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  1. some of us up in the Denver area are planning on hiking Longs Peak this summer, probably mid July would be my guess
  2. Tuesday 9/4 Update 20 mile bike around the lake Bike: Distance: 20 miles Time: 1:12:21 Calories Burned: 904 Avg. HR: 141 Max HR: 168
  3. Week 4 Update A little late but figured I would update it anyways. The week was alright from a workout/diet point of view, but pretty awesome otherwise. I went to Durango with my girlfriend for labor day weekend. We left Friday morning and returned on Monday. We went hiking a bit and hung out with a lot of her friends from college. On Saturday night we did cocktails and creations, which was pretty awesome. I have 0 art skills and still had a great time, and I felt like my painting turned out alright. I was able to lift two days last week, Mon and Wed with a run on Wed and biking on Tuesday and Thursday I completed the following: Swim: 0/2250 yards Bike: 40/45 miles Run: 3.1 /12 miles Which brings my totals to: Swim: 6940/13500 yards Bike: 155.63/270 Miles Run: 20.6/72 Miles I have a 62 mile bike ride on Sunday which will get me back on track for my biking. If I hit the pool hard I can make my goal on the swim but at this point the running will fall very short.
  4. This week I am finding out that I can pick 2 of the 3: working out, getting enough sleep, and having a social life. So far I have picked social life and working out
  5. Wednesday 8/29 Update Wednesday was a super busy day at work. We have a Friday deadline to send out a lot of drawings so I had to stay a bit late to finish checking some of them (since I will be out of town on Friday) I got home from work around 6:45. I went for a quick 5K run before I was off to met some friends to do trivia. Since I wasn't able to lift before trivia I just stopped by the gym on my way home. I ended up getting home around 11:30ish, but like the weekly challenge said, can't miss a workout. I completed the following Run: Distance: 3.1 miles Time: 29:39 Calories Burned: 418 Avg. HR: 153 Max HR: 169 As for lifting Bench: 135lb 5x5 Military Press: 75lbs 5x5 Dead lift: 115lbs 5x5 Squat: 115: 5x5
  6. Monday and Tuesday 8/27-8/28 Update Monday I went to the Rockies game after work which was a pretty good time. I didn't end up getting home until about 10:30. Since I had to head to the game right after work I wasn't able to go to the gym before the game. I decided that the workout would be more important than the extra hour or so of sleep so I went to the gym (glad 24hr fitness is open all the time) I completed the following Bench: 135lb 5x5 Military Press: 75lbs 5x5 Dead lift: 115lbs 5x5 Squat: 115: 5x5 Less was less than optimal at around 7ish hours but I got the work out in. On Tuesday I went for a bike ride around the lake, it was pretty windy and with the way the wind swirls around it I was riding against the wind the entire time. Bike: Distance: 20 miles Time: 1:20:28 Calories Burned: 892 Avg. HR: 132 Max HR: 162 I am taking off this Friday and my girlfriend and I are going to spend the weekend in Durango. It will be really nice to get away from everything. Hope everybody is having a good week
  7. Week 3 Update The was a pretty good week for me. I got back in the gym lifting again. The only down side is the DOMS kicking my butt and with that not wanting to run with tired/sore legs, hopefully this week will be better. I ate very all week and nothing to drink but water and coffee. I am getting plenty of sleep so the 8 hours a night goal is going very well. My mileage goal took a serious hit this week. I only completed the following: Swim: 1000/2250 yards Bike: 30.78/45 miles Run: 0 :(/12 miles Which brings my totals to: Swim: 6940/13500 yards Bike: 95.63/270 Miles Run: 17.5/72 Miles I am above my goal swimming but seriously falling behind in biking and running. Hope everybody has a great week
  8. Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8/24-8/26 Update Friday I went to the gym and lifted the following Bench: 5x5 115lbs Military Press: 5x5 70lbs Dead lift: 5x5 115lbs Front Squat: 5x5 95lbs Pull ups: 5,5,3 Chin ups: 5,5,5 My plan was to go for a run after but I was feeling pretty tired. Saturday I went for a 20 mile bike ride Bike: Distance: 20 miles Time: 1:13:47 Calories Burned: 970 Avg. HR: 146 Max HR: 171 Sunday was my rest day/going tailgating at the broncos game. All and all a really good weekend.
  9. Like most other have said, on my shorter runs (<7 miles) I just drink when I get home. On the longer ones I use a hand held bottle.
  10. Thursday 8-23 Update I met some friends for a movie and some dinner right after work. I didn't get home till about 10:30. I still wanted to get my swim in so I went to the gym. I swam 1000 yards. I forgot my watch so I am not sure on the time but it wasn't overly fast. I was actually working on my flip turn, which is something I have never done before. I somewhat figured it out, at least enough to not look like a fool if I try to do it with other people around. I didn't get to bed until around 11:45 and was back up and headed to the gym at 6:00 this morning. So no 8 hours of sleep for me last night. I have been doing pretty well with that in general. I would say I am at at least 8 hours a night 5-6 nights a week. Hope everybody has a great Friday and a good weekend.
  11. Wednesday 8-22 Update Another no grains/dairy day for me eating wise. My legs were definitely feeling the lifting from Monday. However, I must press on. I went and lifted at the gym on did the following. Bench: 5x5 115lbs Military Press: 5x5 70lbs Dead lift: 5x5 115lbs front Squat: 5x5 95lbs Pull ups: 5,3,3 Chin ups: 5,5,4 I need to get back out and run some more but for some reason my motivation is lacking, maybe it will come back next week
  12. Thanks! You should totally sign up for one! If you can run a half marathon you should easily be able to complete a sprint triathlon imo. I am planning on doing 3-4 next year I think
  13. AWESOME! some friends and I are making/have a team for the 2013 tough mudder. What day/wave are you running. I think we are Sunday at 9:40
  14. Tuesday 8-21 Update I ate very well again today, I am having a hard time getting enough calories without the grains and dairy. Like the day before, I wasn't left feeling hungry after eating though. After work I went for a short bike ride to try and loosen up my legs (pretty tight/sore from lifting) My ride was the following: Bike: Distance: 10.78 miles Time: 44:14 Calories Burned: 478 Avg. HR: 131 Max HR: 155
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