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  1. I LIVE!!! Hi everyone. Hi Mir & those other few souls who might remember me from... a year and a half ago, now, almost. Life update: I started my own small business and moved in with my girlfriend in Ypsi. Both had their startup challenges but I'm really happy I fought through them and stuck with it because they were both totally worth it. Girlfriend & the returning sun have been bugging me to get back on a workout routine, so I'm back, and going to try and drag my girlfriend to the forums too. Got a gym membership and currently trying to draw up a plan for alternating strength/interval training days. Hoping to get familiar with the gym & my current fitness abilities before the next 6 week challenge. Nice to see the Mitten thread again!
  2. Just chiming in to remind people I'm still alive. Had a rollicking last 4 months. Girlfriend and I celebrated our one-year and are officially living together now (we're in Ypsi-Arbor btw for those in the area) and I have started my own freelance writing business. The business is actually going really great (only 3 months in but already covering all living expenses) but with all the newness I've kind of fallen back on my fitness goals. The snow has kind of turned me into a homebody but if there's anyone in the A2 area who wants to meet for coffee or beer or an indoor workout, I am still getting email notifications when people post either in this thread or send me a PM. And I can personally attest that Mir's CAH game nights are a riot.
  3. So.... I'm guessing the lack of confirmation, or any other communication, means nobody's in? :/ That's sad. I'll see if I can figure out another meetup time next month. Hopefully people will be more lively in November.
  4. Sounds good then, the 18th. Do people work that Friday? I'll be off in the afternoon, so if we wanted to meet at the Zap Zone on Carpenter Rd around 6pm, play for an hour, two tops, and then go to the Beer Garden for food and booze, that'd work for me.
  5. Sounds fine, Mir. I work the 12th, so, do people want to get together maybe the 4th or 18th? I'm still voting we go to Zap Zone in Ann Arbor, play some laser tag/run around for "nerd fitness," and then go to the Beer Garden to eat and drink and socialize some.
  6. Sounds good! Anyone else up for a meetup in October? COME ON GUYS, HALLOWEEN + OCTOBERFEST, THINK OF ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!
  7. Hey Megan. I don't know of any plans for a meetup yet, but hopefully there will be one in the future! You're also welcome to arrange your own. I know I have been wanting to arrange an Ypsi/Arbor central meetup for October. That's where I live, and I've recently had my gym membership expire (due to no longer working at said gym), so I'm looking for more local workout friends. I know that'd be a half-hour drive for you, though, Megan. If you're willing to make it, though, we can make plans and see who else is up for a meetup. WE NEVER DID GET TO DO ZAP ZONE/BEER GARDEN, GUYS.
  8. Last week was really bad. I dropped in motivation a lot; personal and work life kind of invaded to the point it was hard to get up in the mornings. I didn't see the point. But, it's a new week-- so I'm going to keep trying!
  9. WEEK 4 Mon: Gentle walk & Stretching (Smart) Tue: C25K (Speed) Wed: Thu: Fri: Sat: Sun: Speed Days: 1/3 Strength Days: 0/2 Smart Days: 1/2
  10. OKAY, So Bill's Beer Garden is officially open for the season! So here's my pitch: This Saturday or Sunday, around 5pm, we all congregate at the Zap Zone in Ann Arbor for an epic, Nerd Fitness Lazer Tag Rebellion! (Alternatively, if the weather is great, we could go to Putterz Golf & Games, which has putt putt, batting cages, and an arcade). Then when we're done, we go to Bill's Beer Garden for good food and great beer! Which day sounds better?
  11. Ugh, I'm getting pretty lazy about recording my activity. Not a huge deal here, when I'm just basically saying what I did which days of the week, but I WAS trying to get in the habit of recording regularly. Oh well. Not actually a goal this challenge; I'll put it on next challenge. Feeling pretty good about the challenge so far! Shins keep hurting but I'm feeling pretty good about my progress workout wise. Really liking the Zombies Run 5k app, even if I keep having technical glitches. (Got my info back but now it won't update my codex even when I got new entries... balls.) I'm also 90% done with my TEFL course... I'm hoping to be all done by this week, next week at the latest. Then I just have to worry about the first three goals!
  12. WEEK 3 Mon: Hot bath & stretches (Smart) Tue: C25K (Speed) Wed: Easy Walk (Smart) Thu: Miss (N/A) Fri: Miss (N/A) Sat: Miss (N/A) Sun: Miss (N/A) Speed Days: 1/3 (D) Strength Days: 0/2 (D) Smart Days: 2/2 (A)
  13. Yeah, ha ha! It was nice to get it back. I was a total donut and skimped out on the rest of my runs this week, though-- okay Thursday I had an excuse but yesterday I totally had all day to go running and didn't. It would have been good for me too-- I didn't do anything all day because I was in a horrible mood, but running would have made me feel better, and then I would have been more productive.
