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  1. I finished my Quest #2 this morning! The last day of Carbon & Dust was slightly more challenging than usual, mostly thanks to the final push of 50 burpees. This program was unique, and the ending was EPIC (albeit a bit rushed), but ultimately I don't think the format worked for me. The basic concept is that each day is a literal "chapter" of a story. You read along, and whenever the main character performs an action, you perform a similar action. It's a fun idea, but most days it felt like I spent more time reading than exercising, and it was awkward jump
  2. I really enjoy Neila Rey's workouts, too - thanks for helping get the word out! They've since rebranded as Darebee.com and have genericized some of their workouts to avoid licensing issues, but there's still tons of great free content. I especially like their Hero's Journey program.
  3. That timer is a good idea. I sometimes have a sneaking suspicion that my computer creates a time-distortion around it that eats minutes like cereal.
  4. Woo! The challenge has officially begun. I'm in California now, and I spent a lot of time this three-day weekend on my parents' patio eating and talking with family and friends. Yesterday was a rest day fitness-wise, so I just rolled around on my ball, did some wriggly restorative yoga, and struggled to stay relaxed-but-not-too-relaxed-that-i-fall-asleep during meditation. Funny story: the "too-many-starships" thing really bit me in the butt the other day. (Minor spoilers here for Leviathan Wakes and Carbon and Dust.) Before getting out of bed, I read how the crew
  5. You sound like you're really in tune with your body - that's great! Welcome from one newcomer to another, and I look forward to seeing how your experiment plays out. I love musical theater, too - I actually started a podcast with my boyfriend and a friend where we turn short stories from the internet into mini-musicals haha. There's just something magical about matching music to story, which is why finding the perfect song to match a workout can make all the difference. You'll have to let me know what you find with OCRs, most of my workout soundtracks are video game music.
  6. Hello! I'm The Roving Reader, lover of books and exploration. I'll be turning 28 at the end of the month (woo!). Each time my age increments, it feels like I didn't accomplish enough during the previous year (maybe you know that feeling?). I hope writing down the things I do will help with that, and what better place to start than with my wellness habits? This month, I'll be spending 10 days in California, 10 days in Montana, and the rest at home in Washington, so it'll be interesting to see how my routine feels across these locations. Quest 1: UNLOCK MY HIPS
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