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  1. Ok, so I got good news: NO CANCER So that helps me out tremendously right now. First hurtle: done. My sister still has to have a hysterectomy on Monday. I still might end up with surgery myself. But for now, I can go the less invasive route. I'll be starting hormones this weekend, and I have a follow up ultrasound scheduled in 3 months. I have to watch for signs of stroke, especially the first month, and I'm behind on my mammogram and need to get that in... but it's a much better-case scenario for everyone. My husband is almost healed up from his oral surgery. He's still a little sore. T
  2. Mice are the woooooorst. Oh man. One time I brought in the tupperware of dog food from the garage (we don't keep it out there any more!) and went I poured it into the inside container PLOP... a little mouse poured right out, jumped up, and ran off. Man oh man was that a stressful day. It even ran right by an open door I tried to shoo it out of. In the end, one of our cats finally got it. My newest dog is part boxer, and a mousing queen. She brings us dead ones on occasion from outside (yuck!). I've always had pets, and that is definitely one of the bonuses! I hope they all get captured while y
  3. You've made progress! that's great news. Keeping up on the house is HARD. I'm struggling just focusing on my kitchen counters. How do such little people make such big messes?! You're doing extra great on the mind stuff. That's awesome. I know that's important to you, so you definitely get a gold star for that. I'm glad you were able to find those Yoga DVDs, I know you were looking for them. Now you can really get into it since you've done all the mental prep, and removed the mental hurtle. All you have to do now is do it
  4. This whole 'make sure you eat' thing is going to be difficult for a while. Last night I managed to have some turkey taco meat lettuce wraps. That was it. And it took me 3 hours to eat. Today I have had: 1 protein drink. 100 calories of cashews. 1 cup greek yogurt. 1 cup berries. I am not doing amazing here. I had a minor mental breakdown last night followed by no sleep. I've been picking fights with people who love me. Trying to pretend like everything is fine is not working for me. I really hope we get biopsy results tomorrow so I can start to move on with a plan of attack. My sister is
  5. So, yesterday to eat I had: 1 bowl of oatmeal. 1 cup of coffee. 1 piece of cheese with 5 crackers and 5 round slices off of a sausage, 1 crepe with strawberries and creme and 1 crepe with green chili, broccoli and cheese sauce. Not the end of the world, but I didn't even bother trying to count the calories. Today I have had: 1 cup of coffee. 1 cheese danish. 1 handful of pork rinds. I've been staring at a cup of yogurt for 2 hours. It's safe to say i internalize stress in my stomach. I need to get the yogurt down in the next half hour and then try to stomach some dinner. In my immediate
  6. Well I'm a few days late to the party thanks to a giant city-closing snow storm and a whole slew of medical non-sense, but I'm here. This challenge is not going to be a normal challenge for me. I absolutely just need to focus on stress management and deal with whatever is thrown at me over the next few weeks. Even if things turn out best case scenario, I will have a lot going on, and self care is going to be very important. STAY SANE: Get my diet in order. I lost 5 lbs last challenge and I'd like to keep that momentum going. But let's be honest here - i don't eat when I'm stressed. Not
  7. Challenge Summary Diet: This went very well. I am down 5 lbs. Woot. I've been doing good tracking my food and making overall better choices. I like the new diet protocol I've been following, but found out on Friday that I need to get extensive allergy testing done to find out what I'm intolerant to. So the results of that could very well change my diet strategy. Strength: I REALLY like my Unapologetically Powerful program. Well, maybe like is putting it strongly. I enjoy the results and I feel like I'm seeing progress, both to my body and with my strength. I'm going to continue with this p
  8. I have a LOT going on. Let me see if I can do a week 4, and then I'll do a wrap up. Week 4 Diet: This week good, i think? I mean, i tracked every single day. That was good. I'm still having a hard time with macros and those kind of suffered towards the end. Which is ok. I still tracked. And i was still aware of what I was eating. and hey, I'm down some weight! Weight Check: Challenge start weight: 184.8 Current weight: 179.8 Strength: I got hosed in the strength department last week. I had appointments and work and life and grr. I did lift on Wednesday. And then on Thursday I did a 4
  9. Well my hubby and I had a major blowout this weekend. We're working through all of the residuals from that, now. But I think it'll be good. I'm just going to update until now: DIet: This could be better. I had a small bag of cheetos and a rum ball for dinner. I am under a tremendous amount of stress right now. But I've been tracking, and making conscious decisions. I did have one thing at work yesterday that I didn't bring, but if I hadn't have purchased a coffee, I wouldn't have gotten one. Which would not have worked for me since I hadn't slept in like 6 nights. Little one is growing, gi
  10. Week 3: Diet: Pass I did as well as I emotionally could this week. I tracked all of my food. That is one of the things I'm really trying to start doing regularly, so that's a great start. My calories were good, even when my macros weren't ideal. I didn't go too crazy on the carbs any day, and that's one of my weakest points. I just still need to get used to more protein. Overall it wasn't a bad week. Strength: Fail I went to the gym 2x. That is not bad. I am seeing and feeling results from my new lifting program, which is what should be happening at week 4 on it. I am not at all displeased
  11. I've been trying to respond to this for days, for some reason this specific message won't post. I'm going to try again without the quote: Do you think it's a side effect of the procedure last week and the anesthesia stuff? Or maybe your body is just purging through the brain rather than the stomach >_<. Either way I hope it gets better soon. I'd start to consider getting ears/passages checked or something if it doesn't. I think after being with my husband for about 10 years now, I've just gotten used to the things I have to clean up after. I make my own messes in a way (he come
  12. I guess I'll do a weekend update. Friday night I found out that a dear friend passed away the day before. He was 38 and died of a heart attack. That was the start to a difficult and emotional weekend. I still can't get over that. A 38 year old had a heart attack. Diet: My weekend wasn't horrible. I stayed in my calories for the most part (I think i went over by 17 one day). My macros could have been better. The Chef and I needed some alone time after a long emotional week, so we went out for dinner Friday night. Saturday was just a bad day. Lots of issues at home. My husband and daughter
  13. My migraine finally subsided yesterday. I don't know why I occasionally get migraines, but that's the worst one I've had in a while. I'm just glad it's gone! So today was my OB appointment. I have to get an ultrasound done on the 3rd. They are thinking run of the mill cysts and fibroids, but want to make sure. There is one cyst on my cervix that they want to look at closer to see if they want to get a biopsy, but she's not seriously concerned about it. My left ovary is also inflamed which she said is consistent with cysts. Let me tell you what, I am in PAIN today. This is getting ridiculous.
  14. Things are still going well this week.Let's see, so yesterday: DIet: My eating was fine. Right on track. A little lower on calories, which was fine since it was a rest day. Macros were good. I need to stop eating my afternoon snack so late, but that's really the only complaint I have right now. Strength: Rest day, and I was thrilled that I was just normal-people sore. Finally getting my body accustomed to the new lifting program. I'm still a little sore today, so it's working fine, just not "omg I can't sit on another toilet or I'll die!" sore. Decluttering: It was another light day in t
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