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  1. Su M T W Th F Sa pt story pt alcohol pt fitness pt house Looks like I need to do some chores I did manage to pin friend down for lunch, and subsequently was sucked in to helping move some things in her house. Sometimes people abuse the strength abilities but of course always while saying wow, I'm so impressed/glad/amazed/etc Didn't make lunches since the meat I had had turned. ick. So I'll make do with leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches if necessary. I even made time to sit down and draw in my story journal! I don't yet have the courage to share with you guys, but I know I'll get over that soon.
  2. Where did that week go? Turns out that by trying to be doing stuff by 7am I don't tend to be on NF as much. Time to make a plan for that. It was a decent week Su M T W Th F Sa pt story 6pts pt alcohol 6 pts pt fitness 6 pts pt house 3 pts 27/28 pts I'm having trouble doing story journaling. I've taken notes of thoughts and I have supporting pics but I'm not really sitting down to do it. It seems daunting, like a major project. I know I just need to set it up as a little thing to dabble at at the end of the day or something. I need to get my butt off this chair and make this week's lunch. I'm thinking a pot of chicken stew, veggie heavy of course. Also, I should text a friend to see if we can get together... uh today. Huh, that might not work. I successfully made a few trial pieces of clothing in alignment with my epic quest to have a selection of go-to sewing patterns this week! Cooling weather means a return to the sewing machine apparently. Also, I think that is where a lot of my story time went to.
  3. it sounds like you've hit upon a way to make your piano practice fun and interesting while still expanding skills. Nice. Any particular piece that might (gasp!) be learned all the way through? I finally looked up Greyskull. If I were still working on lifting and not focusing on calisthenics work, I'd def go with that over SL. It always seemed to take so long to complete a session. Woot! to being stronger than you thought on BP
  4. oh man, that's a tough one. Epic challenges are way more interesting than maintenance challenges. Did your weekend thought and regrouping give you any ideas?
  5. Thanks for sharing your quilt top. That will make a beautiful runner. And your triangle points look great, all nice and even and crisp! (I only notice these things since my quilty friends discuss such matters )
  6. Looks like you had a good week, even with everyone throwing off you schedule daily
  7. Sunglasses do not detract from the benefits of being in the sun. I wouldn't be surprised if indoor dwellers actually suffer less eye strain than they would otherwise have from impact of the bright sun. Also, it's good to have the UV protections. I've previously asked my dr about this Congrats recognizing your depressive cycle and fingers crossed that your interventions and awareness help it pass quickly
  8. Pumpkin turned into butternut squash soup. Still tasty, I hope. Especially since I made enough for four days of lunch
  9. Looks like you had a good start to the week, hopefully it finished out well. Isn't that the root of all progress. It such a dull answer when people ask how you've done it, but just showing up is the big thing.
  10. Your work is beautiful. I hope you'll get feedback on how they are received. I think they'll do well. Oof. May things reset for you by lunch time.
  11. Isn't it ridiculous how much time life takes up? And now I'm off to look up this Flylady. You never know what little tidbits you'll take in that are useful later. But also, based on what you dropped on my page; I won't be surprised if you've seen this, but if you haven't I'm leaving it for you. The captioning
  12. Totally not meant to be rude, but because that's always the plan, but somehow the pile doesn't shrink! Even when I say I will finish one before I move on... somehow it doesn't deplete the backlog. I will definitely follow you just to vicariously live through this goal Also, you are a maker after my own heart. Make what you have work for you. If you are comfortable with it, I'd love to see it sometime. Show and tell is the best Ride that wave of a good weekend into a hopefully nice week
  13. Final tally for the week isn't too shabby. Su M T W Th F Sa pt story pt alcohol pt fitness pt house 22 / 28 pts for the week Bouncer- You're absolutely right about planning better for those exhausting days. And if they happened more often I'd put in more effort to plan. Instead I just make sure I get at least a walk in, even if its only a few minutes. Since this type of thing happens rarely I mostly just survive the few days and take notes for the next time Obviously I don't have much to report for the last few days, and today I plan on running if it isn't raining, DB plan if it is, and doing something just for myself. I don't yet know what that is. Oh, and make soup for lunch this week. Probably a pumpkin based one (thanks Bouncer)
  14. Looks like the perfect challenge. Hugs* if you want them.
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