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  1. Deadlift form

    First off - Congrats on the addition to the family! Very cool. With all the craziness in life and only having so much time in the day, it's tough choosing what to give up in order to make room for something else. I think that sleep and a proper diet are some of the easier things for us to give up to make room for family/fun/work. This is difficult as sleep and nutrition are cornerstones to improving your gains... Is there any time on the weekend where you can squeeze out an hour or so to make your week's meals and snacks ahead of time? (Hard boiling a dozen eggs on Sunday can give you a good and fast breakfast all week). Can you limit yourself to one TV show before bed instead of two? (just an example) Good to see your 185's felt good, and it looks like you are attacking your back and legs with other exercises, so keep that up. As well as the warm up. Semi piggy-backing off Gainsdalf: keep adding the weight as you go. It seems like you go from 135# to 185# and are forgetting about 155#/165#/175#. Instead of 135x10, 135x10, 135x10, 185x2...try pyramiding 135x10, 155x8, 165x6, 175x4...or similar...and keep adding weight and/or reps each couple weeks.
  2. Maintainance Lifting

    Moreso meant that since Nomad Jay said "weight lifting isn't his/her thing", there are other ways to work those muscles and maintain strength using body weight routines instead of 'traditional' lifting equipment