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  1. Indeed! I am grateful to have a job I enjoy and am good at. Not complaining at all! As far as colleagues, it's rare to go all day without a couple interactions of, "Hey, want to go down to the vending machine with me?" (Or the corner convenience store, or the coffee shop, candy store, etc) I usually say no because that stuff is usually just sweets and empty calories. Maybe I should say yes and then go walk around the building and not stop at the vending machine. I shall try this today.
  2. Thanks! I have been eating vegetables and mostly staying off sweets, freezer veggie steam packs are awesome for this! It's the regular walking that's hard. I don't have to take any breaks at all if I don't want to and I really do enjoy my job. It's like playing a business sim. So I can sit at my computer for hours without even noticing. Just organizing data. I have even color coded my spreadsheets! (I is a nerd) But even remembering to walk or get up and stretch is hard. I think maybe I'll set an alarm. I've tried that in the past but the alarm just gets annoying and it usually goes off w
  3. Yay for simple goals! And good job for getting started!
  4. Today was hard. Everything about it was hard. My workout was less than stellar. Work was stressful. I ate veggies with every meal, sure, but I also ate a cookie, and a mocha, and more snacks than I would typically eat in like a week. I'm going to go to bed early, and try to get a good night's sleep. That always makes the next day easier. Not giving up ... But today was definitely a speed bump.
  5. It's the start of a new week! I think the smoothie thing is working very well! I could see just making a smoothie every morning for the rest of my life. I add fiber and protein powder and all the greens! It's amazing how many greens I can stick in a smoothie before it kills the taste! Sweets are not as much of a struggle the last couple days, but I wasn't at work either so we'll see how it goes today. I am looking forward to announcing my success! XD
  6. Yesterday was really good. I was able to encourage a coworker to keep up with her stuff, which encouraged me to keep up with mine. Today I'm working from home so I'm using the treadmill instead of an actual walk. Five minutes minimum. Already did five minutes at 9 & 11:30 ... Plan to do another at two. It's definitely helping. Working from home everything is so close and convenient. I don't have to go down the looooong hallway to refill my water or aalllll the way to the bathroom. so I get barely any steps on these days. I like this regular walking thing. Still struggling with sw
  7. It is definitely a separate hobby. In a zombie apocalypse I'd have fashion for years before I was forced to wear rags!
  8. Day two complete! For breakfast I did much better! I made a smoothie and then fried some squash for a pre lunch snack. I went on a walk at 6:50 since I was a little early for work. 10:30 and noon. I had a long meeting at 2 so I got it in early. I didn't have any sweets, but I don't know if my alternative was any better. I happened to still have stuffing left over in the fridge so I ate that instead of chocolate. Well, at least it wasn't sweets. I think today was mostly successful!
  9. Alright, first day! I didn't have any sweets at all! Win! This was only easy today because I was so swamped at work that I didn't have time to think about anything else! I went for a walk at 10, 11:30, and 2 ... Close enough! I forgot at nine but when I remembered at ten I just stopped right where I was and left. The two o'clock one actually happened on accident. There's a coworker I hadn't seen in a while and I wanted to chat with her without standing out side her cube for all our supervisors to see, so when she came to my cube for a work related question I jumped up and said, let's
  10. I really want to get diet and exercise right. I have a time slot for exercising every day and have been doing it for just over a month now. I'm seeing progress and results. Problem is it's not enough to be active once a day. So I'd like to add some regular walking to my routine. That's goal number one. Goal number two is diet related. I need to cut down sugar intake and increase produce. I don't eat nearly enough vegetables, but I do eat too much chocolate. So my plan is this: while working, take a walk at 9, 11:30, and 2. It doesn't have to be long. Around the block is fine. Two blocks
  11. Omg THIS! lol I started sewing about two years ago and the only thing I've learned is that I have absolutely zero fashion sense! It's fun though and now my closet is piled high with random fabric that was soooo coooool ... But that I have no plans for.
  12. Hi! This is my second challenge! I spent my first challenge trying to break my sugar habit and bringing down the regime of sweets in my life. This has been partially successful but it was only two weeks, so I'd like to continue that this time around with one more area of focus. I live in a cubicle in a small neighborhood of other cubicles who's occupants I get along with rather well. The biggest struggle during the day is remembering I'm human and not an automaton. I sometimes think maybe I have it backwards, but that's just silly. My nerd is SciFi, fantasy and just good literature. Als
  13. So it's been two weeks. I did better the first week, but not terrible the second week. I didn't accept sweets from anyone. I only got a mocha once, and I had string cheese for a snack instead of sweets. I did learn that it's not as hard as I thought it would be. It seems to be a mind set thing. When I start feeling like I really really really would like something sweet, I notice a shift from "I'm taking care of future me." To "I don't really care about future me." I think that if I can remember that "just this once" is never really just this once, that will help too. It also helps t
  14. Thank you! This is probably why I didn't do so well this weekend. It was a long weekend and I had said to myself it would be easy. But it wasn't. I went out for ice cream twice! Saturday and Monday! I was out with my roommate, it was his idea. And had chocolate pie at my D&D group. So, long weekend is over, and I'm preparing to go back to work and have another successful week. I've got to remember my devious scheme to bring down the Sugar Lord. I've got to remember that sugar is addictive and poisonous. And I know that next weekend I can't relax just because
  15. So there's a tea shop next door that sells any of their teas iced or hot. It's lovely. Today I'm drinking blueberry fields. I haven't had a mocha in a week. It's been hard every day, but today it's not so bad. I turned down the cheesecake that was offered by my roommate. I turned down the ice cream social, and the birthday cake. I turned down the cinnamon rolls and the brownies. I even turned down the group trips to the convenience store for snacks. Two of my coworkers are inspired, and are attempting to limit their own sugar intake now. The rebellion is spreading. I am the spark. My carr
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