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  1. DragonEmrys

    The Questing Beast

    Back squat PR: 95lb 5x5 \0/
  2. DragonEmrys

    The Questing Beast

    Life goes. Busy as ever but got some vacation time coming up. Seeing some gradual gains from lifting after 6 weeks; less pain/more strength and mobility in my shoulders (which I injured). So I'm excited about that.. You?
  3. DragonEmrys

    The Questing Beast

    Howdy, My name is Emrys. I'm a 27 year old rebel and brand new to the world of weightlifting. I've spent a long time playing the on-again-off-again game with working out and I want to make it stick this time. I've finally accepted that I absolutely loathe cardio and prefer to get down with strength training. I found NF through furious Google searches and joined because I'm looking to add some structure, get more committed to my fitness, see some gains, and make some friends! Aug 13-Sept 9 4 WEEK CHALLENGE: GOAL 1: Diet. Dropped 2lbs last challenge so I'm down to my final stubborn 10lb weight loss goal. Trying to keep my intake in check so this goal is to make sure I stay between 1200-1400 calories on non-gym days. Can get up to 1600 on gym days to account for additional protein. (0/28) GOAL 2: Fitness. Increasing my workouts to going to gym at least 2x a week. (0/8) GOAL 3: Language: I plan to do at least 2 Rosetta Stone activities daily (0/28) LEVEL UP MY LIFE: Debt. Finally making a dent in my one active loan so I'm carrying this one over and continuing to make a $50 loan payment each pay if surplus after bills funds available (0/3) Looking forward to updating this next week with some real progress. Side note: I'm also hoping to make friends and meet some folks in meatspace so please say hi! Emrys out!