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  1. Just noticed that I opened a topic very similar to yours. I know what you are going through!! I am thinking of putting a lock on my fridge and giving the key to a neighbor to hand it out to me 3 times a day. I haven't found a solution yet but I noticed that upping my protein intake made it a liiiittle bit easier to stay full. I even started eating meat for that purpose (used to be a pescetarian since I was 6, but I must admit, chicken is very very tasty!!). Cottage cheese or Skyr (does that exist in the US?) also helps, since it has a lot of protein but very few calories. Very tasty combined with berries. But still..... stomach starts growling much quicker than I am used to.
  2. Breakfast foods

    I often make protein pancakes: just put in a blender: 2 eggs, 150g cottage cheese, 2 tbsp oats and a lot of cinnamon fried in a tiny bit of coconut oil. Tastes amazing with fresh fruit and /or maple syrup, has tons of protein and keeps me full for a long time (although at the moment NOTHING seems to keep me full for longer than an hour :-( )
  3. So hungry!!

    Hi there from Germany! This is my very first post. I am fairly new to Powerlifting (but did about 1 year of Olympic Lifting before). Female, 32, 5'4'', 142lbs. (235 squat, 115 bench, 242 DL) Currently I am on a hypertrophy plan and I was warned that I might get really hungry. But I didn't expect to get THIS hungry :-D I think about food all the time, I feel the urge to cook and try new things all day long, my stomach starts growling 90 minutes after a meal. I seriously see food everywhere I look. I only train 3 times a week for about 90min. So I am not actually burning that many extra calories. I try to stop eating at around 1900-2000cal (I tend to put on weight quite easily) and keep the protein high to keep full as long as possible but I could eat so much more after that:-) I noticed quite some muscle gain (part of it is water I guess) in the last few weeks but of course some extra fat on top. I wouldn't say no to more muscle gains but I think I don't need any more "padding":-) Do you guys think my body is serious and I really should eat as much as it is telling me to? I don't want to starve my body but I somehow think it must be joking. I don't really know how many calories other female amateur powerlifters eat, as I am the only one in my gym.