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  1. Week 2/3 Update Week 2 We spent last week on the coast. I feel very lucky that we have a place out there to stay always but particularly in pandemic times. I'm finding it overwhelming to record but suffice to say, I worked out everyday and mediated x5. Other conscious efforts towards self esteem work didn't really happen. Not going to add points this week. Week 3 We are leaving to climb a peak! Tomorrow, we happened by some magic to secure a permit for a limited person trail/lake (20 heads/day). I'm pretttyyy excited. The next day, we will hike a peak and either swim in a lake/hot springs or kayak around following depending how we are feeling. The Pacific Northwest is really a wonderland. I hope it doesn't sound like gloating but I'm pretttyyy excited. Mental health wise, could be worse could be better. I feel like that's how I've been handling the pandemic/general fuckupness of these times. I really want to make it an intention to get working on my self-esteem workbook. I feel kind of like an ass typing that out but it does help! do my self esteem workbook (at least once a week): didn't do this but did set up with husband when a good time to do this might be (post dinner) in the midst of negative self-talk, punto for recognizing it and observing it: most beneficial part of this challenge so far has been simply beign aware of this sometimes... ALSO: found a instagram of a lady who shows how "influencers" pose/use apps to distort their images on social media. It sounds crazy admitting it, but seeing how images are heavily altered or posed has been helping realize how incredibly unrealistic my body expectations are of myself! meditation session: 6 times this week!!! Does anyone else use insight app? I love it!! Hobbit: GREY HAVENSSSS (really, though, architecture of the Oregon coast strong Grey Havens vibe The beach right outside the beach house is pretty nutso We've also been going to the river a lot! Just found this spot about twenty minutes from our house. Including this because I love this dress and felt very much myself wearing it
  2. I know these over the hill denizens of which you speak. lollllll I love this- and I also have an involved skin care regime! I can incorporate mantra/affirmation into it. I'm down. Alas! I need to get back into the habit! We went to the coast for a week and I lost the thread! I feel like these times bolster your particular army unfortunately thank you! I would be so honored! Hobbit 4 life
  3. Challenge! I’m here! I’m losing my mind bit by bit but mostly chugging along as I do. I’m back for this challenge primarily to really focus on improving my self esteem. My life is good. I’m financially secure. I live in a beautiful area. I have a loving marriage. A beautiful child. I have meaningful work. I work out everyday Monday- Friday, my body feels good. The interlocking parts of my life, for the most part, move together smoothly. And yet I still struggle with deeply negative self talk about myself and my worth. I have trouble feeling like I belong, like I’m an imposter in my own life? Like everything could disperse and scatter- like autumn leaves or a house of cards. So, the question I’m posing this challenge: Is self esteem something like a muscle? Can I work it? Flip it and reverse it? Here’s hoping. Plan: Body: continue to workout. I’ve been doing Beachbody barreblend continuously since the first of this year. Partly due to the fact that I’m avoiding the gym, partly because I love it and it’s easy to fit into my day. My body feels good from it- and I’ve seen real physically apparent results which is always nice. Keep doing this- and add in yoga x2/week. Run x1 week (my husband’s work schedule is such that he starts work super early- company is on east coast time- and I can’t be bothered to run in the heat). Self esteem: puntos x1 for what I do, tallied when I remember to post journaling sign up for therapy (muchos) do my self esteem workbook (at least once a week) act of self compassion in the midst of negative self-talk, punto for recognizing it and observing it meditation session talk about self esteem issues with someone other than myself speak up with honest communication about my needs/perspective Hobbit: do something hobbitey each week because Hope all are well! Thank you for following along! Pictures because I always post pictures. I think it’s nice. Out picking berries So I’m in my thirties and I finally figured out that this is the best hair style for both aesthetics and comfort. Highly recommend. This post I wasn’t really clear- but mostly I meant that I bought the same suit as every mom there and I have finally three years later leaned in hard for the mom aesthetic River times Beach times I have an interest in plants. This is a PNW native, iron wood. A remarkable plant.