  14. 6 Week Challenge Daily Log (Week 2) Mon, 4/22 [O] BBWW (Rounds? ____ Time? ____) [X] Foam Roller Tue, 4/23 [X] C25K, Week 2 Day 2 (Ran 1.88mi, outside, in a drizzle. Reached 7.6mph on a sprint!) Wed, 4/24 [_] Yoga [_] Optional BBWW (Rounds? ____ Time? ____) Thu, 4/25 [_] C25K, Week 2 Day 3 (Notes? ____) Fri, 4/26 [_] Kickboxing Sat, 4/27 [_] C25K, Week 3 Day 1 (Notes? ____) Sun, 4/28 [_] Yoga
  15. Yeah, my app malfunctioned and stopped syncing so I tried logging out and then logging back in, but it wouldn't let me log in! LUCKILY, I sent a bug report and now I am able to log back in and see all my shiny, shiny data. I popped back to my next mission today, and everything seems to be syncing better now. Possibly also because I went out and used the GPS instead of the Accelerometer. I like actually going outside better, I think. The GPS is accurate enough and it keeps great data on my speed, etc. I went 1.88mi today and got almost up to 8mph on one of the sprints! Pretty proud of that. I like foam rollers. I tend to use a tennis ball, actually, which is a) cheaper and good for when you want to do small, specific areas. My shins just get so sore after I run, sometimes it's good (if incredibly painful) to work the knots out before they really have time to form.
  16. Did alright last week; I let too many things get in my way, like my C25K app malfunctioning (I LOST ALL MY DATA /sob) and having to slow down due to pushing myself too hard. This coming week I need to a) take better care of myself and really prioritize taking even an hour to myself every day.
  17. WEEK 2 Mon: Foam Roller (Smart) Tue: C25K (Speed) Wed: Foam Roller & Hot Bath (Smart) Thu: MISS (N/A) Fri: Kickboxing (Strength) Sat: MISS (N/A) Sun: BBWW (Strength) Speed Days: 1/3 (D) Strength Days: 2/2 (A) Smart Days: 2/2 (A)
  18. I changed my tire today. There was a lot of pushing and pulling of the car jack's lever. I dunno how much it'll count for but I worked up a sweat doing it and it was basically like working a rowing machine. Not sure how to log it though; right now I've just got the weight of the wheel at 2 reps (one for taking it off, one for putting it on).
  19. Actually, I'm liking it a lot; besides the shin splint (which I think mostly cropped up because of the introduction of heel lifts into the routine) I've actually been really enjoying it. I'm actually kind of ticked I have to take it slower, ha ha. I think it also helps that I'm using the Zombies, Run! 5k app. As a writer I'm very story-minded and so the addition of a plot helps me move along when I would otherwise be distracted by the stitch in my side.
  20. Well, janked my shoulder up on Thursday and even though it's now Saturday it's still giving me some trouble. Also got a shin splint in my left leg on Thursday, but MirGSS (shout-out) is awesome and let me borrow her foam roller to roll it out. Leg still kind of twinging today but mostly better-- just this shoulder that's giving me shit.
  21. Now participating in the mini-challenge, ha ha... excited! I'll probably just be sticking to Incline Push-ups and a few planks. Hope I filled out the chart correctly.
  22. Hey Elder; it's a run day for me too, and I'm currently stuck inside because it's raining in SHEETS today. Just listened to one of the trees outside lose a branch from the wind. BUT, it's all cool, because there's a treadmill in my basement. Too bad though, I was looking forward to starting on actual trails soon! Still having trouble seeing your run history on ZombiesLink-- are you synching? Man this is hard to figure out-- but I can see you've gone 6 mi already between two runs! That's good hustle! Keep it up, Zombie buddy!
  23. WEEK 1 Mon: Hot bath & stretches (Smart) Tue: MISS ( N/A ) Wed: C25K (Speed) Thu: C25K (Speed) + 25 incline push-ups (mini-challenge/Strength) Fri: Foam Roller (Smart) Sat: Changed a Tire (Strength) Sun: MISS (N/A) Speed Days: 2/3 ( C ) Strength Days: 1.5/2 ( C ) Smart Days: 2/2 ( A )
  24. Sounds great, Mir! I'm looking forward to Friday.
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