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  1. And to finish out this challenge.... I level up! Today I become a godmother to my nephew! Good thing I've been working the supersuit angle, so I know what I have and what fits
  2. plank crunches ✔️🐝 The dog did her best to receive a knee to the face.
  3. And this was luck, timing, and friendship A friend mentioned she was looking to hire a part-timer to me, and I said "pick me!" I've worked for her before in a different business, so I already know her quirks.
  4. I know! I think it's training to not hurt someone's feelings, among other things like they are the elder generation and I started out by trying to not upset them years ago. Oh, lord the weird, backwards insulting tones of "wow, your strong!" Like that's a bad thing! LOL So, my own doing apparently.
  5. Glad to hear that! And I'm impressed you managed anything at all in the midst of that
  6. There will be some rearranging of life this week. I start work on Tues, and if I want to get my usual workouts and walk the dog in beforehand, I need to get up pretty early. I don't mind strength work at the end of the day, but not running. Also, I think I will be switching when my recovery days fall so I can ease up on morning stress. But if something needs to give, it will be my stuff that falls off, not the sidekick's time. Also it's going to be possibly dangerously hot and humid the next few days, so that leads to early morning workouts too. I need to make a fo
  7. I hope you were able to make a few steps toward "better." And sleep, and eat. May you have a better week.
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