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  1. So what are your guy's food budgets?
  2. Trying from Pinterest...that type of file not allowed? Do I really have to use the URL...how does the regular picture upload work?
  3. By your wording I would be more likely to check you for depression than fear of success. Depression causes you to lose your drive; fear of success causes you to self-sabotage.
  4. If you look up anterior pelvic tilt, you will find loads of exercises that will help correct it.
  5. I am trying to change my profile picture from sad little gray dude to something awe-inspiring. However when I click on the upload photo it doesn't give me an option to upload from my camera. What should I do?
  6. So I know how to eat healthy. My issue is how do I eat healthy on a budget. I am currently trying to spend only 240 on food a month but I secretly don't think that is enough. How much do you guys normally spend on food? What is a reasonable amount? I am really stressing myself out trying not to spend over 240.
  7. Be careful about "losing weight" while "getting strong" I remember going from 107lbs to 138lbs when I was weight training. I was skinnier at 138lbs then 107lbs because I was toned and could bench press my own weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. It's is best to get a way to measure your body fat percentage if you are going to be doing both at the same time. The diet I used throughout was to eat 6 small meals a day with an emphasis on protein.
  8. Since you are saying you have no butt but I can see one. I would test yourself for anterior pelvic tilt, lots of people have it and don't know it. Simply go to the bathroom, stand to the side in the mirror (this is best done in your underwear) and squeeze the muscles in your butt. If you notice your posture changes then you have anterior pelvic tilt. You can look up exercises online for it-it's a muscle imbalance that if corrected can be a quick way to get the butt you crave.
  9. I do notice one thing wrong with the picture- your pants. They are the wrong fashion for your body shape. I have gorgeous legs just like yours-they are the pride and joy of my body. However, beautiful as they are if I put on skinny jeans like it looks like you have on- it makes them appear freakishly long. I literally feel like a mutant in skinny jeans. Buy some jeans that are either straight or boot cut. I tend to prefer boot cut but that's completely up to you. Your jeans also look like they are "classic fit" through the waist. These would be pants that come up to or just below the bel
  10. Ice cream as long as it is real ice cream and not custard has never given me a problem during weight loss or weight training. It's a dairy and therefore one of the good "fats". It's your choice but I never had the need to cut out ice cream or cheese (real cheese, not the fake kind) out of my diet. Both are good sources of calcium. Custard doesn't count because it is loaded with fat (the bad kind).
  11. If you are concerned about how you look I would recommended checking yourself for "pelvic tilt". It's a condition that many people suffer from nowadays as a result of sitting too long. Humans weren't made to sit for more than four hours- it does things to you. A quick way to check for this is to go look in the mirror shirtless and turn to the side, when you look at your pants is the back hem of your pants an inch or more higher than the front? More importantly if you squeeze your glutes (the muscles in your butt) does your whole posture suddenly change (you'll be much straighter)? Correctly a
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