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  1. Feeling kind of like having failed thus far. In the process of blocking websites to be more productive I have found myself slipping on weekends that has spilled over into weekdays. Last weekend and this one I have found myself binge watching anime on one of the websites that did not make it through the blockage. Even though I could have patched it up I didn't because I felt I needed to watch One Punch Man as the season was going along. I didn't consider that maybe I could have watched it when it was all done. Although I haven't meditated since sometime last week my biggest failure was diet as that part of my goal went no where and I ate out way too often. But regardless of all this I am going to come away from this with knowledge:


    1. As much as I find it difficult to journal for personal organization it is something I should be adopting as a daily routine to know what I have to do.

    2. Replacing old activities with new ones isn't optional and I should be seeking to replace with engaging, rewarding and fun activities.

    3. Back to journalling, while I think having a list of things I can do is okay, its better to know what I am going to and when instead of finding myself not knowing what to do and having too many options.

    4. I am not sure about this one, but I formed a bit of a facebook problem on my phone where it was not blocked. I think this may be because in this last two weeks I didn't socialize enough and facebook seemingly replaces that. So for the last two weeks of this challenge I need to be a bit more social.

    5. Putting off meal planning without moving it in my schedule is the same as saying it won't happen. So if it doesn't happen on Sunday then I MUST put it in my schedule for Monday night.


    Anyways these are my takeaways from the first half of this challenge

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  2. Hey Thanks @Tova the Vibrant for the tips! I definitely have used StayFocusd in the past another one that works great is LeechBlock. The one thing I hate about them though is that its not good enough of a wall. With OpenDNS I have to change my DNS settings and then reboot my computer which I find is way more steps to prevent me from deleting it temporarily. I like the Facebook trick will try it out, I seem to remember there was  a way to extract your facebook eventfeed programmatically but I have yet to try. The TV part isn't hard because I don't have cable or Netflix and I currently can't use Youtube, so I am think I am safe there unless I remove the DNS for a peeksy!!

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  3. Woah your list is soo much more comprehensive then mine...I need to step up my game for next challenge or maybe even fix it up as I go (with your advice of course :)). Woot woot you are doing great and I look forward to continuing following your challenege :)

  4. Cold showers because they absolutely suck if you let them. It kind of forces a slow deep breath which is something I am not great at and it keeps showers shorter and lately I have been having trouble with staying comfortable in the warm water for like 15 minutes or too long sometimes! @Tova the Vibrant please tips!! I have tried these challenges in the past with varying degrees of success, currently I have extra stop gaps in place to enforce the elimination part (Using OpenDNS on high settings). That at least puts something in between my thoughts and my actions so I can be more mindful. You got any more suggestions?

  5. I come with an animal gif offering


    Oh I kind of want to read this book Brain Over Binge, I am relatively healthy but still occasionally get a little tick in my brain which makes me compusively buy sweets and icecream. Ignoring that tick has become very difficult. Really excited that your efforts have worked out for you and I am excited to hear what happens on your low carb journey (I have thought and read about it a lot). Just a little 2 cents about low carb make sure you get enough salts and water, your body will have trouble retaining salt and water while in a low carbohydrate state. So be super generous with salt on food and make sure you get potassium through something like Salt Free Salt (I know its actually a thing) and maybe go on magnesium supplements. Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium are really the three salt you want to replenish. Good luck and I will cheer you on and come back with more animal gif offerings!!! :)

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  6. I have hard thought about this since my last challenge ended in the first timers group. Originally I was thinking Assassins and body weight exercises but I think what I would like to strive for is more mentally bound. I am looking for mindfulness in how my time is spent and looking for replacements for mindless activities. For what is more relaxing: watching youtube or reading a good book. Oh I remember the days as a kid when internet was not so distracting and had not advanced past the dialup tech and reading was so profoundly interesting. So with this challenge I want to eliminate a few wastes of time while introducing productive hobbies while maintaining a mindfulness practice and continuing the nurturing and physical practice of my last challenge. I also want to keep a list of activities I can look at whenever I am feeling bored or stuck so I don't default to old behaviors.


    What does this look like?


    Mindfulness Practice

    1. Meditation for at least 5 minutes a day

    2. Cold Showers at least 3 times a week

    3. In bed before 10:30pm


    Physical Practice

    1. Stretching & Core

    - Planks & Side Planks

    - Rolling Quads & IT Bands

    - Lunge stretch

    - Field Hockey ball on buttocks

    2. Long training bike ride 1 a week, twice if possible

    3. Unicycle practice twice a week


    Nutritional Practice

    1. Meal prep lunches 4 days of the work week

    2. Try to cook most nights of the week

    3. Try cooking new things on the weekend


    Eliminate & Replace

    1. Eliminate

    - Youtube

    - Facebook (to some extent may need it for event tracking)

    - Reddit

    - Identify others as they become apparent

    2. Replace

    - Reading a good book

    - Art (Drawing or Watercolors)

    - Learning (Programming or Math)

    - Going for a walk

    - Trying something new


    Okay now I know this sound like an over commitment and thats because to some degree it is but it's intention is also as a stretch goal: eliminate and replace are the two most important things in the list followed by the first items in all the other lists and all the other ones are stretch goals with a specific practice of letting go of control and forgiving myself if I do not achieve them. Although I will forgive myself if I don't meditate on a given day it is something that I want to jump back on the wagon immediately whereas cold showers I won't mind missing a few days in a row. Anyways I am punped because this will actually be my first full 4 week challenge (first one came late). Challenge Accepted!!!

