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  1. Haha! That's funny, I actually just read that article this morning. Thanks for the extensive input! I've found that, while I can do without, I really enjoy a light soda with meals. That's gonna be hard to kick. In other news, double checkpoint today! I touched my toes for 3 sets of 5 seconds today, and also scored 7, 10, 4 on my arm exercises. I'm so close I can taste victory!
  2. While I didn't run this morning due to laziness, I did however go to the gym in bare feet. They did not appreciate the gesture. Honest question: Bare feet are not allowed, yet Vibrams are? I imagine you'd have pretty much identical protection from falling weights. Pistol Squats: 30/30 Squats: 60/60 Lunges w/ Twist: 60/60 Jumping Step Ups: 60/60 Pull Ups: 8/25 Dips: 25/25 Chin Ups: 5/25 Push Ups: 30/30 Plank: 90 secs/90 secs Jumping Jacks: 90/90 Time: 25:11 Congrats, me: You survived the higher intensity workout! And look at those dips! Wow. Next round: Shave down time, increase arm exercises to 30 total reps. (I only did 25 because my grip strength wouldn't hold up.)
  3. A new week starts tomorrow, and I'm hoping to hope I haven't regressed, because I still have a ton of progress to do on arm shtuffs... Checkpoint, though! I can touch my toes for like 2-3 seconds without bouncing! (But it also took a long stretch session.) On a side note, not related to my current challenge, I've been playing with the Paleo diet. Major (only) obstacle: I LOVE pancakes and pasta and panini and breakfast cereal. Basically, I lobe my whole grains. (Mom makes EXCELLENT custom cakes and always buys whole wheat grains.) Humph.
  4. Eeeeeeeexcelent. New week tomorrow, and healed feet to boot! (No pun intended.) I can't wait to start working out again. I'm also gonna throw some yoga/tai chi in the mix. One could say, I'm trying out multiclassing as a Druid. We'll see.
  5. Welcome to the Rebellion! That's funny, as I just recently posted a thread about solving my lurkiness. (Apparently, it's working! Otherwise, you wouldn't even see this. )
  6. Designed is fine. Thanks for the advice! Hopefully she'll come round.
  7. My mom discovered this morning that I did a barefoot run yesterday (I mentioned blisters on my feet, she wondered how, and things went downhill.) She thinks that running barefoot is terrible for my already crappy knees and bad for my flat feet. I however, noticed that (while my calves hurt like crazy ) I felt none of the usual knee pain from running, and that running in my feet is much more comfortable than in shoes with my supports. (Mind you, if I don't have my supports in my shoes and I'm doing a lot of standing/walking/hiking, that is VERY bad news.) Amy suggestions on how I can convince her that barefoot running is not harmful?
  8. I was all proud of mine until i read this thread. A bit sobering. Here's the circuit (3 times through) that I do M/W/F: 10 pistol squats (each leg) 20 squats 20 twisting lunges 20 jump step ups 10 pullups 10 dips 10 chin ups 10 pushups 30 second plank 30 jumping jacks I can't do anywhere near the total on the arm exercises. My max is a total of 10 each. But yeah!
  9. Holeee cow. I'm going to give my feet a day to heal. No way I'm running with these blisters. The funeral is this morning, so hopefully I'll have some time in the afternoon. Well see. (I want to DO something! Grah!)
  10. I actually just experienced a similar thing with stretching. I was about four inches from my toes, then this morning, I was way back to eight. I fixed it by doing a very intensive stretch routine. Turns out the muscles were just overcontracted. My (uninformed gut-feeling after reading your observations) diagnosis for your problem is lack of sleep and perhaps some sort of nutrition deficiency. Good news: you'll bounce back soon, I'm sure of it.
  11. I did that too the first time. Plus my knee made a sound like gravel in a blender. Okay, I exaggerate. But i was keenly reminded of my family history of craptastic knees.
  12. [ATTACH]4433[/ATTACH] Here. Hope it's funny enough! EDIT: Due to lag, I hadn't noticed that my last one went through. (Also probably why two pics showed up.) Sorry!
  13. I'm guessing this is a spot where squad members can chat about tips and tricks, progress, ideas, etc. If not, so sorry! Let me know and I'll take it down. If so... First post! Woot! Heyo, Squad F, I'm fyretooth. This is my first challenge, and first time ever in a squad. Translation: NOOB ALERT. So feel free to fill my head with lots of valuable xp!
  14. How rude of me. Posting logistics before thanks. Thanks, guys, for your praise and input. It means a lot.
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