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  1. I'm over the moon! Next step is to go over in a few weeks and view an apartment I was offered
  2. Hi guys, moving to Reykjavík, Icleand where I've been told it is possible to eat for a week (groceries) for about $45 (USD). This is approx. $6.42 a day, $1.61-1.83 per meal and $0.48-0.81 per snack. So; I'm looking for dirt cheap (healhy) lunch/dinner ideas for about $2-3 each. Fresh fruit and veg are more expensive there, cheaper varieties I think would be $0.50 per serving.... Hit me with your cheapest meals!
  3. I embraced Buddhism when I was 13 and vegetarianism soon followed... I felt like a hypocrite touting respect for all beings, while eating meat. I've been veggie for almost 8 years now and at one point I was vegan for 2 months (hoping to try again!).
  4. Hi guys! My name is Tara (almost 21) and I'm from Ireland. I re-read Steve's book recently and decided to join the forum! I find it difficult to do a lot of things due to my lifelong mental healh issues. I recently took a gigantic leap of faith and after a much anticipated trip to Reykjavík, Iceland, I applied to study for a degree at Haskoli Islands (the University of Iceland). I will find out in 5-6 weeks whether I've been accepted or not - and I'm terrified! I'm worried I can't do this financially or mentally if I get in - so I came here for support. Thanks for reading, looking forward to gettig to know like-minded people!
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