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    Perseverance in Rehab-land

  2. WildSonja

    Perseverance in Rehab-land

    I started body weight training last summer because I just *couldn't* do strength training indoors when it was so glorious outdoors. And -bam- fell in love. So shocked how much more easily I gained strength, stamina, and over-all control. And that was with a pretty basic plan! Now it's time for me to build up a plan to do knock down some of the cooler tricks! But! of course there's a but. Shoulder tendinitis is not a pretty but. Therefore this challenge will feature some of exactly the same things as last time. Things I will work on: - self care- continue my shoulder rehab. Boring but necessary. Patience will be greatly increased with this one. Oh, and of course pain will be defeated. - nutrition - find my maintenance caloric needs. - fitness- maintain current plan- - household- continue ninja cleaning and maybe tackle a small upgrade Bonus work: - social- meetups etc - fitness fun- plan toward a fitness level-up goal How I will work on them: - self care- continue the mobility, stretch, strength, patience plan implemented last challenge, especially focusing on work posture -nutrition- create a set eating schedule so I don't get to the end of the day without enough calories consumed. While allowing for dinner flexibility when husband does the cooking. I can either do all the cooking or accept what he makes so I don't have to do it all. -fitness-day 1; lower body and rehab strength. day 2; cardio and stretch. 6 day repeat. day 7; whatever life throws at me. Edit: As ROM improves I must take a step back and reevaluate form. Obviously this injury is not just from slacking work ergonomics. Determined I was pushing chin ups too fast before proper back engagement developed. -household- continue to apply my 20 min/ don't leave the room empty-handed as this so far is an acceptable level of clean. upgrade: strip and repaint one of the many doors that need it Bonus; -social- anything to meet people- meetups seem ok for this fun- if shoulder ROM improves enough, work on stretching necessary to end up with skin the cat eventually and hanging core strength (self note: this is an Ultimate Goal movement that won't over work anterior shoulder and chest like some movements) need to work on accuracy of form before all else My rules: Allow for life interference and be adaptable. ie; golf counts as cardio day because I get to play outside and spend time with my father, so I may need to restructure week. Requirements for consideration of success- Must maintain the good habits at about an 90% success rate including; dental care, good bedtime, well balanced diet (enough protein,) sunscreen, language work, reducing idle computer time, standing up for myself despite pushy clients.