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  1. Day 6, Hammer workout, done. @WhiteGhost thank you for your kind words!! I really appreciate it!
  2. Hey all... I was not able to complete day five I know we're supposed to work out every day with this program..but currently I have a knee injury im working through, plus last night I had two hours worth of leg workouts in addition to my hero's journey workout earlier in the day..but the major reason is because I have a huge PT test coming up on Sunday, and I wanted to give my muscles a day to recover from yesterday before I have to complete that test. I'm sorry to have missed a day of training. I still worked out though. I was in charge of my schools "field day" for our middle sch
  3. Woohoo! I'm so excited! It is only 6pm and I've finished my challenge for today! (Well, i have roller derby practice in an hour, so technically that's not done yet, but still.) But I drank all of my water, stretched, took my meds, tap danced for an hour and a half, and did the Hero's Journey workout for the day! Roller derby will consist of a quick 15 minute off-skates workout, probably a leg workout, but who knows, and an hour and a half of skating/scrimmaging. So because I tap danced and skated today... here's a gif of one of my personal heroes...doing both at the same time.
  4. thank you @Darth Yoga !! I appreciate it. That makes sense to me. I am trying to meditate more, but have only really done 15 minutes at a time to start. So that makes sense, with yoga nidra being an hour long activity at our studio, that it's difficult to maintain focus for that long. It was just a weird experience to me because in meditation i can more easily get rid of thoughts or whatever...but with yoga nidra its not just thoughts its like a dream, like i said, i started seeing bright colors and weird stuff like that, and that was harder to draw my attention away from and get back to focus
  5. Hey all, quick question. I have gone to two yoga nidra sessions. Usually I can keep pretty focused and follow the guided meditation and there's no issue. Then like 2/3 of the way through the exercise and my mind starts wandering like crazy. To really random things. Almost like dreaming? Or like the visions you start to see right as you're falling asleep? And as these random visions start happening, I start losing focus on what the instructor is saying, and I have to keep fighting to really focus on the instructors words. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyon
  6. oh my goodness, i'm so glad i found your challenge! I am also hypothyroid, caused by autoimmune nonsense. I struggle with the same issues! I take my thyroid meds, I eat well, I work out, and my weight doesn't change at all! It is soooo demotivating, and it's incredibly easy for me to give up on my health and fitness goals because the progress is so slow and sometimes nonexistent despite hard work. It sounds like you're doing great so far! Keep it up!! I'm excited to follow along on your journey! -Bully
  7. Welp, it took me until 11:59pm...but I finished my quest objectives for today. It has been a ROUGH day. I considered not working out several times. I even decided not to go to my buti yoga class. I almost decided that 16oz of water less than my goal was "good enough" for today. But I did my workout, I did a 30 minute YouTube buti yoga video, and I drank those last two glasses of water. Today was rough. But I fought back, and I won the battle.
  8. Day 3 done. I attempted the Lasso workout at my job (as a P.E. teacher), but I got 2 and a half minutes in and HOLY SHIN SPLINTS, BATMAN. So I chose the hammer. Mostly because it was one of the only exercises available that I could do in my small apartment with minimal noise for my downstairs neighbors. But also because I seriously need to work on my arms. I did 5 sets instead of 3 tonight, as the only hand weights I have were too light. I'm gonna go in search of some heavier weights before day 6!
  9. Day 2: Stretched, took meds, worked out, drank enough water. Success!
  10. Oh man...Naan. naan is 100% my kryptonite as well. Sounds like you had a good day 1! best of luck in your challenge! you got this!! -Bully
  11. This is my first time trying to reply so I'm sorry if I mess this up somehow. @elinoxat first, i saw a flyer on the street and showed up for bootcamp! When i moved to another state i started all over again. I went to a local bout, and at the end of the bout they made an announcement that if anyone was interested in joining they could show up the next day and try it out! The amazing thing about roller derby is that everyone can be good at it!! I highly recommend checking it out. it 100% changed my life for the better. (: @Neal BNeal, thank you! It's rough, but I on
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