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    March 2019 3 Week Challenge

    Oh yah @Acupunk when you pick a guild you don't need to stick with it forever it's just on a per challenge basis I just think I am going to try body weight exercises so Assassins makes sense for that.
  2. Adash5000

    March 2019 3 Week Challenge

    Ok April 14th has come and will soon be gone. I have managed to maintain the situps and stretches every morning except for 4 of the mornings. The sleeping before 10pm was a great habt when I did it and definitely noticed how not getting enough sleep affected me when I didn't. Not enough sleep led to more cravings which led to me cheating on food. The packing lunch fell through on one of the weeks but I managed to have prepared lunch on 7 out of the 15 week days. Also noticed how I felt on consecutive days of eating poorly so more motivation there for the next challenge. Another thing I noticed is that my eating on weekends wasn't great and having more time on hand left more room for cheating or bingeing. Drinking tea has helped with the sugar cravings, I have been loving Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings I don't know how but its pure magic. Some strategies I need to work on are having something to tide me over between end of work and getting home, I have found it really easy to head on in to a corner store on my way home and buy a few chocolate bars. May not have stuck to all of the things I hoped I would but I have come out with useful intel and am excited for the next challenge...bring it on!! Also @Acupunk or any one else who has been following me and motivating me I will likely be joining the assassins guild for the next challenge.
  3. Adash5000

    How many Canadian Rebels do we have!?

    Any other Vancouverites?
  4. OKAY a little late but I will make due. I have been at it time and time again over the last couple years but the one thing I have not had in my formula was other people. Never had a strong network of people keeping me accountable to my fitness dreams. Now is different, now I have you. Forgive me for being late to this challenge, I will keep it short and sweet because I have only just learnt this is a thing here and I only had a couple hours to plan today. These are the things I will set out to do in the next 3 weeks: 1) Bring a healthy lunch to work at least 3 days of the week 2) When I a get stressed or tired at work, instead of reaching for hot chocolate or coffee reach for herbal or low caffeine teas 3) Do one of the follow core exercises followed by the following stretch routine - situps (3 set of 10 reps) - planks (3 sets of 1 minute) - side planks (4 sets of 1 minute) stretch: - foam roll quads, AT bands, groin - field hockey ball roll on glutes - hip flexors lunges 4) Maintain an in bed by 10pm policy with at least 30 minutes free from screens before Please let us forge an alliance or fight to the death!!