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    Thanks for that feedback! I am vegetarian, so I would love any advice on how to be healthy on a vegetarian diet. I also need something grab and go in the morning. Let me know if you have any tips on improvement!
  2. Today was a super tough day! I am just getting into the NF world, and it seemed pretty overwhelming. I also had a low body image today. But the day is coming to a fantastic close! For one thing, I am lucky to have a great supporter in my life. I was able to discuss how I was feeling with my boyfriend, and he was so reassuring and supportive. Additionally, I reassured myself that I am starting with small goals, and not a complete overhaul of my life. I just need to take this journey one step at a time. It also turned out to be a good day at work, as I received positive
  3. Alcohol in the evenings is tough for me as well. But I'm making it a goal to limit that to the weekend!
  4. I agree! It is tough when restaurants don't advertise their nutrition facts! I have usually tried to stick with salads or sushi (simple rolls). Hopefully these are healthy enough options!
  5. I want to live by the motto "today is the day." Every day I have a struggle, such as a conference where food will be served that is really of an unknown calorie count, I decide I will start over on my journey tomorrow. But I want to remember that today is the day. One meal might not be the best, but that doesn't mean I can't make the next meal better! I want to make the changes I need in my life now. So I want to try to start tracking my meals a bit better, and making more movements in my day (even just regular walks). I want to drink less alcohol. But I also want to maintain a gre
  6. This is great! By the way, what do you eat when you eat out? It can sometimes be hard to pick something healthy!
  7. Wow, great job! It looks like you are really staying on track with your goals!
  8. Time for my first challenge! There are many things I want to do (and ultimately I want to become a Druid-Adventurer fusion), but here are four goals for the next four weeks: Nutrition: Track what I eat every day Limit alcohol consumption to the weekend Fitness: Go for a 10-minute walk every day Leveling Up Life: Meditate every day
  9. I want your input on whether the following diet can result in a slimmed down appearence: Breakfast: protein shake (like this one) Lunch: quinoa lentils avocado Dinner: refried beans corn tortillas black olives nutritional yeast hot sauce
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