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  1. Wait, is this a real thing ? 'cause I'm totally adopting it if it is. Love it! On tai chi: the little of it that I have seen indicates that it's very good to work on precision and patience. It is aiming for perfection in movements so, very cool to make sure I'm doing things right before putting more speed and explosiveness in it. Also, breathing. Making breathing a concious thing is a thing of beauty. Creating habits of inhaling and exhaling when it accompanies the movement you're doing was great. So, not overly physically draining but very good practice for some of my flaws (precipitation, impatience, not taking care of my body, running after time, ...). More on it after a few more lessons. Food log 1 ham sandwich (morning) Polenta, tuna and plums (noon and afternoon) 3l of water (throughout the day) 1 medium CBO meal (with water, McDo, evening) 1 black espresso (evening) Fitness I went for General Doms, today. Failed to beat it this morning (right after getting up) but passed it more easily tonight. It's amazing the difference in energy that the time of the day, or what I have eaten, or whatever makes. I couldn't go for more than 10 squats this morning and could have gone a bit more after 20 tonight. Likewise, a 10'' front plank was already much this morning, while I could hold for 40'' tonight. Measurements Weight: 76 kg (+0.6) -> going in the right direction Neck : 36.2 cm Chest : 87.6 cm Right biceps : 27.2 cm Left biceps : 27.0 cm Waist : 84.6 cm Hips : 97.4 cm Right thigh : 51.8 cm Left thigh : 52.0 cm Right calf : 34.4 cm Left calf : 35.0 cm Body fat : 15.90% Hydration : 57.80% Using a body fat scale. The changes are probably impacted by the way I took those measurements, so I don't put any stock in it right now. We'll see how it goes on the long run. Goals tracking I slept most part of the week-end and spent my time on the boards otherwise. In the state I am right now, I needed it, but it is more than I can afford. I'll have to make sure nothing stands in the way of taking thursday and friday off (not a given, next week is hell's week) to harvest the grapes on my vineyard: they're getting dryer by the day and won't be worth much in the end. Anyway: Have I done my exercise ? Yes. On hold: have I wandered around with water at my disposal ? No. Have I cooked this week ? Yes. Have I taken part to my first tai chi lesson ? Not yet. Tuesday. On hold: have I taken care of my internet site ? Nope.
  2. Le français est une langue assez complexe, il y a des règles, et des exceptions, et des exceptions aux exceptions... Les mots ne s'écrivent pas comme ils se prononcent et la plupart des noms ont un genre exprimé qui demande d'être accordé en conséquence... en comparaison, l'anglais est plutôt simple, d'autant que je l'ai appris en me noyant dans les jeux vidéo en ligne. Il s'agit, pour moi, de la langue de l'imaginaire et de mon coeur. Vous écrivez tou(te?)s deux très bien en français et non, les phrases simples sont en général la norme, donc pas d'apparence d'idiotie. Chapeau ! J'ai cru un moment que vous étiez francophones : "Séverine" est un prénom courant, par ici, et à cause de la signature de Flea. C'est courant, le mélange des prénoms anglophones et francophones dans une même région linguistique, au Canada ? --- Anyway, thanks for the tip on space before colons (and, I imagine, exclamation points). Most people don't put them in french either nowadays, I'm just an old fart attached to things like that (and as such, I'm glad I'll be able to correct it in my English texts from now on). Plenty of things to do in Zürich! I'm from the opposite side of the land, so I can't advise you much, though. For a few days in winter, I'd just stick with the city and plan another trip in the countryside later if you like it. The tourist offices are pretty good around here, so I guess their site can be trusted : Don't forget to wander around the Limmat river and, if you're a fan of fitness, to go see one of the local Vita Trails. I don't know if there's something like it in other countries but if insurance companies ever did something great, this is it! The city is culturally active, so it's worth it to check if there's any special event when you come. Museums and the zoo should be worth it, as is the nightly life. Don't be afraid to use public transportation, they work great. Plus, you can tour the city with them and drop by whenever you feel like it (or have seen something you deem worthy of interest). Let me know if you have some spare time during your stay, I can always plan to drop by. ;-)
  3. It is trout, indeed ! I'm not taking the time I should to search for words when I don't know them already and, instead, trust my guts (as I often do in life). It's been a very long time since I've last targeted anything more than "good enough" with my performances (and I'm not a native speaker, as it shows - french speaking swiss person here). You'll probably not discover any new fish with me. ;-) Tai chi comes highly recommanded by one of my cousins (a kung fu addict) as a good habit to take on my way to more physically intensive arts (last time I've tried kung fu, I was totally drained halfway through the lesson). I've tried it a few times last year but my schedule and worklife were too messed up for me to have been able to attend regularly. I've got more balance now, so I'm confident I can pull something out. Being very balance oriented and needing to nurture both my mind and my body (while also shutting off of some of my too many thoughts to let my brains breath), it seems like something I should enjoy.
  4. Jean

