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  1. Challenge Results Ok, so here's how this worked out: Fitness - Goal Met - Managed to complete the second set on Thursday. Woot! Nutrition - Goal (Mostly) Met - I can't say for sure I am drinking enough water daily, but I have cut back significantly on non-water options (AKA milk), and I find myself mentally tallying both in the evening to decide what to drink with dinner. I've even become more protein-conscious on my workout days. Life - Goal Met'ish - I'm still a procrastinator, and that's gonna take more than one challenge to fix (might be a lifetime, who knows?)
  2. win = Win = WIN as far as I'm concerned. Good job.
  3. Mine did the same thing the second week I started incorporating squats into my workout routine. Does anyone know why this happens? And I think you're making the right call. After that started happening, I took a week off from squats, just started them again, and it's not happening anymore. Also, you're doing great on everything else, keep it up.
  4. As disheartened as you feel right now, I don't think you've really lost. However, I sympathize/empathize/struggle-myself with your feeling down and depressed about your goals and the reality of what we've done to our bodies in years of neglect. The silver lining - I think you've identified what it takes to crawl out of a deep hole. I'll quote Oathbringer here: "The first step is important, but not the most important. The most important step is the next one... then the next one, the one after that, and so on". If it takes you making 24-hr goals before you can make a weekly goal before you
  5. Because you haven't taken a break frequently enough, your body/mind/psyche reacted so favorably to it. Definitely don't quit, especially since you're seeing such good results. Just remember to be careful about burning yourself by going too far too fast. "It is not meet that man should run faster than he is able." A break weekly is beyond healthy.
  6. At the risk of sounding negative, just remember that the body and brain work differently with respect to blood sugar and regular nutrition. The body can and should handle periods of fasting, but brain function drops in the absence of regular food intake, a la Maslow's Heirarchy, blood-glucose levels as related to neural stimulation, etc. Balance in all things, especially when you're at the point that you'd slaughter an old man for a cheeseburger.
  7. I'm right there with ya. Yoga is intimidating for those of us with limited mobility, but you're right, that means we need it even more. Especially those of us that have suffered back damage know what it's like to be leery of any odd movements. Still, you're cognizant of it, and you're taking steps, so that's a win to me.
  8. Illness gets you a mulligan, so the fact that you still had two yoga sessions and tried to eat healthier... that might not be an A+, but that's at least worth a B. Just keep trying.
  9. Good goals. Out of curiosity, what form issues are you having, b/c I'm finding it difficult to keep proper form on overhead presses.
  10. I don't think you appreciate how big of a win that is. Ask the average person, of any age between 10 to 80, what their caloric intake on snacks happens to be... If you got more than 1 out of 10 as something other than "I don't know" I'd be shocked. The fact that you're conscious of your snacking means that, while there's always room for improvement, you're out of the mindless snacking zone.
  11. I'd call that a huge win then. Good job, and I'm right there with ya. I'd almost rather be seen poorly-dressed (or lacking some important article of clothing) than seen running around outside, unless there's something to run from. Keep it going!
  12. How has your progress been going? Even if you feel like you can't post much success, a 1/10 is better than a 0.
  13. Weekly Update Week from the property adjacent to Hades... but that's life. Here goes: Fitness - About 2 shy of completing the second set of cheater push-ups, and only up to 6 real, good-form ones. Still, I'm surprised, considering I'm not losing a lot of body weight yet (see last week's post), but I also didn't know about the novice effect when I made my goal, so hey, think I'll be ok to meet it next week. Nutrition - Found it a lot harder to track how much water vs milk or other liquids I was having this week, especially on Father's Day. After all, it takes a s
  14. With a lack of expertise in everything but the power of viewpoint, you've made a huge progression step here. I'm still not happy with my own corporeal frame, even when I do start to see results. With your outlook, goals are that much closer, and I can guarantee you'll make progress. Looking forward to your next update.
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