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  1. Thank you, Im checking out the site, and it might not be up my alley because of my back. Currently I cant really lift weights. I just got able to do push ups relatively normally. BUt this 5x5 thing is very interesting. Following Athlean X keeps stressing quality over quantity. SO im thinking of using this method adapting the workouts to use body weight. instead of using double the reps for less which obviously puts a lot of stress on my arms and shoulders, less reps in multiple sets with correct form Is very interesting. I would like to point out, that I have an ok by my docto
  2. Hello, so I heard of this site and decided to see what its all about. I could use some tips and ideas as to how to adapt my diet. for better understanding. I am male, 29 years old. And i went trough a long period of malnutrition. In short my weight at the time was 69 kg at 194 cm height. At present i gained finally weight and am currently just under 90kg. I would like some tips as to how to tone and develop muscle but from atrophy. THank y'all in advance
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