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  1. Thanks for sharing, there's useful fuel for thoughts here. I tackle this one by putting as my top priority to stay efficient at work. I can't help anybody when I'm broken, afterall, so if the thing I need to do to keep being able to operate is to take an hour off work and go for a walk, this is what I do (I'm lucky to have that freedom). Having seen several people burn past the recovery point helps being more uncompromising on that point.
  2. I'd say some still qualify as abuse and that we may personally resonate more with some than with others. Sometimes, switching environment is part of the solution. Most times, that too requires a change in our mindset. I find it important and part of my mindset switch to identify which parts of my environment have a more decisive impact on my reactions and to change them too.
  3. Alright, a few thoughts for the night: 1) Achievements are going all over the place, meaning I'm not focused. Reaching one single goal consistently is better than reaching several of them randomly. I want to be deliberate in my pursuit. There are the goals I'm going to achieve and the ones I drop. I'm focusing on eating daily, starting now. 2) It seems like I can never break through, trying to overpower adversity. First, tackling on adversity means taking hits, I knew it when I took this road. Winning means getting back up, every time. Most of the hits I take are mere b
  4. Thanks for the topic and the positivity! I find that's a very hard thing to do. Rest is easy when I get down real bad but as I start to recover? Well, "how can you rest when you should be tackling things? They're falling down as you recover! You can handle it!" Accepting that I should rest even when I'm not broken is usally pretty hard. Hard to understand whether it's only me putting that pressure on myself or if my surroundings objectively hold some of it too. Sending a thought to all of y'all.
  5. Thanks and welcome! Maybe I shouldn't have been so cocky while letting consistency drop off... Monday evening, I don't know how I'll see the end of the week (the funny thing is that failure seems to have no consequences either so maybe I should just let the pressure drop too but hey, where'd be the meaning in that?). Saturday, May 8 Register to the hiking guides association. Get insurances. Get a first aid kit. Eat daily. Drink daily. Sleep healthily. Workout every other day. Nope. Sunday, May 9 Register
  6. Ya ridin' with Cap'n Sparrow? Congrats on getting on the bike and have plenty of fun with Mr Robin!
  7. Mwahahahahahahaha! I AM the storm! Looks like this is taking place at a natural spot in my life. Small goals, but consistent, what I had planned for my challenge. Now to actually make it hold... not that easy. Thanks for holding our hands.
  8. Friday, May 7 Register to the hiking guides association. Get insurances. Get a first aid kit. Eat daily. Major fail, I have to put a way better focus on it going forward. Drink daily. Sleep healthily. Workout every other day. Work at 6:30 am. 8:00
  9. I've made use of the advantages of my job (I can choose what I do, provided what needs to be done gets done) and took a slow day wandering around assessing roads and natural hazards (we ARE promised heavy rains this end of week, after all ^^). That was good. The workout started slowly (partly because of tiredness, partly because of the lack of practice and partly because of the rain) but the third and fourth sets had blood pumping into my veins and energy into my brains. The (small) workouts are probably the most important part to my wellbeing, yet the first one I'm dropping whenev
  10. Sounds like a mix of the fun and the curse kinds of interesting, I wish you more of the first than of the second. Here to watch you find you footing. Count me on the cheering train!
  11. Just taking the time to remind myself that this is working. The "long" term plan is unfolding and I'm keeping up with my targets. That I am still in the forest doesn't mean I'm not walking toward the edge. Funny how the noise and signal interact, with the noise being... so much more noisy, for lack of a better way to put it. It's still important for me to acknowledge that, as the waves are raging, the tide is also building up. This ship will navigate the sea.
  12. Thanks, it's enlightening to read about other people's experiences. And yes, I know it and think I'm on a way toward fulfillment and balance. I think what I'm disappointed in is the timing: this is taking too long and I'm probably having some kind of midlife crisis that makes me think that by the time I get there, I'll have let relevant opportunities pass (namely, the one to get into a meaningful relationship and raising a family - which is bullshit as I'm lucky to be only limited by my own thinking and prejudices on this topic (the advantage of being a man, which I acknowledge fully)).
  13. Wait, you mean there's still a chance I can use this dagger of healing to cure a poisonous wound? Thanks for your feedback, I'm keeping the "run" advice to heart, medical or not. xD Tuesday, May 4 Register to the hiking guides association. Get insurances. Get a first aid kit. Eat daily. Drink daily. Sleep healthily. Workout every other day. Work at 6:30 am. 8:00 I went for the workout during lunch break. While I was seriously missing the feeling of donning my training gear and hitting the training grounds, the t
  14. And now I have to read it. Thanks for mentioning it, I think I'll enjoy it. Would you say that healing requires a proper environment (not a perfect one, but not a terrible one either) and that healing occurs once the blade is out of the wound, but not during the stab itself? If so, what can one do while being stabbed repeatedly? Or would poisoning be a more apt analogy, in which case, whould fighting the poison and healing both mesh together if one can devote enough energy toward the process? I like the concept but have a hard time accepting that anything in my situa
  15. Hi! You can certainly sign it right now and put it in the mail, though please replace "phone" by "laptop". Phones are for softcore addicts. That's their application process. Correcting it right now, thanks for pointing it out.
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