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  1. actually, I didn't - I knew there were videos but I managed to find only the one squat video when I went looking, probably because I was looking for blog posts specifically on squats rather than videos. thanks for this.
  2. He's still home sick a week later and I'm not coping well. Plus today is the birthday of one of my best friends - it was his death in March that was part of the spur that led me to NerdFitness, and I want to talk to him so much. I'm slacking on my healthy eating, I'm slacking on exercise. All of our group of friends is finding this a jolt, I think, as it is like a horrible reminder that he's dead. I'd been getting over the loss and this feels like a setback. All I want to do is eat comfort food and read comfort books.
  3. Have my husband home sick from work. He's had an increasing number of dizzy spells lately - he had a period last year with the same, and underwent a heap of tests, all of which came back negative for anything significant. Now he's having another set of blood tests, and we're discussing whether it could be a food intolerance or something. As worrisome as that is, i'm also frustrated having him home as it very disruptive to my work-at-home schedule. Huge long walk yesterday to get me out of the house. About an hour and a half.
  4. We do have the problem that any humanities subject has, of far too many people getting their doctorate than can ever be employed in universities, and no 'industry' to employ them. Particularly as we don't have the population or sheer number of universities that the states has. We also have the problem lately that as the economic situation here is better than in the US and the UK, we are getting huge numbers of international applicants for jobs. Sydney advertised a three-year, part-time teaching only position two years ago, and from what I heard informally over 2/3 of the applicants were from
  5. I'm addicted to Project Runway! anyway, thanks for all the ideas. I'll do some research into specific charity events here in Aus with wedding dresses and then reassess. Today I am exhausted, as I did a 24-hour RPG design contest yesterday. It was a lot of fun and pushed me and I learnt a lot and while I didn't get everything written that I wanted to I'm happy with what I did get done. Swim place got back to me, and I can't keep going with the same instructor
  6. Welcome! How cool to be able to join with your wife. What is your area of historical research? I'm an underemployed historian (PhD from University of Sydney; i'm a business and advertising historian) who is reluctantly leaving academia and looking for work anywhere else I can get it.
  7. welcome to the rebellion! It is good to have a specific event to work towards like the river bank run. good luck with it all. and my husband has just started playing Dishonoured. From the glimpses I've seen over his shoulder as he plays, looks pretty good.
  8. Can I do a squat on only one leg? Yes. Pistol squats are definitely on the list for adding in. But am I sure that I'm doing it with good form, in a way that is actually helping me and not potentially leading to injury? No. Hence the quest for reliable videos.
  9. yay for handing in thesis! I remember how good it felt to have it in and be able to forget about it while it was being examined - although don't be surprised if you find yourself wandering around thinking 'I should be working on my... oh wait!'. It is understandable that other goals might slide, because thesis writing is intense. What is your area of study? I'm a historian (PhD from USyd) and welcome!
  10. I want to start adding some advanced bodyweight squats into the routine I do at home - on the days I'm at the gym I'd just adding weight, but I'd like to start doing something more than just basic squats on my 'at home' days, and there have been some good posts here that give lists of such squats. The thing is, when I go searching those squats to find out how to do them, I'm overwhelmed by all the videos out there. Does anyone have a particular person/site/source that they can recommend that produce reliable, good-form, videos for more advanced squats? Unless I'm missing something, there are
  11. I keep messing up the time difference - I tell myself that I have until whenever 'US time', which gives us in Aus extra - and then it turns out to be the middle of the day and everything gets busy and I forget. I should really just do it at the end of the day in Aus, which might cut out some available time but would be safer.
  12. I'm really annoyed at myself - I did jumps. Lots of jumps - well, lots of jumps for me - about 500, which isn't a lot when compared to some of the people here, but I was very happy. Did them as the normal jumps but tried some double unders, which worked about 5% of the time and the other 95% made me fall over my own feet. But then the weekend got stupid and busy and I never entered them. Sigh. I think I'm falling behind on the 'three posts a week' thing too. I still haven't got any response from my email to the pool people, which is very annoying.
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