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  1. My respawning is going very well, thank you. Loads of water, decent food and excercise. And the windows are done Admittedly I forgot about this post - I have been spending a LOT of time on the prime discord How are your respawn going @Neeko?
  2. So I am back trying to stick to a better diet. This time I will do my challenges. My long-term goals are fitness, health and housing related. For the next 4-5 weeks I will focus on drinking more water, not drink alchol alone, do some cooking and do a little walks and push-ups. Also I will finish restoring the windows of my house. So far I have been drinking water every day for the past few days. I don't eat very well, but I just bought groceries, and I plan on doing som kale and chicken tomorrow. The windows are doing great and I have done a few
  3. Hi there! I have been a long-time lurker. I have started a bit, quickly stopped again. A few years back I went all-out and got in really good shape. Lost 25 kgs, had great stamina and strength. I was religious about my eating and training for 5 months. Then I had a week of partying. Then I didn’t get to the gym the week after that. Then I just stopped and went back to my old habbits. 2 years later I am back at square one. And I just don’t want to do what I did back then. I am not going to go all religious on my diet and training. My way of life right now cannot sustain that.
  4. So this weekend I was travelling visiting friends and working in another part of the country. I managed to do some very long walks and stick to a somewhat decent diet. I did drink too much and I ate bread. Freshly baked bread is just so damn delicious. I am back in my own part of the country and it is just so much easier drinking enough water and cooking the right meals when you are at home. I am glad that I am back on track even if the weekend stalled me. It is the mentality I am working on this time around
  5. Great job Alice! Hope that you fulfill your dreams. Being a teacher myself (highschool in Denmark) I know the hours sometimes are crazy. Luckily at least there are periods of downtimes as well. Last year my exam-period was almost empty. It was a true bliss. This year - not so much
  6. So, after lurking for quite some time I finally decided to join up. I am new in these parts of the internet, yet not completely new to following some of the protocols advanced on NF. Last year around the same time I weighed in at 107 kgs. By religiously cleaning up my diet and adding strength training I lost north of 20 kgs in just 5 months. Then I plateued. Seing the weight stand still gave me a hit on the motivation and I soon started eating worse and in a few months I had completely dropped out of my strength-training routine. I didn't completely let go on my diet, but enough to
  7. Hi there Hazard, I am completely new to the forums and have a few questions. 1. My wish is to use these forums as a journal for myself; writing down both small and large goals, maybe using it to journal my daily/weekly achievements. I totally see how I can use the topic I start on the challenge to track my short-term acievements. But is there a good place to track my longterm goals? I have been looking at my account settings, my profile etc. but there doesn't seem to be a page for telling my story. Where would you recommend I write this and track my progress through the
  8. Wow!! You seem to be doing very well on the health front already. Best of luck on your future endeavours!
  9. Thx Chaosbane! This is my first time joining a forum for any reason. I am quite interested to see if online accountability to a bunch of strangers will be as motivating as I hope I know - planning really is the key no matter where and what you do. If you are travelling or just going to work. I usually forget to pack my lunch and must decide if I should by a lunch, what to buy etc. The upside is that if you eat proberly you can easily go a workday without a meal... In a later challenge I will probbaly challenge myself to consistent meal-prepping G
  10. Hello world! A little backstory; I have cleaned up my diet somewhat the last week after several months of inactivity and non-optimal eating. In 2017 I spend apx. 5 months going from 107 kgs to 85 kg by religiously cleaning out my diet and adding strength-training. Then I plateued. Then I went drinking a few times. Then I just forgot caring. Since then I added 10 kgs to 95 kgs weighing in on may 12th. Today after a few weeks of better eating but no training whatsover I am closer to 92 kgs. This time around I think I will start off slower than the last time to make more
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