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  1. Incline Bench

    I don't know if they have an incline bench, but, everything I have purchased from has been fantastic. Hope this Helps
  2. Small Victories Count

    You did double what you thought you could do! That is something to be proud of. Great job.
  3. Supplementaries & Workout Plan

    Could not agree with you more on this, You can take the best supplements in the world. But, if you don't workout on a regular basis--what is the point?
  4. Honest Respawn

    I agree, what are the things you love to do--and get better at?
  5. Supplementaries & Workout Plan

    What you are using certainly is good, Personally, I have never been a fan of BCAA's--tried big does of them--never saw much. Plus a solid whey powder is around 28% BCAA's--so you probably do not need them, That, said, if you see a difference using them, keep at it. After, not everything works for everybody, so while I did not see much using them, they my work great for you. Hope this Helps.
  6. Congrats! You did great!
  7. Is there a hole here somewhere?

    Your program looks good, If I may make a couple of suggestions. First, I have never been a fan of the flat bench--so I would substitute the incline press here, as I feel it is just a safer exercise Second, Instead of the lat pull-downs you could try doing chins one workout and pull-ups the next. Hope this Helps.
  8. an easy programme to follow

    An easy way to get started again, is to keep things simple. Go back to the program you were doing before you had to stop. With this difference, Go with the 5x5 to start. That is 5 sets of five reps per set, for a total of 25 reps. I say this, because the low reps will allow you to get your form back on the exercises--and gradually get stronger. After several months--or whenever you feel you are back in a groove. Make the switch to something like the 4x12 program. This will help you gain some muscle size. This is where you do four sets--of 12 reps, but you only rest about 20-30 seconds between sets. And you only increase the weight you are using when you do not feel you need to use everything you have to get through all of the sets and reps. Hope this Helps.
  9. Stuck in 25% BODY FAT

    I really don't see much protein in your diet--aside from the nuts and seeds. For someone with your activity level--you really need to eat more protein. Start changing up your breakfast, there is almost zero protein there. Try having a protein shake--I would prefer a whey shake, but, you can do Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% Plant protein With this you can have some NON-GMO whole wheat bread with NON-GMO peanut butter. For lunch try adding a couple of hard-boiled eggs to your salad. For your mid-afternoon I would drop the banana and chocolate cupcake and have some more protein and nuts. As for night switch out the yogurt and have cottage cheese. Also, after your workouts start having some protein--again I would really prefer that you have a scoop of a high quality whey protein, Like Optimum Nutrition's 100% whey gold standard--they have tons of flavors--My favorite is the double rich chocolate--so you are bound to Find one that you will like. Hope this Helps.
  10. The struggle: how much protein does one really need?

    I agree 1 gram per pound of body-weight is a good place to start. With that said, it is just a start--you may need more, you may need less. One thing I would do, is to take in some protein post-workout--it does not have to be a protein shake--but, make sure you get some protein in. If you decide to try the 1 gram per pound of body-weight--keep it there for a couple of weeks, so you can gauge your progress. Meaning are you looking harder in the mirror--do you feel you are recovering better, etc. Hope this Helps.