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  1. Hell yeaaaah! Just got back from my first ever capoeira class, what a blast! I'm on such a high I'm never coming down baby!!!
  2. Hey there! I'm brand new to the rebellion and I'm loving it already. I've always been reasonably fit, I was a rower through high school and uni and a periodic gym junkie, but I never seem to make it stick long term. I'm here because it's time to level up generally and do all the things I've been talking about for years. I can't decide on a guild, I love martial arts, and my next project is Capoeira, but I like to run and I want to build up to a marathon next year. I love yoga and all things hippy/druidy, but I've always wanted to be strong enough for rockclimbing and parkour. But, baby steps.
  3. Hey there! I'm an Aussie Rebel (Perth resident for the time being) looking for others around the place. Would love to hear from you, compare stories. I'm just starting my journey, why not tell me about yours?
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