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  1. Chesire

    Restart from last save point?

    I wish I has a good place to set up a sewing machine and what-not. It all has to hang out on half the dining table, or more. Usually more, because I get it into my head to make clothing and that needs space for pattern fitting. I sound like I know what I'm talking about. Hehe.. I'm more of an enthusiastic than skillful seamstress sewer. (Too much DiscWorld) You have to start somewhere though, and this one will hopefully be a comfortable dress for Thanksgiving.
  2. Chesire

    Zaethe: Shieldmaiden's Saga [Ch.01]

    And I just realized where my skin-crawling dream about a large spider running up my back came from. No thanks to both, real or dream.
  3. Chesire

    Red Panda One - a day late and a dollar short

    yes. Especially the kind that means you need to move stuff.
  4. Chesire

    Amandaba's 20% journey

    Wow. That dress definitely brings the pressure for amazing posture! And I hope you catch a gym employee soon. You may need a fellow hunter to help corner one though; they can be wily and elusive.
  5. Chesire

    Lateral Planet: Now What??

    Total boss move! Good luck!
  6. Chesire

    Restart from last save point?

    Positive reinforcement for the win! I thought I hadn't been making much headway with housecleaning since I haven't followed my schedule all that well. But then! MIL decides she will stop by for a visit. Of course MrC says we don't need to clean "it's just mom." Um.... she's my MIL, there will be judgment of my house keeping. We are cleaning. Cleaning really only turned out to be a quick de-clutter and vac! And practically no stress! This is exactly what my goal is for house cleaning. It worked!
  7. Chesire

    Athaclena - 800th Verse Same As..... you get the picture

    Did you do *the phone call*? Did you survive? MrC and I are toying with the idea we might hide from family on Thanksgiving and stay home. Just so tired.