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  1. 1 hour ago, Chimichanga said:

    Sounds like you might need a new chiro.  I went through two or three before finding the right guy (someone who knew shit from Shinola in terms of lifting).  Until I did not only did I not feel comfortable trusting my back to them, but I didn't see any results.


    1 minute ago, raptron said:

    Yeah, I would be so frustrated to work with someone who doesn't even know what I am trying to talk about. :(

    Ok i read what i wrote again and it sounds like he's really dumb. Ha, he's not. He knows what the lifts are but he's stuck on the fact that i said i quit crossfit, so i think that's the disconnect. my back does feel better though. Not sure chiropractic will be a long term thing for me, especially because it's expensive for such a short timeframe. 

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  2. On 7/6/2017 at 7:02 PM, AngelaTheGeek said:




    We followed this line of thinking and ended up getting married while on vacation in NY at the City Clerks office, with a total group of 7 people (us included). It was a rainy Tuesday, we all got ready in tiny hotel rooms, and my wife and I wore matching purple dresses. After, we had drinks at my parents hotel and had a long and fabulous dinner at a lovely little Italian place (Nightlight joined us for a total of 8 at dinner). It was so amazing.

    AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. especially the dinner after ;)

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  3. 7/10



    Normal warmup

    Hip + Hang muscle snatch 3/3+3 bar only

    OHP - 15kgx5, 25kg x 5, 30kg 3x5

    Step ups - 5x5


    Ester (naming my back and her bullshit) felt ok. I was a little sore after the chiro because he had me do these weird squats which have a twist in them. I don't like them so i probably won't do them again. Chiro also said to take it light going back to training, even though he doesn't really understand the difference between weightlifting and crossfit (which honestly bothers me) but whatever. I was also sore bc I've been forcing myself to work at my desk instead of the sofa, so standing and kneeling chair. But good sore not bad sore. Ester was tired AF when we got home. 


    Goal 1: Take care of my back by doing more movement throughout the day.

    8a - CARs, cat/camel + quadraped rockbacks

    10a: standing hip CARs, McGill 3 with clam upgrade

    12p: 20min walk with Sadie

    2p: core series from my chiropractor


    Goal 2: Track food, hit calorie goals.


    I was under my calorie goal by a bunch, but i'm not too concerned. Even though I did go to training last night, I don't think I consider it a "workout" 




    Goal 3: Get a hold of my anxiety

    Did a sleep meditation. Didn't realize I fell asleep, and then woke up and was like... "damn, I missed the end of it!" 


    Side goals:

    No TV in bed on weeknights - reading is OK: check!

    Drink at least 80oz of water: check!

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  4. 15 hours ago, bigm141414 said:



    I was on the ground for like 10hours before flying back. Also what's this your state business? Just because I went to bring Texas to the north doesnt make it your state.



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    Hey, I'm the one with a Texas drivers license now. :P

  5. 23 minutes ago, bigm141414 said:


    That's the plan. With maybe a slow jog and some yoga/romwod thrown into the mix. Although I am not going to lie, I wish I had more time down here in Dallas to use the corporate gym. Not that it's amazing or anything, but it does have ceilings that would allow me to OHP. And they put in a DL platform and bumpers since I moved away. I could almost do some snatches. Well maybe one before they told me to stop. :D 


    On a side note, I learned recently that a friend of mine up here (non-nerd) has never had thai or indian food. How do you make it through 30 years of life without ever having these two delicious categories of cuisine? Clearly my mission is to now fix this culinary atrocity before I skedaddle west. 

    you are in my state?!?! and didn't text me? 

    I've missed you, Bigm. Glad you're back :D I'll be lifting baby weights as well. 

  6. 1 hour ago, CourtnieMarie said:

    oh HIIIII!!! I don't know how I missed this yesterday!


    btw i still creep you on insta and loved that hip hop artist you insta-storied about a week ago who had a Haim shirt on :D


    i'm totally going to want to go live on an isolated island after reading this book aren't i?


    should i be on the look out for challenges from you two after the "summer break"?!

    i have one set up, i just don't have goals in it yet.

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  7. 15 minutes ago, CourtnieMarie said:

    I'm enjoying it! but it is also already pretty scary to see the implications of something like this which is totally plausible thus far. almost done with disc 2 out of 11 so should put a pretty good dent in it before tomorrow night :D 

    oh wo(man). just wait. it gets scarier. 

  8. nightlight is just here for the (G)a(I)nz(Fs)




    I've had many ups and downs lately. Not gonna try and dwell on it, or rehash too much of it, because living in the past is something old nightlight did. Though, relevant bits here: 

    • I competed in a Weightlifting meet in early June and went 6/6. No lifts were PRs, but they felt solid, and I even got smiles and claps out of my coach. 
    • I've been SLOOOOOOOWLY losing weight, but I think I'm hitting a little plateau
    • I haven't worked out in 2 weeks (ish) because my back has been bothering me. 
    • Because my back has been bothering me, my anxiety has been at an all time high. Almost to a level where I've never seen it before. 


    This challenge is going to be a challenge where I'm being kind to myself, and trying to make small progress towards bigger goals. 


    Goal 1: Take care of my back by doing more movement throughout the day.




    My plan is on weekdays to do some movement breaks every few hours. I have alarms set to go off at 8a/10a/12p/2p to move. Doesn't have to be long or involved. Even less than 5 min. I just have to DO SOMETHING GOOD for my back. I will log this here. Weekends are up in the air, but I will have at least 3 movement breaks per day. 


    Goal 2: Track food, hit calorie goals.




    This one is simple. Track my food intake. Try to stay at or under my calorie goals for the WEEK. I can go a little over on workout days, or a little under on non workout days. I'll track here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/needanightlight


    Goal 3: Get a hold of my anxiety




    Do a sleep meditation 5 nights per week before bed. I've been doing these the past few nights and they've helped knock me out. 

    Do "real" meditation for 5 minutes 4x per week. Any more is bonus. 

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  9. March 1

    Still sick. 



    Still sleepin'




    ate like shit, but still under 1500 cals. 



    lots of cuddling.

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