    Battle Kitten: Ascension

    I'm mainly here for the support (given the thoroughly awful circumstances, you seem to be doing great so keep at it). I'd say it's not that weird : you're probably comparing yourself to a perfect you, which you can only fall short of. Given the life you've experienced (and are experiencing), composure and mental toughness are things you have needed way more than most other people do so, even without really noticing, it's probable that you've developped them to very good levels, way above average (even though they can still fail you in your most dire moments but that's because they're really, really, really dire, not because you're not fit to tackle an emotionally normal life). I don't know you, so I can't form any sort of decent evaluation, but I'd say those were earned more than ironic. Good luck on your journey and best wishes.
  5. Jean

    TimovieMan's Road to AwesomeDad™

    Congrats and welcome ! I can see a lot of myself in your approach so, I'm sure you've got it in yourself to reach your goals. Go for it, you awesome you ! :-)
  6. Food log Mug of coffee with plenty of sugar (morning) 5 orange balisto bars (3x morning, 2x afternoon) 1 slice of bread, butter and honey 3l of water (throughout the day) 1.5 plates of sheperd's pie (1x noon, .5x evening) 1 truit trout filet (evening) 1 black coffeelike (evening) 1 ham sandwich (night) 1 can of corn (night) Goals tracking Have I done my exercise ? Yes, 5' of walking. On hold : have I wandered around with water at my disposal ? No. Have I cooked this week ? Yes. Have I taken part to my first Tai chi lesson ? No, next tuesday. On hold : have I taken care of my internet site ? Not yet.
  7. Jean

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    Internet kitten approves :
  8. Hey, thanks ! That's because tardigrades are cool. Do you know what else is cool ? Platipi* ! * *You ignorant sod, this is an echidna ! Echidnas are cool too ! And today, I really needed the search for cute pics. Thanks for the opportunity. :-) The theme of the day (deadlines all around) shows in my eating habits : Food log 1 mug of coffee with plenty of sugar (morning) Way too much black coffee (morning, noon, afternoon) 2 beers (late afternoon) Industrial lasagna, chips and canned corn (evening) A few drops of water from the tap I woke up with plenty of enthusiasm at the idea of going out for a workout, but with no time to spare. Ended up forcing myself to go out in the night. I'm glad I did. Goals tracking Have I done my exercise ? Yes. 5' of walking (the ' is because I'm too lazy to write "min"), warm up, 1B, cool down. On hold : have I wandered around with water at my disposal ? Hell no ! Have I cooked this week ? Yes. Have I taken part to my first tai chi lesson ? Not yet. Next tuesday. On hold : have I taken care of my internet site ? Nope.
  9. Jean