  7. Ok April 14th has come and will soon be gone. I have managed to maintain the situps and stretches every morning except for 4 of the mornings. The sleeping before 10pm was a great habt when I did it and definitely noticed how not getting enough sleep affected me when I didn't. Not enough sleep led to more cravings which led to me cheating on food. The packing lunch fell through on one of the weeks but I managed to have prepared lunch on 7 out of the 15 week days. Also noticed how I felt on consecutive days of eating poorly so more motivation there for the next challenge. Another thing I noticed is that my eating on weekends wasn't great and having more time on hand left more room for cheating or bingeing. Drinking tea has helped with the sugar cravings, I have been loving Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings I don't know how but its pure magic. Some strategies I need to work on are having something to tide me over between end of work and getting home, I have found it really easy to head on in to a corner store on my way home and buy a few chocolate bars. May not have stuck to all of the things I hoped I would but I have come out with useful intel and am excited for the next challenge...bring it on!! Also @Acupunk or any one else who has been following me and motivating me I will likely be joining the assassins guild for the next challenge.

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  8. Aaaaaahhhh my thread has been hijacked!!! Anyways I have kept doing the stretching and the situps which has been great because my back has overall been feeling much better. Packing lunches has been a flop this week but to make up for it I have biked to work 2 of the days so far. And sleep is back to all over the place but I know that is my weakest link and it will be another focus area on the next 4 week challenge :) 

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  9. Uggh the last 3 days I have fallen of the wagon and have not done my stretches or sit ups and have even caved on sweets. The one thing I did manage to keep to is I packed lunch 4 days this week. At least I have the weekend to regain my footing as I know where I veered off course. It seems one night of going to sleep late is enough to halt progress and makes you more likely to want coffee and sugar which in turn makes it harder to sleep the next night. And then last night I stayed after work to have drinks with coworkers which was good except that I drank too much and had a bunch trouble sleeping (alcohol). Anyways I am going to try and make the most of this weekend to recover and start keeping in my head when I make snap decisions about sleep and coffee and sugar about if its worth it for now if I know how it will affect me in 1 or 2 or 3 days as the effects compound, although sometimes coffee is worth it :P

  10. I guess it's 9 days in and what have I learnt (or relearnt). It's hard to maintain a sleep schedule on the weekends. Also sugar is sugar, honey is also sugar, and sugar addiction applies to honey as well. I always somehow convince myself that "this I will be better, It will only be for tea!!" but I still always spoon eat it right out of the honey jar. And I never feel that great after I do it. Oh well!! I have forgiven myself and have learnt I probably need to give up honey for at least a few months before reintroduction.


    @Acupunk Sorry didn't see your post till just now :(. Thanks for the advice! when I do eat healthy I usually eat 4 out of 5 days at work and leave the 5th day as a social day to eat out with coworkers. And soda is rare, like once a month at most usually. But hot chocolate when I do have it I have like 2 or 3 in the day ._. . At work though they have tea which can kind of hit the mark for me but sometime its so easy to fall into old habits. The last week has been good though I think I had one hot chocolate the entire week. Just a bit of advice with sweeteners, it can be a slippery slope. At least for me, its easy to convince myself that maple syrup is natural and therefore okay but it is a danger to have in the house when you are having one bad day because I tell myself I am feeling bad I deserve to make pancakes with TONS of maple syrup or even just shot glasses of the stuff.


    Unicycling is hard but it has a decent learning curve. I have been doing it for about a month but I wouldn't say I am that great and I am still learning a lot. Not good enough to just ride around the block or anything and the wheel is too small to get anywhere quickly (I have a road bike for that). It is really just fun and once a month there is a club in my city that organizes unicycle hockey which is basically street hockey but on unicycles (pretty much madness).


    Thanks for the motivation!! I hope your quest is going well too!!!

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  11. OMG Yes!! Growing up, sugar was something I leaned on to relieve stress and then on into my adulthood I didn't have any REAL good strategies for stress relief and I would go to sugar to temporarily lift it. The hardest part is when you live in the same city as your parents and frequently have family dinners and your mom like making deserts! How is your challenge going @Acupunk?

