that's always a good thing :) - I finally managed to visit a dietician! :D You can check my stats in my signature below (I'll update it every month after a visit). - In other news - I started to experiment with intermittent fasting - I eat my first meal at 11:30 AM and I don't eat or drink anything besides water, tea and black coffee after 7:30 PM. I was afraid that I won't be able to concentrate at work because of the hunger, but it turned out to be a lot easier than i thought. Right now I eat 3 meals, but ultimately I want to cut it down to one big meal and then fast for 24 hours. It sounds crazy, but I did some digging into the topic of fasting, and I think that for now it would be quite beneficial for me (it's beneficial anyway, but my short-term goal is to cut down to 12% body fat and intermittent fasting is a pretty efficient tool to make that happen). Intermittent fasting + new breakfast (egg muffins - pure gold) has helped me to eat a lot less bread - Leveling up on nerd fitness dietary guide every month or two (sweet spot is being on level 7 consistently) - For now, my main meal is 100g of rice/barley with boiled broccoli and cauliflower + fried chicken breasts. For the next month (July), I'll experiment with replacing rice with a big salad and see if it'll be sufficient for my intermittent fasting schedule. I'll also try to cut down my meals to two a day (I'll propably eat more egg muffins in the morning and throw in some healthy fats like avocado and nuts into my salad. I'm also thinking about replacing chicken breasts with chicken thighs, because it's more fatty type of chicken meat). - We (me and my girlfriend) set a "junk food schedule". Last month I wrote about eating one portion of junk food (be it pizza, kebab, KFC or any other type of meal/snack you can consider junk food). Unfortunately it seems too hard for us at the moment, so we decided to allow ourselves to eat junk food twice a month for now, and we'll progress from there. - I'd like to create a habit of taking vitamin C + D and ashwaghanda regularly. I'll set up and alarm on my phone to remind myself about it at 9 P.M. every day. - This one did cause me some trouble this month. I have to get back to supplement those regularly. 2. Professional development: - Coding/learning for one hour every weekday - I'm finally starting to get in touch with reality in my new workplace, and it seems that it'll be a lot less stresfull environment to work in. Recently I started to gain interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, so in my spare time I try to grasp the basics of the topic and learn new programming language to be able to write some real world projects. Unfortunately it's not scheduled, so my main goal for July is to get back on track with scheduled coding sessions and learn more about machine learning and python. 3. Productivity/concentration: - I'm more liberal about my consumption of sites like youtube and facebook (actually, I've discovered two awesome youtube channels: Kurzgesagt and What I've Learned. I especially recommend the second one, as it talks touches the topic of nutrition and it effects on human brain very often. They're both awesome and very informative. Despite my more tolerant approach to internet use, I have and idea of restricting my overal internet use (after work hours) and playing video games to minimum, but that's something that I need to deconstruct to smaller steps. There's actually some evidence that those things can limit you brain capacity to learn, focus and creative thinking. I feel that I might be hooked and would love to be able to find some time to read a book instead of surfing through youtube videos. So, in a nutshell: I'd like to treat my computer as a tool to learn and work, and stop using it as an entertainment tool. I'll leave it for now, and try to break in to some kind of plan nex month. 4. Time management: I'm still using todoist to manage my daily tasks. This month I'll expand my limit to four tasks per day and see what happens ;) I'd also like to clear out my weekends from any obligations, so I can just relax and not think about things I need to do. 5. Finances: - I've successfully recovered my linux partition, so my spreadsheet data is saved! :D I did get back to YNAB, so I think I'll have to decide if I want to rely solely on it or if I want to keep a monthly finance log alongside in spreadsheet. - Today I've made pictures of my airsoft stuff to sell, tomorrow I'll create an offer and try to sell it. I also got rid of clothes that I don't wear. It feels kinda good, I think I need to look around, find stuff I don't need/use and get rid of it. - I'm also thinking about closing majority of my savings accouts. As of today, situation looks like this: I have about 7 different bank accounts for different saving goals (for example, one for holidays, one for irregular expenses - car repairs, irregular bills etc., one for fitness equipment and so on). With YNAB, I don't need those as long as I stick to my budget, because the job of a dollar (in my case - złoty) is not dependend of it's location. In other word - it doesn't matter if I keep my holiday money on my regular account that I use every day as long as I stick to the budget. But then again - this solution can make me more dependend on using YNAB, wchich is cool - it comes with cool features and creates a history of my spending and earning patterns, but I don't like to be dependend on third party software to be able to manage my finances. That's another decision to make :) 6. Mental health: - I gave up on meditation. My morning routine is comfortable for me and I feel really bad whenever I try to force myself to change it. I started seeing a therapist instead. It's going good so far, it's feels really good to be able to talk about your problems out loud and be able to analyse it with a proffessional. I think I won't regret this decission ;)
  23. I couldn't do my workout yesterday, and today I'm quite busy, so I managed to do a quick set of circuits: 1. Archer pushups: 8 (each hand) 2. Wide pullups: 6 3. Goblet squats w/ kettlebell: 15 1. 10 2. 6 3. 15 1. 8 + 8 normal pushups 2. 6 3. 10
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