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  1. Since I left for vacation on August 4th my life has been put through the spin cycle and I’ve been out of whack. For various reasons I stopped lifting, my junk food intake has gone up, and my depression and anxiety seem to be back in a rough way. Tasks have been piling up and there were times I felt like I was drowning. I decided to embrace the darkness instead of pushing back. Though the darkness of laziness, fear, and indecision can be warm and comforting in the short term, it was extremely damaging on my psyche. Over the last two weeks, I’ve decide to make a change and get my life back
  2. @Orias Malus, I try to drink about a gallon a day too and as @ReturnOfTheDad put it, it can take some getting use to. I find it easier to drink water when it is on the cool/colder side then room temperature but that's not always possible. I still have good days and bad but I just keep chugging along. I find the bigger the water bottle the more you tend to drink. Back issues are no joke, sir! I completely understand. I messed up my back in 7 grade, and again in junior year of high school, and only now started trying to treat my back the way it should. I tweaked my back 2 months ago stre
  3. Keep it up, sir! I agree it's much easier to stop eating junk food once you find your way out of the Danger Zone! This has been key for me as well. I usually plan at least 1 or 2 days between workouts and it definitely helps. Not only does it help with motivation but it helps your body get the recovery time it needs. Keep it up, @ReturnOfTheDad. You've got this!
  4. Looks like you are off to a great start. I've been a big fan of Tim Ferriss for quite some time now and just started getting into the 4 Hour Body myself. Loving it. Just heard about the flexibility challenge yesterday and will need to take a look. Keep it up and I'll be following.
  5. As a fellow Dad of two young kids and a pregnant wife I empathize with what you are going through. Sounds like you are off to a great start and I'll be following.
  6. I agree with @ilsudur and @RES. You are stronger then you give yourself credit. I hope you stick with it!
  7. @ilsudur made some excellent points and I agree. I'll quote the Patriot with this, "Aim small, miss small!" If you are trying to overhaul your diet then try starting by making a healthy breakfast one day this week. Next week try two days. (Tim Ferriss Healthy Breakfast In Under 3 Minutes). If you are looking to overhaul your workout routine, start by walking down the street for 5 minutes a day or this week. Next try 6 minutes, then 7, etc until you build up to a failure point or add a minute of jogging. I know it can be difficult to want to do all of the things all at once and it can be diffic
  8. First, I wouldn't say only 6 with good form. THAT'S 6 WITH GOOD FORM! THAT'S AWESOME! Considering you weren't able to do any at the beginning of the challenge (I believe this is how I read it) I believe you're nailing it. If you start small, you'll miss small. Progress is progress not matter how small. Second, you're only two shy of the modified push-ups? KILLIN' IT! (I don't like to call them "cheater push-ups" because you're not cheating... you're just doing a modified version. Everyone starts somewhere). Only having to force yourself once in 2.5 weeks is awesome. Keep that up
  9. I'm also pretty sure it comes from a place of feeling dumb because I'm not a master yogi. I know how dumb this sounds but I'm sure you know it's easier to know something than it is to do something about it. I appreciate the support, @ilsudur
  10. Week 3 Down, Week 4 Begins Today is a good day for me. I woke up, worked out, and found out I'm the lowest weight I've been in over 2 years (231.9 lbs). This was a big deal for me and I'm still so pumped about it. Though I don't think I'll meet my, outside the challenge, weight goal of 215 lbs by the time I head to the beach I'm still very excited about my progress. I'm actually pretty surprised especially after this weekend and living it up because it was Father's Day. While I'm still staying strong with most of my goals, I'm not sure I'm going to complete my wife's ta
  11. I've been an on again/off again fitness enthusiast for over 10 years now and I'm looking to start upgrading my fitness knowledge. I know there are tons of great programs, routines, and exercises out there, and I currently have one I love doing, but I want to learn more about how to put all of the pieces together to create programming for others. I would like to know why programs were built the way they are, why one routine might work for one person better than another, and how to put exercises together to make them more effective for individuals. In short, I would like to learn how to program
  12. I would also check out Brian McKenzie's work. He was the founder of Crossfit Endurance and, though I don't think he's doing that anymore, he's seems like an excellent person to start with. I have a similar goal of doing a Spartan Trifecta by 2020 but just started on my 5/3/1 journey. I completely understand not wanting to sacrifice it even for the Trifecta goal and Brian is who I'll be turning to when the time comes. https://powerspeedendurance.com/ I also think this is excellent advice and definitely worth considering.
  13. @Sylvaa, I love this and I think you are right. I think this is a great starting dumbbell program and I would start by following the program exactly. Start with a weight you know can hit somewhere in the middle (about 9 reps with good form) and progress from there. If after the first week it is too easy for you then add more weight. If the routine becomes stale and boring then feel free to change it up or find a new routine. I would pick a plan and work through it for at least a month or two before switching it up. It takes time and repetition for a plan to work.
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