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  1. Water for weight loss

    Thanks for your thread here. I even didn't hear about this water weight loss yet. Actually, this method is totally new to me. And don't know much how to effect this one in human body? I tried for vegetable diet for weight loss. And honestly this one worked super for me. Though this word 'vegetable soup' might not appeal you. But when it comes, 7-day vegetable soup diet has been proven to be very useful in losing weight. Much reliable and fit to the body easily. Great supplements for weight loss.
  2. Introduction

    Not yet Not yet but I will definitely.
  3. Stopped losing weight, suggestions?

    Try for another method if this one don't work for you anymore.
  4. How much weight to lose per month?

    You should target minimum amount. I think 1-2 kg per month is good enough.
  5. Introduction

    Glad to find out this great thread. Thanks!
  6. 18 year old weight loss help??

    That's really good idea. Thanks for the advice.
  7. My chest

    I don't have better idea on this. But I would like to stretch my chest if possible.
  8. Hello

    Nice to see you here brother. Welcome!
  9. Hello guys!

    Thank you so much!
  10. Hello guys!

    hello guys, Greetings! I am newbie here. I would like to say hello to all. Hope everyone here is doing well so far. Thank you!