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  1. For some reason I just saw this! Will respond after river today!!
  2. Yes! Super interested! If it’s 50+ and not super thick would like that too? I’ve kind of reconciled myself with wearing a hat every single day at this point but would like the option for more protection! Hiking and river and all of that I use some neutrogena thing, I think 50+ but it’s not an everyday moisturizer in my mind
  3. thank you! that's so strange and interesting!
  4. Le skin care regime: 1) oil wash, use face towel w/ warm water to remove (currently a burts bees but i've used many oils before) 2) cream cleanser (evan healy, love) 3) tone (currently using a hydrosol, have liked more clinical stuff in past) 4) retinol (i've used expensive spa ones before that were kind of magic but not currently!) 5) evan healy oil + hydrosol or moisturizer depending on how I am feeling 5) for occasional breakouts, I like essential oil based products and they work! I've used something from dew dab from living libations (love them and best oil cleanser I've ever used was one
  5. Week 2/3 Update Week 2 We spent last week on the coast. I feel very lucky that we have a place out there to stay always but particularly in pandemic times. I'm finding it overwhelming to record but suffice to say, I worked out everyday and mediated x5. Other conscious efforts towards self esteem work didn't really happen. Not going to add points this week. Week 3 We are leaving to climb a peak! Tomorrow, we happened by some magic to secure a permit for a limited person trail/lake (20 heads/day). I'm pretttyyy excited. The next day, we will hike a peak and either swim
  6. I know these over the hill denizens of which you speak. lollllll I love this- and I also have an involved skin care regime! I can incorporate mantra/affirmation into it. I'm down. Alas! I need to get back into the habit! We went to the coast for a week and I lost the thread! I feel like these times bolster your particular army unfortunately thank you! I would be so honored! Hobbit 4 life
  7. Friday Night Update: Brevity has never been my forte but will attempt as I am reading a FANTASTIC novel- Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo- and must away to it's sweet embrace. Body: Indeed got those 5x/week in. Took a run last Saturday as well, plan on tomorrow morning. I did yoga x1 and x2 foam rolling sessions! Great! Fantastic! Self esteem: journaling So, I have this kind of silly but actually feels good yoga journal thing that I'll post sometime. I did this x5 this week after each workout. Felt good! I do want to get into habit of writing proper j
  8. Oh, yes this all sounds good. Do share! Meditation is the magic sauce for me too- when I remember, make time to do it! Very good point. Maybe I'll name that voice, Smeagol. Won't be creepy at all. YES! To the first point, I should take compliment better and store them away as if I am a squirrel w/ compliment acorns for winter. Thank you for being here! Always the kindest, involved people on this forum. Mom look is the sauce. Citizens for elastic waistbands. YAY!! Analog girl. Yes, the general trickle down mom-auntie-nana fashion from normcore has b
  9. Shoot- finally back again! Another attempt! See current challenge, Druid’s for another challenge by yours truly! ❤️❤️
  10. Challenge! I’m here! I’m losing my mind bit by bit but mostly chugging along as I do. I’m back for this challenge primarily to really focus on improving my self esteem. My life is good. I’m financially secure. I live in a beautiful area. I have a loving marriage. A beautiful child. I have meaningful work. I work out everyday Monday- Friday, my body feels good. The interlocking parts of my life, for the most part, move together smoothly. And yet I still struggle with deeply negative self talk about myself and my worth. I have trouble feeling like I belong, like I’m an imposter in my own life? L
  11. Yay! Love the vlog- has me inspired. Also, black bean brownies- man, excellent.
  12. That cat is the best kid cat I’ve ever met. Kind of like a dog actually. Thank you for always checking in even when I’m so sporadic!
  13. Thank you! Love it so! Yes , this area is ridiculous. Everyday more beauty to witness. Thank you for stopping by
  14. I did!! I’m disappearing from my virtual world lately... I want to promise to be better but then I get distracted with everything calling to me- want to do next challenge and commit to at least weekly check in’s on ourselves and each other?? Hope you are well!
  15. SHOOT! This entire challenge went by without me ever really posting on here. Lockdown here has me pretttyyyy busy but maybe it's also moving and trying to get the vegetable garden in before too much later. How have I been doing with staying relatively sane and fit? Still holding onto bits of sanity but pretty much holding steady to pre-plague levels as I have already lost my mind time or two. I am wondering when/how we will come back to a semblance of pre-plague times particularly in the absence of coordinated rational strategy and particularly without increased testing capabilities b
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