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  1. ladyofthebog

    LadyoftheBog is Faceless (Wo)man While Also Channeling Inara Serra

    Mid--Week Update:: * WISDOM: Explore the dynamics of the many-faced (wo)man by journaling and listening to Alan Watts/Ram Dass lectures. This is one of my favorite Ram Dass' lectures. I listened to it again this week while puttering around the house. When I think about how this man has changed my life, I think about the whole web of causes and reactions. I think about how we are related in large and small ways. I *try* to go out of my way to be kind to people I meet because I believe that we are all living in one big lake. Our actions disturb the surface building together and making waves. Those waves can be forces for good or for suffering but the point is that one action leads to another and another, so intertwined that we can't see the pattern of it. Some small kindness can avert a disaster or save a life somewhere down the line. Anyway, when I think about Ram Dass and what he has done for me (or anyone I've learned so much from) I think about waves and how all can live that way. 10:10 onward is good. (the myth of success; joy is not a checklist) * DEXTERITY/STRENGTH: 6 workouts/week. Track weights. Yoga x 3 week HEY! On track this week to finish strong with 6 workouts. Only clocked in yogax2 and once was with my daughter and a weiner dog puppy literally climbing all over me but it happened. * CHARISMA: Do something purely sensual for sensuality's sake every damn day; share music on this piece M: massage for Dr L (what I've decided to call my husband on here. Not terribly creative but...) The key to doing something nice for my husband is not to ask him! Is this a dude thing?? He'll never say yes to something for himself if I ask him- I just have to do it! T: shower after working out (ahem, I workout just about everyday in the middle of the day. This means I spend half the day a sweaty mess usually. Begone with that!) and using lovely shower products that have been moldering in the back of our cabinets. bath W: Nighttime routine down. I've been practicing abhyanga (fancy way of saying oil self massage), doing a face care routine- including retinol which I recommend to anyone above thirty tbh, hand cream, a lavender salve I made, and putting on some essential oils into the diffuser. I love nighttime after the chick has gone to sleep. It's the only time all day that is wholly mine. Th: took a bath (admittedly with my daughter because, that's the reality) in the middle of the day. My legs are now shaved and I love the feeling of rubbing them together. Thank you all for keeping up!
  2. ladyofthebog

    LadyoftheBog is Faceless (Wo)man While Also Channeling Inara Serra

    Salutations: i'll send over! do you have an instapot perchance? If not, no biggie as I changed up the recipe I used to do it with the instapot! Tonight I made golden lentil soup (fancy words for tumeric lentils) which is a recipes I adore too. I can send that along too if you are curious! i have for sure thought about wrecking people's shiz before while lifting weights. Also, when running? I'm glad to know I'm not alone and I would love to read a thread of what people imagine while working out! Mind is a powerful ally for sure. DUDE, that would be awesome to link my workout into some kind of narrative. You know, funny you should mention Princess Bride, I was contemplating crafting this here thread for a Princess Bride themed challenge! the child slept until 6 am this morning! I feel grand! Children, consumers of sleep. Right now, the little Rowboat is napping away peacefully. I even want to go peek in and watch her sleep but best not to wake her... I'm not technically a vegan- I recently stopped dairy because I am convinced it doesn't do my GI any favors. I've been a vegetarian/pescaterian for a very long time. I figure I don't eat anything I couldn't kill? I don't mind going fishing so I'll eat fish! Plus, it's so very healthy... I'm convinced it is partly why my Filipino side of the family lives such long healthy lives? I mean, a lot of confounding factors but the healthy diet of fish and veg couldn't hurt either. Anyways, this is a ramble to say that cooking vegan food is VERY fun because you have to get creative. Hope you are well!
  3. ladyofthebog

    Thom starts building consistency

    i love your attitude, that this sorrow is clearing you out for something greater but also sorry that it happened. would like to add that the name cootamundra is AMAZING. i wish we had a cootamundra. maybe i'll have to name our household that.
  4. ladyofthebog

    Dr Deffy's Holistic Hotness

    dude, my doc didn't know about nuvaring either recently! wild. it's my favorite birth control so far. not sure why it isn't more popular? maybe it freaks people out putting something up their vag? what i didn't know, "peng" gosh, i love british slang.
  5. ladyofthebog