    Severine Wins Without Fighting

    Tardigrade gifs ? No need for fighting when you can outlive them all. Go you !
  10. Food log 2 slices of bread, butter, honey (early morning) 1 mug of coffee with plenty of sugar (morning) 1 black coffee (morning) 1 glass of water (morning) 2 plates of shepherd's pie (1x noon, 1x evening) 7.5 dl of water (afternoon) 5 glasses of applejuice (afternoon) 2 glasses of wine (evening) Goals tracking Have I done my exercise ? Yes. 5' of walking. On hold : have I wandered around with water at my disposal ? No. Have I cooked this week ? Yes. Have I taken part to my first tai chi lesson ? No. Next tuesday. On hold : have I taken care of my internet site ? Nope.
  11. Jean

    Embracing the small changes

    May the Strength be with you. ;-) I love your approach. If you're anything like me, the fact that you can't do many knee push-ups is a good sign, it means you're doing them right (so, on the long run, they'll show progress). When I was in the army, people were able to do hundreds of them in a row, but they didn't put their weight on the arms, didn't go full down, didn't keep their body straight and so on. It's way easier to do 20 quick push-ups in a row than 10 mindful slow ones. My take is that the later are more effective than the former. Have fun with your changes. :-)
  12. +1. This is great ! And I like your homework too. Wish you plenty of fun on the way. :-)
  13. Thanks for the support, Arkania ! :-) Food log 2 black coffee (1x morning, 1x afternoon) small veggie soup (noon) curry chicken with rice and veggies (noon) chocolate mousse with whipped cream (noon) 1 glass of water (afternoon) industrial ham sandwich (evening) ice tea (50 cl - evening) dried mango (100 g - evening) 1 plate of shepherd's pie (evening) 1 beer (25 cl - evening) Goals tracking Have I done my exercise ? Hell yes ! 5' of walking, warm up, 1A, cooldown. It's funny when the warm up is harder than the workout but hey, progress will be made. Forgot to do 3 reps of each exercise... xD Also, the stretching makes me realise just how stiff my body is. Gotta work on that. On hold : Have I wandered around with water at my disposal ? No. Have I cooked this week ? Yes. Have I called my tai chi instructor to be ? Yep. Gonna take part to the next tuesday's lesson. On hold : Have I taken care of my internet site ? No.
  14. I fell asleep without logging, yesterday, so here it is : Food log 1 small sausage (early morning) 1 bottle of ice tea (50 cl - early morning) 1 coffee with cream and sugar (morning) 2 bottles of water (1l total - 1x morning, 1x afternoon) 5 glasses of wine (4x noon, 1x afternoon) 3 slices of pork, a bit of mashed potatoes and veggies (noon) 1 black expresso (noon) 2 ham sandwiches (evening) 1 smoked truit trout filet (evening) 1 pack of salty buttery biscuits (evening) 4 purple balisto bars (evening) Goals tracking Have I done my exercise ? - Yes. 5' of walking. Have I wandered around with water at my disposal ? Yes but am not doing it again today : the whole thing needs ajustments because, right now, it just means that I can carry 2 dl of water on me that will wet my pocket once in a while. What I need is a belt of preparedness. More on it (way) later. Have I cooked this week ? No. Can't count what I've done as cooking yet. Have I called a martial club ? No. Failed to do that : job took the upper hand. I need to work on that balance. On Hold : Have I taken care of my internet site ? No.
  15. Jean

    Hulkine and the final touch

    Thanks, part of what I like with this community is how everyone's open and willing to share. You're awesome ! Sure. We keep looking at things in the short term and failing to see the big picture, so we mess it up for ourselves and need a workout plan to get us back on trail (as a species). Our ancesters, not long ago, used to fight for survival : if you didn't take care of your land, your familiy wouldn't survive the winter. Now, we find food at the nearest convenience store and forget it doesn't just pop there. I was thinking of this because of meat : there are places where forests do not grow (high altitude or latitude), this is a natural space where (mountain) goats and other animals can strive but carrots would have a hard time to. Our ancesters used to cultivate and extend those and now, since we don't need it anymore, the forest is gaining back on it. Is it really a bad thing ? I guess many of us think it is due purely to ideology so I'm with you on it. My take is that I wish we'd be less lazy and put more of a focus on the essential things in life : growing food instead of apps so I would still like it better if we took better care of our grasslands.