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  1. I've been doing much better with my workouts as of late. Still going strong, still having fun, but I'm also still very much a beginner. However, one "issue" I've encountered has me a little puzzled. Particularly when training arms (biceps, to be exact), I frequently find that the "pump" feeling towards the middle of an exercise totally overtakes my muscles and I have trouble completing a set (while maintaining proper form) because I simply can't bend contract/flex my bicep anymore. It feels too "full" and like there's nowhere for it to physically move. It's such an odd sensation an
  2. Thanks, Defining. You're probably right. Though, I think I'm pretty aware of my form on every squat (the rack is in front of a mirror) and my knees do spread wide and slightly angled outwards in line with my shins but slightly over my toes like in the above photo. Glutes are thrust backwards with a neutral spine. My knees definitely do not angle inward towards each other. That being said, I will definitely seriously consider setting up an appointment or two with a physio/trainer. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the reply, Grymm. I, too, suffer from arthritis -- psoriatic arthritis. Thanks to a prescription I'm taking, the psoriasis is remarkably well managed. The impact of the arthritis on my lifestyle is also significantly lessened. I started weight training a little over two months ago as a way to reduce the load on a lot of my joints by strengthening the muscles surrounding them. I'm also lifting to maintain the mobility I still have with the hope that I'll safeguard myself for the future. So far so good. Except for my knees. As I said before, the act
  4. Hello fellow Rebels! I'm two months into my fitness journey and I'm steadily making progress. Learning as I go has been exciting and motivating. Each workout is a challenge and so far, I've been able to meet that challenge head on. I'm also trying to think creatively (and smarter) when something doesn't quite go as planned. That being said, I'm coming up empty trying to work around some achy knees. Earlier in my still young quest for fitness, I did machine leg extensions. They seemed to place some excess stress on my knee caps and I didn't like the range of motion presc
  5. For sure! I think part of my problem, too, was attempting to lift too heavy too soon. Adding more weight before you're ready for it doesn't necessarily equal more muscle. It just increases the odds for poor form and injury. Being relatively new to the gym, I'm learning when I can push myself a little harder and by how much to increase the weight. It's always better to add pounds in smaller increments, I've found. I guess what I'm trying to say is: know your limits. And then err on the side of caution. This fitness game is a marathon not a sprint. Gains will come by working out consistently ove
  6. Thanks for chiming in! I've done a boatload of research recently and have since severely modified my workouts to avoid any known pain causing exercises. For example, I'm doing floor presses as opposed to bench presses - and only once a week or so. The difference between the two is night and day for me. I have no pain whatsoever with the floor presses and I can actually feel my chest and triceps activating as opposed to my shoulders. I think my form is infinitely better with the floor presses, too. I'm also working with specific lightweight resistance band exercises to correct my po
  7. Thanks for the reply, Gainsdalf. I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with something much more serious than I am. However, it's comforting to know that my shoulder issue is fairly common. It's still troubling, though. I'm going to lay off the flat and incline bench presses for a while and search for alternative chest exercises that don't put nearly as much strain on my shoulders/rotator cuffs. From what I found so far, though, there aren't many. What's frustrating to me is, I wasn't training all that long or hard with those exercises. But this problem became most apparent when I starte
  8. Salutations, fellow warriors! I'm roughly six weeks into my weight lifting journey and lately, my right shoulder (the one I assumed was stronger - it's my dominant arm) seems a little grumpy - specifically during chest exercises (flat and incline bench presses). I mentioned elsewhere in these forums that while training my chest, my arms seem to tire and fatigue long before my pecs do. Well, during (and after) my last two workouts, I noticed a general warm "burning" sensation in the front of my right shoulder. It isn't pain, but rather mild discomfort. I still have the full range of
  9. I will stay put, plan-wise, and have faith in my chosen path. Thanks for clearing up my concerns. Seriously, I can't thank you enough.
  10. Thanks a lot, Defining! Once again, your insights are absolutely indispensable. So, based on your personal research and experience, do my calorie counts seem within the realm of "correct" for my goals (clean/lean bulk)? I guess I'm just looking for some external confirmation that I'm on a good path, which will help me stay the course. You know what I mean? This whole process of getting fit is a "slow and steady wins the race" kind of thing. Any sort of motivation is incredibly welcome. Best of luck on your own journey!
  11. Adding more to this post because...the struggle is real, and the saga continues... This week marked the one month anniversary of consistently working out 3x/week at my gym. Let me just go ahead and pat myself on the back. I did it! And I want to continue moving forward. That said, I flip-flopped early on with how I wanted to handle my diet. One of my hurdles was just getting my butt in the gym, but once I did, I had to figure out how I wanted to proceed, nutritionally-speaking, so that all of my weight lifting efforts were supported outside of the gym. Early on, I track
  12. Hey arpeggione, welcome! Yes, I too have not found a 100% foolproof solution to this issue yet. However, like you, I've discovered that making sure I hit my protein macros daily helps a lot. So does filling up on fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. I'm trying a clean/lean bulk right now, so operating in a slight calorie surplus has also helped ease my hunger a bit. But, my stomach still tends to start growling much earlier than it used to...even though I'm eating an appropriate amount of calories daily. So far it's been a little bit of trial and error for me. Some days are more
  13. My suffering from "pelvic tilt" is a very real possibility for me. Darn desk-bound office job! I have dealt with bouts of lower back pain in the past. I will be mindful of my "pelvic tilt" going forward.
  14. Hey NikolaiEL! Thanks for the advice! I will have to try that "calorie-bomb" meal. Sounds tasty!
  15. This information is invaluable! Thank you, Alexc! Yes, I've decided that the general trend for now should be a bulking-ish cycle. I'm just not going crazy eating everything in sight. Just trying to maintain a slight calorie surplus while working out regularly. Here's hoping I make some progress!
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