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  1. Jean

    iatetheyeti: metanoia

    I'm here for the enlightened brute force, the smarts and the awesome vocabulary. I am not disappoint. Kick asses, stay on this way, be great.
  2. Jean

    A. Redefinition

    Wait! Are you saying you can live on other things than pure coffee and maybe some sugar and/or milk/cream from time to time? Yes! Running is really great to energize the body and get thoughts in place (at least, it is for me). The flexibility quest sounds great too. Looks like you're pretty set regarding your needs and where you want to go. Have fun with week zero.
  3. Jean

    RES: RE-Commit

    QFT. Following along for this ride.
  4. Right? And it's amazing, when you look back, how many things you've done in what appears so short a time. 2019 didn't exist but man, did it have a heck of an impact! Looks awesome! Any chance you'll post pictures of your works when they're done?
  5. Jean

    You Can Become a Hero - criticism welcome

    I'm in for the ride, I can find a lot of my struggles in your post. So much this. I like to try and keep a positive outlook, have several things to work on and a bunch of very small goals that together create momentum. Whenever I'm stuck with something, there are several other things that I can do, where I can make progress and that do improve my life and myself as a being. Tinier than tiny goals are the real key if you ask me: they allow me to get my wins even when the circumstances aren't that cut out for it. Following along. This is a topic very dear to me. It kind of meshes with your other targets so working on them should help with your relationship with money and dealing with your debt should help with your self-image and mindset. This is one of these instances where looking at the situation instead of avoiding it is already a huge step forward. You seem to have set yourself on a good path, go for it.
  6. Jean

    As good as Dancing Queen (Xena)

    Jokes aside, did the kitty litter work? It's so awful, getting rid of that paint without sacrificing an unrecoverable container and taking ages letting it dry crust by crust... Take care of yourself and don't get sick.
  7. Jean

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    Ï'm no expert but I've used a mac as a backup device once my PC had died on me and there were a few differences that may or may not still apply. It's basically a philosophy thing if you ask me: PCs can be tinkered with in all sorts of ways but can be broken by the user as a result, macs are sturdy as s**t but you can't change things without going deep into the settings and being a really advanced user (or so I guess, you may just not be able to do more than cosmetic tinkering with them). In terms of use, installing things on them was pretty different and I had that damnable one button mouse that should never have existed in the first place. The key mapping is different too and, as you've mentioned, things are at a different place and programs have a different name. Nothing you can't get used to, it's just a little bit frustrating to use something you're not used to, where you don't know where all the convenience things you so like are. All in all, I didn't know a thing on macs and was still able to get reports and presentations done on them. I doubt your school will ask for more advanced stuff. Go for it, you rock!
  8. Jean

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    You're not alone in this. Any chance there'd be an agency, association or other kind of organization dedicated to help people get a job in your area? Part of the activity of these people is to help people come up with a resume and cover letter. The purpose wouldn't be to have help for the actual writing, but to have a smaller piece of anxiety to deal with by "only" having to decide to go to an appointment with them. Then they make you sit down and you can basically either get your application done or break in tears, which they're also meant to know how to handle (and letting things out could help too). Sending thoughts and typing cat for help.
  9. Jean

    Xena enjoys 'Hero Season'

    That's a very good reason. There's no good enough color of crayon in the box to color me endorsing every decision you've made, there. Looks like you're doing really great. Enjoy planning next challenge.
  10. Jean

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    This weirdo will be looking from a distance. Stay in the light, you've got this.
  11. Jean

    As good as Dancing Queen (Xena)

    I'm hooked.
  12. Jean

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    I'm still searching for the fairy flying out of behing a rock or a tree. Your forests are beautiful and I love the automn color scheme, especially the light. Keep running on.
  13. Jean

    Jean does things with purpose

    Tuesdays are running killers it seems. Very similar week than last one: Running: 6/7 Sleeping: 0/7 Inverted rows: 3/3 Hollow holds: 3/3 Push-ups: 320/250 Tai-chi/yoga: 0/1 German: 0/1 Decluttering: 4/2 Challenge breakout Running 32/35 Sleeping 9/35 Inverted Rows 15/15 Hollow holds 15/15 Push-ups 320/250 Tai-chi/yoga 2/5 German 0/5 Decluttering 6/10 A lot of good things have happened during this challenge, mainly an epiphany that our values impact the effect that things have on us and that learning what not to give a f*ck about and what to consider important changes the pressure we feel and tend to attribute to our environment. Acting on my values has given me more freedom than I could have hoped, now to see how my environment will react to that and the backlashes that may or may not happen. Important things to focus on for next challenge : running must stay. It's really holding me together and clearing my headspace when everything seems overcluttered up there. the approach to push-ups was what I needed, I'll keep it and enjoy it a lot. inverted rows and hollow holds complement the running while not taking too much time and help the rest of my body to feel decluttered and at the ready. I'm keeping it. I need to put back a focus on writing down my hours at work, this has to become an important focus once again. decluttering needs to become a bigger focus once again : this is how I'll claim a life and start taking care of the people for whom I care. Things that don't matter too much at the moment : Life is giving me some leeway with needing sleep to be efficient, I'm taking the gift and will enjoy it while it lasts. I'm not ready for more pushing forward so German, tai-chi and other endeavors will have to wait. Thanks a lot for having been here. I may keep taking some distance with reporting and following challenges closely but having you here does help a lot. Keep being awesome and rock on!
  14. Jean

    A Druid's Battle Log

    You bet! Things being dropped while there's some major progress going on on some other major point of my life is how it usually works for me. I'm reading this as major good news. Getting back to your routine now should give you back some support to keep moving forward. Congrats for going through this without loosing all of your mind and here's to even more writing progress!
  15. Jean

    Fall Druid Cabin

    It's all part of the way, if you do it well, older Doaheem will thank both of you for leading to him/her being the person (s)he is. Glad that you're on your way, you're living an adventure I know nothing about but I can only imagine how much more hurting things are when you're not the only one facing the consequences. It's a 2+ players game, though, so your partner can act as a catalyst. Hope you're enjoying the better parts of yourself and your relationship and keep becoming this more married-friendly Doaheem you seem to be aiming for.