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    Hey nice job on the weight loss Steve. 120 pounds is a crazy amount of weight to take off and its great that you are taking your fitness game to the next level by trying to bulk up a bit now. I have certainly struggled with my own weight loss journey and seeing posts like this give me inspiration. I was wondering if I could ask if you had ever tried HIIT workouts? I have been reading a lot about these sort of workouts and it seems as though you can burn more calories that you typically would with any other workout. I have read articles about how people can work out only a few hours a week and have been able to still lose weight. This one user of this product even claimed that he lost weight working out 90 minutes a week in his reviewIs (link - ). Is this possible? I find it kinda hard to believe to be honest. If this is true, this is a type of exercise that would be really appealing to me. As someone who has a really busy schedule who doesn't have much time to begin with, being able to spend only a little bit of time working out each week would be amazing for me.
  2. 23 lbs down!

    Thanks for the help!