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  1. Exaclty, that is just a baseline number, you do not need that much, some people need more, some less. I myself, prefer a lot of protein and fat, and less carbs. As for your protein powder, if it is really giving you gas, I would suggest switching brands. Two brands that I really like are optimum nutrition and Rivalus. Low weights and high reps, for a beginner is not the best way to get started--in my opinion. Stick with the 5x5 program That is five sets of five reps per set, for a total of twenty-five reps.
  2. To me, I would avoid the smith machine--as I personally do not think it is safer. Now, more to the point, The best way to stay safe using free weight and power-lifting is to first and foremost, Learn to do the exercises the right way, the first time--then and only then--should you worry about using tons of weight, etc. Once you have leaned the moves, warm up with an empty bar--for the bench--and only increase the weight you can use, when you can do all your reps In perfect form, without needing every bit of energy you have to do them.
  3. Are talking about just taking testosterone right before you workout, like for a boost. If so, then, I must say, in my opinion, you are not going to get anything out of it. However, if you are talking about going on HRT, then you need to talk to your doctor about that. I would suspect however, that at your age, your test levels should be just fine. Lift weight 3-4 days per week, take in some high quality protein, like a whey shake post-workout, and try and eat some high quality protein, fats and carbs every two-to-three hours, Do this
  4. Exactly, Hey none of us are perfect, I certainly know that I am not! Just keep on trying, if you have a bad day--just back on track the next morning. Keep it up
  5. The problem I have with cheat meals, is they have a tendancy to become cheat--or eat--all-you-want-all-day--days. And depending on what you eat during the day--this can really set you back. I see nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional treat--like a slice of pie of cake--but only just the one.
  6. I hope that the weather stays cool enough for you to be able to workout. But, if not, I think waiting until your kids go back to school is a good idea.
  7. I totally get it about the heat--as I am someone who sweats when it is cold! Silly, point, how about cutting it back to 5 minutes--which I know is nothing--but, only until it cools off. Or do 5 on your lunch break and five when you get home. Although, I am with you--when I am done working--I am done--so I get why you want to get it done on your lunch break. Hope this Helps.
  8. Totally agree, the love handle , lower ab section is hard to get ripped. Don't give up though. One thing you can try is taking in most of your carbs around your workout and then focusing on mostly protein fat and vegetables for the rest of the day. Hope this Helps
  9. I have to say, that as hard as it may be, You might just be better off with someone who will support your goals.
  10. No problem, I am glad to help. I too have done things that I wish I had not--but, hey it is part of learning. I agree I found out about the OHP from an article I read by Bill Starr years ago--before that I had no clue. It became a favorite of mine. As far as the shoulder horn, I have one myself and I really like it--got it years ago--when I was having shoulder trouble, I still use it to this day. Hope this helps.
  11. Sorry to here about the problems, I can say this from experience, it is a rough road when you used to be able to do something and now you cannot. But, the good news is, you have a goal in the bench press--and who does not need a goal to keep aiming for. I will admit to not been big on benching--but, I did bench some when I was younger. So, If I may, I will share with you what little I know. First, and being a power lifting I am sure you are aware of this, take your time--warm up everything, your shoulders, elbows, rotator cuff, etc.
  12. Sure, no problem, I remember my early days in bodybuilding--I knew nothing. First, I want to applaud you for realizing the need to to a slow "bulk" as most people rush it, and simply put on too much body-fat. Now, onto your question, I will use myself as an example, When I started out, I was doing nothing but, curls, I had not a clue, Then, I read some articles by Bill Starr and found out about the 5x5 system--in case you are wondering, this was decades before, the internet even existed. I realized that, the bi
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