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  1. New Player

    And? Have you continued even though others have given up?
  2. A challenger appears!

    Hey Kizz, How things going with Intermittent Fasting? I'm doing it from time to time. Along with keto diet.
  3. Halp D:

    Hey Pika, making any progress? My advice: take it slow. Slowly introduce new habits for a permanent lifestyle change.
  4. Intro

    Welcome!!! How are things going now - 5 months later? Moving towards your goals? Which app do you use for tracking strength training?
  5. New here

    Hey NotMattDamon, I'm also a former drug user, drinker and smoker. I stopped about 2 years ago and took up regular exercise, lost some unhealthy weight and completed an Ironman in March. What really helped was the ketogenic diet. I noticed your problem is eating too much - even though you might be eating the right foods. Well with the keto diet, you're eating ,most of your calories as healthy fats, so it's very filling so overeating is a lot harder. You should try it.
  6. Brand New

    Hey Gredge, How's it going? Did you start keto? I've been keto on and off (mainly on) for bout a year. It helped tremendously when I was training for Ironman. What's this thing about "school"? Explain?
  7. New Nerd saying hello.

    The belly fat is a hard one to get rid of. It can also be associated with lower testosterone levels. An easy way to naturally raise your testosterone is by eating a lot of cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc.
  8. Great. How did it go with the interviews? How much studying are you doing everyday? I think I said before, try and focus just on this for now. Ge t your study hours up to two hours a day - like you originally planned. Once you can do two hours a day, then you can work on adding another activity to your day. Consistency wins the race.
  9. New scout entering the mix

    I thought it was a good place to meet people similar to me - men in their 30s and 40s who are aiming to get fit and healthy. I'm starting a blog o help guys our age get fit and healthy. Where do you hang out besides NF? I've only gotten fit over the last 2 years or so. Went from totally unfit to Ironman in that time. I love running, though I'm not doing much now.