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  1. When I did the Grim in December which is a pretty muddy course (knee deep at one point!) I thought my shoes would be ruined. They went in the wash on a cool cycle for about two hours and came out good as new.
  2. I did the Grim Challenge last year. It's pretty good fun and doesn't seem as mental as the Warrior Dash! http://original.grimchallenge.co.uk/
  3. With regard to effective healthy eating on a budget, it's pretty obvious so I'm betting you already know this, but it's always MILES cheaper to buy your fruit and veg from a green grocer rather than a super market. My sister likes to eat blueberries for breakfast. At the greengrocer stall over the road from my office you can buy a big box for £1. At the Waitrose practically next door it's something like £2.49 for a much smaller box. The same goes with fresh meat. It'll work out a lot cheaper of you bulk buy at a proper butchers shop and freeze meat, than if you buy from a supermarket.
  4. It's horrible and it won't go away! The boyfriend got one when he went snowboarding in January as well and his is still there! I've been told I should wear a slightly bigger pair of trainers as my toe bashing on the front of my shoe is probably what caused it. Thank goodness for nail polish!
  5. I was running about 6 miles a few times a week leading up to the half, then in the week of the race I was just doing 3 miles every couple of days as I didn't want to push myself and three miles is a fairly easy run for me. I also took up Zumba classes just to help with my overall stamina so I was basically doing Zumba on a Monday, running 6 miles on a Tuesday, Zumba on Wednesday, 3-6 miles (depending on how tired I was) on Thursdays and resting on Fridays and then cutting down to just 3 miles in the week leading up to the race. Honestly I had no real plan to speak of, but I do have a lot of motivation which I think pushed me most of the way round the course.
  6. Friends warned me that during my first half marathon, I'll probably need to go and it'll probably be messy - And the first toilet wasn't until the 5th mile! . I was so scared I popped an Imodium right before the race. Didn't need to go at all Might be a short term solution to your problem until you can figure out what's making you need to go.
  7. Practice, practice, practice If I'm honest I really didn't train as much as I should have for my first half. The furthest I'd run during training was 6 miles and I was stopping quite a bit to catch my breath during the race. I think if I really work hard over the next five months, I could cut off quite a few minutes I've also bought an actual proper pair of running shoes. I think just not running with bricks on my feet should certainly help! Despite my lack of training and shoddy equipment, I was still pretty pleased with my time and the only injury I came away with was a black toenail.
  8. I've been running for just over a year in a random pair of Adidas trainers. They've got me through several races just fine with decent times but I'm looking to get a bit more serious and beat my time from my first half marathon (2:16), so as I'm not really prone to injury, I'm going down the minimalist route and have ordered a pair of Nike Free Run 3's after trying a pair on in the shop and finding them super lightweight and comfy. I'll report back on how I get on with them. They should be arriving tomorrow. I've never been this excited about a pair of trainers before!!
  9. Hi there! I'm new around here but my sister has been registered for a while. A bit about myself: I'm 27 years old, I live in London and I love running! I did my first half marathon back in March this year (The Adidas Silverstone Half) in a time of 2:16 and am hoping to beat it at my next event in October. My aim is to knock about 6 minutes off my last time. I'm looking to improve my running hopefully with some helpful advice around here, and generally improve my fitness.
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