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  1. hahaha, here we go with the pants again
  2. Good to see you back! We all get off track, what's important is getting back on it!
  3. I think when I did 5x5's I did between 90-120 seconds depending on what lift I was doing. My first day of moving up weights was typically a longer rest period as well to ensure I was able to make it through all 5 sets
  4. Mmm.... calzone... I may have to walk across the street and get one.
  5. Hey! Hope to hear from you soon!
  6. This is AWESOME! Sounds like your body is starting to not hate you as much for putting it through h*ll -- it sounds like your ratios are almost perfect right now -- you're gonna start making some great progress soon
  7. I always dread my two rest days. I want MOAR workouts :[

    1. goodwince


      Could dub these stretch days?

  8. I ran into form problems when I first started doing squats, I basically had to start from scratch again when I realized I was screwing up... But I could tell a definite difference in my progress when I cleaned up my form! Keep it up, I wanna hear about the sprints later!
  9. I'm not gonna lie, I need to start doing some research on what exactly you are doing so I can know whats going on lolol. Diet things are always so confusing to me
  10. Wednesday my roommate and I are going jogging around the town our school is located in! Ill check in with distance then :]
  11. So the hot chocolate incident -- reminds me of this time I had a fire extinguisher and little did I know it didn't have the safety pin still intact. I picked it up and I squeezed a little too hard. HOURS it took to clean up. That stuff gets everywhere. It was between all of the cards in my wallet and it wasn't even aimed at me.
  12. Saw this and thought of you! Maybe some good teas to get? http://slickdeals.net/f/5795436-Tropical-Tea-Co-1-00-PER-OUNCE-TEA-SALE-Plus-40-off-coupon-on-first-order
  13. NF is so quiet on the weekends :[

    1. goodwince


      Haha. Tis true. We all do stuff and it isn't fitness so we don't want to talk about it :P

    2. littlewings


      -makes all the loud noises-

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