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  1. Hi All, I made a few mistakes when buying equipment for my home gym, because I did not know better. The bar I purchased is apparently intended for the olympic lifts, with a 32mm diameter and no centre knurling (I don't know if this is right, I don't do olys). I haven't even measured to see if the bar even is the right measurements anywhere else for powerlifting, there are rings but they probably are wrong. I am wondering how much of a difference the crappy knurling and extra 4mm on the grip will be making? Would this make it worth looking for a budget 28mm barbell?
  2. Well, I had to take some time off from training, a bit of a medical emergency in the family. But all is well (stable at least). So back home and will be back to training tonight! I'm going to create a new post in the logging section of the forums.
  3. Over time I have learnt how my reps feel. That Is, I can judge based a few factors such as bar speed, how the rep felt and fatigue how many more reps I think I have left in the tank. Most people use RPE wrong in my opinion, and just use it as an alternative to % based training basing their RPE8 as a % of their one rep max. I have been using RPE based training for years, previously in endurance running.
  4. Well, did my first run in a few weeks today. Going to start adding some GPP as per the barbell medicine prescription. Still manages a sub 7 minute mile, I think last time I went running I was under 80Kg, or if I can run since breaking 80 it's not been much. Will hit my Press, Deadlift, Chins and close-grip bench tomorrow. And then go for a 25 minute 5k on Thursday. I think on Friday instead of hitting my normal squat, I'm going to try and find my RPE 8 for 1 count paused squat.
  5. Will do, I'll create a battle log here when I start it, probably next week. I'm going to see if I can order some cheap 20mm horse stall mats and get some cheap 20mm wood, chipboard or something, to make 4 stackable 1.5"/4cm~ blocks. The bridge has rack pulls, but I don't have a rack to do them... and even if I did I wouldn't want to damage my rack/bar doing rack pulls. So I am going to swap them for block pulls. These will also work nicely for deficit deadlifts when it comes to them. I'm only 85Kg, and I'll probably look to getting to 90-93 for that weight class, but I am actually
  6. I'm done with LP! Thats it, I'm done with LP. I'm not gaining anything on it anymore, I'm just realising old strength over and over. I want to do it, because I think I like it... but really I don't, I like the simplicity. I'm bored of it, demotivated from doing the same workouts for months and I think a new routine will pick this back up. I've been running it far too long anyway. I'm not even going to log my workout for tonight. Just did my bench and squats and got my reps but, I'm going to look at doing some home made blocks for block pulls and deficit deadlifts, using
  7. Work: So my work quest is going ok. Almost finished updating my CV - Last did it over 3 years ago! Then I have to submit the proposal to my boss. Family: Been spending as much time with my family as I can before university starts again, went to visit my Dad, Gran, Stepmum and little brother which was nice. Mental: Slowly cutting down my caffeine, but I still look forward to lunch at work just to go and get my energy drink fix. I've started my pre-work for my next university course, so easing myself back in to the routine of studying. Phy
  8. I don't know what heavy enough is really. The recommendation ive seen from coaches is that if you are planning on competing, get one early to get used to it and start breaking it in. But I should have a 2x bodyweight 1rm by then, or close to if I put on more weight. 170kg at 85kg bodyweight. And doing 3 plates+ for 3x5. What would you recommend I'm lifting before considering a belt?
  9. I'll be logging it on here when I do. Just ordered some wrist wraps as I have been blessed with tiny girl wrists. Then I'm going to look in to an affordable ipf approved belt next month and start on the bridge, it uses belted squats for the main lift
  10. Week A Monday/Friday Press 2x5, 1x5+ Squat 2x5, 1x5+ Chins 3-4x6-8 Close-grip Bench Press 4x8@ -15% from last 3x5 weight Wednesday Bench 2x5, 1x5+ Deadlift 1x5+ Row 3-4 x6-8 Press 4x8 @ -12% from last 3x5 weight Week B Monday/Friday Bench 2x5, 1x5+ Squat 2x5, 1x5+ Rows 3-4x6-8 Press 4x8 @ -12% from last 3x5 weight Wednesday Press 2x5, 1x5+ Deadlift 1x5+ Chins 3-4x6-8 Close-grip Bench Press 4x8@ -15% from last bench 3x5 weight --------------------------------
  11. Thats dissapointing. But gives me a goal, I'm a few weeks away from an adult male moose total!
  12. I used to use Strong app. But I keep going back to bidysoace. imo is just the best tracker app with the largest database, although missing a few key movement. I much prefer 3x5 over 5x5 for a beginner. 5x5 is a lot of work and is just asking to stall due to work capacity. Have a look at my Chaosbane log for my current greyskull method. It is intended for after stalling in bench and press, hence the extra volume. But really works well for anyone. My bench is stalling at around 200lb so I'm go8ng to change my rep scheme a bit. Also the workouts are 1.15 hours
  13. Dammit you remind me I need to track my foods. I'm meant to be putting in weight but have dropped down under 85.
  14. So, doing well on my quests... apart from monitoring my eating. I am still having a few too many sugars I think - but I don't go OTT. Started learning Python in preparation for my next OU course starting in October. I haven't cut down on my caffeine all that much :/ Two costas, two coffees, a red bull and caffeinated pre workout and a wake up jimmy joy. Well over 1g of caffeine today, still no where near what I was having late last year when my son was ill and I was sleeping 1-3 hours/night. Also haven't started on my proposal for work.. Okay, maybe my quests aren't
  15. https://whatanimaldoyoulift.herokuapp.com/ So my total was a Jersey Cow - Thanks @Brovatar Korra
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