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  1. Today I saw the first bit of progress. I could walk a few kms without my shins screaming murder. I even ran a couple of times. Not breaking lifetime PBs or anything, but easily the best I've been in probably a year or two. I was preeeetty sure I was gonna die during some of it, which is great. Because having cardio be my limiting factor means I'm pushing through those early muscle gripes. Then, about 800m from home the heavens opened up and I got very soaked. It was a legit joy. A freezy cold joy. Bonus pics of my incredulity. Anyway, gonna do it tomorrow and try to get a bit
  2. I did the things. The before photos. Had a lot of thinking about why I'm doing this but I don't have much aside from "i just want to feel comfortable in my own body again". We'll keep adding to that. It's a start. Moving away from the bad will work for now. @TheDitz I feel that entirely! Everything you're saying about passion. I feel that at a very visceral level. We're fed a lot about passion being this insurmountable force that will always lead to victory, but that's just not true. Passion is one thing, determination is another, and they're not synonymous. I've had some nice wins across
  3. Man, this has been so difficult. So I got home, and I've just been buried in exams for the last few weeks. Add to that, I started to exercise again and my lack of fitness just crushed my spirit. There's this weird cycle of failure that I've been getting stuck in. I wanted to get back into running but boy my fitness isn't even up to the jogs I used to do (my shins! MY SHINS!). I wanted to be on here every day keeping myself focused, but as soon as I spent one day studying it just got easier to keep avoiding it. In order to break out of failure, we have to...kind of own up to it first? I
  4. Hey, I'm Sidney. I look like this (25 December 2017....obviously): Unless I get lazy, and then spend three weeks outside of my kitchen, riding Ambulances in New York City and Toronto, Canada. Eating fast food and drinking a whole lot of terrible American beer (that, honestly, was NOT worth it). Then I look like this (23 May 2018): Nice Belly, Mr Got-a-Belly I'm a paramedic student in Australia. I sit around studying on night shifts, eat fast food, and drink lattes. Ooooor I used to. Because now things are different. So today I joined NF, and when I land in
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