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  1. Raven1s

    Raven the Assassin in the shadows

    Thank you for the welcome it is based on reps so you do a evaluation at the start of the cycle to see how many you can do then it personalises it to help you get stronger ready for the evaluation at the end of the cycle and then it works out the overall improvement at the end of the cycle, my fitness journey is to build up a better body that is slowly working as seeing changes also it helps with my self confidence as well.
  2. Hello all, this is is my first challenge posted in the main assassin forum so a bit nervous lol On a personal level At work I am what they class as a online specialist who helps teaching our customers the stuff they can do on there online account ( check invoices etc) I got my first ecommace breakfast morning on the 3rd September so am a little bit nervous because if this is successful then the area manager wants me to do on e in another bigger branch, so my goal is to talk to at least 3 people and if possible get other customers using it. Fitness goal As you guys know I am working hard on my programs the goal I have is to get an overall increase on my current program of 30%+ and also hit every evaluation with the right mindset that I want to smash the evaluations and get the negative thoughts out of my head of saying that I am going to struggle with getting a good performance increase. Sleep I have an issue of not going sleep same time every night my aim is to settle down too sleep at 10:30pm every night as I tend to find that I get really tired at work then have to buy a monster energy most days I think I just do that too get out of the branch for 5 mins so if I do go out of the branch go to buy another drink instead of monster all the time. hopefully that will give you an idea of what I want to do I will post here every evaluation I do and how I do with that breakfast morning and my sleep pattern. Andy
  3. Raven1s

    My journey

    Good afternoon one and all, Done my evaluation for cycle 2 of the new program and went alright double figures on all of them my shoulders was burning after I finished so definitely a good workout and felt good, my shoulders did feel huge afterwards so another sign that it was a successful workout, need to keep focused when doing the exercises though. Andy
  4. Raven1s

    My journey

    Morning Rebels, Got to be the hardest transition I have done in any of the programs, changed pull-ups too rowers as don’t have a pull up bar I pushed myself physically and mentally this morning I very nearly gave up but remembered what yoda said “ there is no try only do or do not” and I went with do so super proud of myself today
  5. Raven1s

    My journey

    Afternoon team, Done my evaluation for the end of the first cycle of the New muscle building program I am doing found it difficult as slept rubbish and tbh even though I made progress still think that I should of been able to do more but on to the next cycle, and I am going to smash it (as yoda would say “there is no only do or do not no try”) upwards and onwards Andy
  6. Raven1s

    My journey

    Hi all, I am New here and finding ways to keep me motivated, and you guys look like the people I need! I am using fizzup an app that you can get on phones etc I did start originally back in late September last year but my partner got a bad kidney infection so had to help look after my 2 daughters, so stopped but then I had that drive come back to start again 21 April, so far been going for 6 weeks on average 3 times a week. The app updated and I started the demigod program that builds up muscle by doing body weight strength training and on Wednesday last week completed part 1 of 3 of the program but pulled my knee so took 3 days off and got back into it this morning my knee still aching a bit but hopefully will get better soon. looking forward to sharing my journey with you all and hopefully I can find some motivation too keep me going through you guys. Andy