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  1. Thanks Elastigirl! I definitely am looking long term this go. As mentioned, what I did for the comp last year is far from sustainable. Could have been maintainable had I gone into the "rest mode" more appropriately haha. But, I guess I need to slow it down this time around, as much as I'd love to drop to even 145 within the next couple months, I know that's just a setup for failure. I struggle at patience when it comes to weight loss
  2. Thanks! And essentially that is the plan..ish. Lol. I'm going to start some simple, basic changes for now while I write out a full diet/workout plan. Trying to change my mindset from lifting heavy weight to using body weight. So that'll be fun! Personally, always hated running long distance. But I LOVE sprints. But I think I need to work myself back up to that, for fear of injuries from not having done so in months.
  3. Hello! I am a recently career changed Software Developer, 4 weeks from completing Lambda School. Awesome place I highly recommend if anyone is interested! That aside, I'm here to take control of my health again. Before school, I was an Assistant Store Manager for some weird gas station/restaurant place. It was fast pace and endless hours. The money was *decent. It was the first time in my life I was close to making 40k in a year. Every job before then was at or below 20k. So it was a huge difference. The workload was not worth it though. To put in perspective, I was averaging 75 ho
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