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  12. @AcupunkI increased only 5 reps in each set but today seems to have been more variable or what I could manage. I think sometimes I can do more but I let it go because if I wasn't doing the challenge I wouldn't be motivated at all :) . My eating was totally erratic before there would be weeks where I would eat super healthy and weeks where I would eat out a lot (mostly garbage) but I am finding that the consistent sleep is helping with that. And drinking water has never a problem except when I was tired and stressed where it would be replaced by soda or hot choco. Although the other day I had mentioned I may have had less water than usual too. Also walking generally isn't a problem either, my morning walk to work every morning is around 20-25 minutes sometimes I take the long route but walking doesn't make me sweat so much. Actually currently learning to unicycle which is the one activity that does make me sweat. Yesterday was actually a bit rough, I stayed late at work and ordered thai food and had trouble getting to sleep before 10pm :(

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  13. Okay only 3 days in and its not been super hard so I increased the reps per set of situps. Also not sure if its because I drastically cut back on sugar or I was just sore from a bad sleep but yesterday was reeling at work from headaches and body pains. Was not fun, 10/10 do not recommend! I feel like I should be sweating more for these challenges? No?

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  14. image.thumb.png.2fa7a487e8e0d12a05e489740bde21b3.png

    OKAY a little late but I will make due. I have been at it time and time again over the last couple years but the one thing I have not had in my formula was other people. Never had a strong network of people keeping me accountable to my fitness dreams. Now is different, now I have you. Forgive me for being late to this challenge, I will keep it short and sweet because I have only just learnt this is a thing here and I only had a couple hours to plan today. These are the things I will set out to do in the next 3 weeks:


    1) Bring a healthy lunch to work at least 3 days of the week

    2) When I a get stressed or tired at work, instead of reaching for hot chocolate or coffee reach for herbal or low caffeine teas

    3) Do one of the follow core exercises followed by the following stretch routine

    - situps (3 set of 10 reps)

    - planks (3 sets of 1 minute)

    - side planks (4 sets of 1 minute)


    - foam roll quads, AT bands, groin

    - field hockey ball roll on glutes

    - hip flexors lunges

    4) Maintain an in bed by 10pm policy with at least 30 minutes free from screens before


    Please let us forge an alliance or fight to the death!!

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  15. @Jean my sleep is all over the place. Sometimes I get to bed at a reasonable 10pm but other days I have trouble sleeping and I stay up later than I should. I have had trouble maintaining good sleep habits like using a laptop or looking at my phone in bed.


    @Guzzi What is defined as doing yoga "regularly"? Like once a week? And as for sleep, I don't have trouble waking up, if anything I have trouble getting back once I am up and I usually get up around 7am. The problem with my sleep is the bed time is erratically all over the place and I eat junk and sweet foods when I am stressed and tired which likely makes my tiredness worse. I also have heard all the willpower things and have done a lot to combat that but I may have not found the right strategies that work for me. I think my largest hurdle in most of my problem is I haven't dedicated a substantial amount of dedicated time to it. As in, I have never made it a huge enough part of my life, it has always been a side thing to the other personal projects unrelated to it that take precedence. Not sure if this sounds familiar but I think I need to start making this a first and foremost priority and put off any other unrelated side projects until a few months have passed and I am a little more on the right path.


    Also thanks for the monthly challenge info I will check it out and see what I can get started on :)

  16. I am seeking help, from fellow nerds, as I start back on a new fitness journey. I am not wickedly out of shape but I am getting older and have a family history of bad backs, herniated discs and back surgeries, along with other heart related issues. So I feel I need to start changing course and moving in a more suitable direction for my health and hopefully steer clear of the problems of my ancestors. I don't want to lull you with a story but I am a very tall man who had the metabolism of the gods and I could eat everything and I did eat everything but it just wouldn't show. now I am closing in on 30 and I am starting to show a gut, my back is sore on a regular basis, and I am tired most of the time at work. Being tired and unable to focus has also taken a toll on my cognitive function and I feel like I have become less sharp as a result. All those eating habits from my early 20's have not slowed down. Now that I finally am in that job which I love, it's now the best time to turn this all around. But I need your help, your wisdom, because I have tried again and again to start something but always feel I fall short. I have gone to the gym and been unable to stick with it long term. I have rationalized not going to gym convincing myself that body weight exercises were the only pure form of exercise and then not following through with that. I have decide to not gym at all for fear the lifestyle would take away from (insert geeky activity here). I go through cycle and cycle of having bad back pain stretching solidly for a few week it going away then not stretching again until after a month of the back pain returning.


    So my one big ask is...will you help me?

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  17. I have a fitbit and I figured out I am burning close to 3600 calories a day. I have lost 4 lbs in the last two weeks but I have been wanting to gain weight. I am finding it ridiculous that I need to stuff my face in order to not be in a deficit. I am already tall and skinny so not worried about putting on weight. I have gone paleo and generally feel pretty good day to day on how much I am currently eating. Should I be counting calories in this case? I know it's not really paleo to do that.