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  1. Chaosbane

    Shit Warriors Eat

    Not pics- but my favourite quick noms. When you eat lots and are very busy you have to cook quick. I don't eat breakfast, no time and no need. Breakfast being the most important meal is somewhat of a fallacy IMO. My breakfast is 10am at my desk at work, or 2pm post lunchtime cardio if fasting. - Tuna and cottage cheese, with peas or jacket potato and peas for a main meal. - Greek Yogurt and blueberries with cinnamon - Mince 5/12% fat depending on cutting/bulking, chopped tomatoes, veg and pasta/rice - Chicken, rice and peas - with a sauce if I have time. The above is a common day for me, and I can prep 3 days of this in under an hour. work mid morning snacks I make often, usually if I am running at lunch: - Banana honey and whey shake - PB&J Sandwhich - Protein Cookie Work afternoon snacks. - Tin of Tuna, 20g TarTar Sauce, Slides Cucumber, Wholemeal Roll - Chicken Salad with balsamic vinegar - Chicken, mayo, SPICY++ sauce and salad wrap - Cold frittata - Boiled Eggs hmm.. plenty more but I have gone blank, I need to buy myself a diary and start keeping my 'quick' recipes with the macros.
  2. Chaosbane

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    Hey fellow warriors! New to the guild, and glad I seem to have found a great community to share my crap with and ramble in my challenge/quest log! I love ice cream and crisps. They are my weakness. I love video games. Fallout 76 is going to ruin me for some time. I love learning, I'm working out more while on a break from university.