    20 seconds of courage

    yay! glad you are here i echo what @Guzzi wrote so eloquently and would like to add that putting into words is the first steps out the door on your journey. to reference the inestimable gandolf, "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,” he used to say. 'You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to.'” healthy and active is hot and really that comes in all shapes, sizes, and verbs. sounds lke you have the body type that many women love to squeeze on.
  6. ladyofthebog

    Thom starts building consistency

    aww cutie! she is an inspiration and i can't imagine how hard that must be in a kid. i'm a nurse and always wanted to work in peds (well, technically i have but w/ newborns) but don't think my heart could bear working with kiddos who are struggling. i hope the med changes are going to do her well.
  7. kishi! i'm lax on this log but keeping up(ish) on the challenges! better updating on the challenge here:
  8. ladyofthebog


    so many things to respond to: 1) oh man, those cakes. i want to devour them. i would have no self control control around such beauties 2) cool about LA! i had no idea about dan inosanto. unrelated but also warm place: we're planning a girl's trip down to palm springs this... spring (i just realized how apt that is) which is kind of LA territory. oh, how i miss california. 3) i think having small children is hard but ultimately strengthening to marriage? kind of like why impact makes bones stronger. my husband and i were together for a good long time before having a nugget. we got used to the bacchanalia that is love w/o marriage. gosh, looking back on it it seems almost roman in it's opulence, doesn't it? having a kid has made us work more as a team than ever before... which has been difficult. so feeling you on the marital struggles there but ultimately hopeful for us all?
  9. ladyofthebog

    LadyoftheBog is Faceless (Wo)man While Also Channeling Inara Serra

    Week 1: It Begins I worked out at night yesterday which I just loathe. Still made it through and woke up this morning feeling tight all over and not in a good, "hey, how grand! I worked out my body so well yesterday" but the "I am too little butter spread over too much bread" kind of way. Still stoked I convinced myself to do it and on track to have hit my 6 workouts/week goal. It's going on 5 weeks now that I've hit the 6x/week and I'm really feeling good for it. I think the general malaise may be because the tiny munchkin woke up at 450 am yesterday and 530 am today. Given, she does sleep through the night and goes to bed at dusk basically but, man, these are too early of hours for me to maintain! *photographic evidence of working out when the sun has gone down; doesn't really capture how drenched i am with sweat So, living in a tiny house we don't have a pantry. Still, liking this solution fine: * also on diet related stuff: I MADE DELICIOUS VEGAN PHO. I am constantly on the search for vegetarian pho (yeah, I get that pho is technically beef broth) and haven't found something that either 1) is probably actually beef broth with tofu 2) isn't very far from me. I AM SO HAPPY about this self sufficient pho development. Started this book and just wild about it so far: This isn't a very coherent update on this quest but what can I say: sleep deprivation. Will update on quest's parameters at week's end! I especially like to imagine sneaking about when doing spider push ups. true dat. yes on epic music! i like to listen to viking chants sometimes. i have read the badass book! it was awhile ago when it first came back but i remember it as charming! i'll share philosophy lectures as i listen to them and we can nerd out on them! yes, i agree about conclusions- you never step into the same river twice! i remember reading heraclitus back in the day and really liking that idea.
  10. ladyofthebog

    Lady of the Bog is Trapped by Old Man Willow

    fresh challenge:
  11. ladyofthebog

    Lady of the Bog is Trapped by Old Man Willow

    thank you! Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits.I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve
  12. ladyofthebog

    Lady of the Bog is Trapped by Old Man Willow

    you are in washington, right? i hear lots of snow up there. we just have slush here in portland. i did like the coconut yogurt (i have a link if you'd like to see recipe! ). as per the coconut ice cream, i kind of like the texture? i especially like where the coconut is fatter and congeals but i have strange textural tastes? making vegan pho (i realize this is sacrilege, pho is beef brother but whatever) tonight in the instant pot super curious to see how it turns out.
  13. ladyofthebog

    Dr Deffy's Holistic Hotness

    i'm of the school of: a hot person is a hot person is a hot person like a rose is a rose is a rose. but then again i'm kind of see hot people everywhere of all different kinds all the darned time. i see hotness. it's my super power and it does not discriminate, lol.
  14. ladyofthebog

    Skywalker's Sucess

    following. love a fellow hiker what wonderful accomplishments and i like the idea of a wooooooootttthread