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  1. Summoning the happy cats team: And a foreign exchange member:
  2. That does bring back memories. xD I don't care in what state the house was after your efforts, if you're still alive to talk about it, you deserve my kuddos. Facing so many needs (and basic ones, at that) and failing to achieve them also does ring a bell. I try to reframe it ("need" just doesn't work for me anymore after having learned to deal without it anyway since it was out of reach given the state of my energy levels/mindset) and focus on that one thing that will really get things moving. Decluttering is vital and does enter the picture but is often not at the very beginning of it, it often comes second or third. First is either sleep, eat/drink enough (or not too much) or take some fresh air to clear my mind. It's a process but you've got this.
  3. Don't fret writing for me, I don't know the first thing about living in Germany and would not be any help. ^^ Glad you've found a destination you expect to enjoy and congrats on the new name and the new life!
  4. I keep marvelling at your level of self awareness and radical but active acceptance. You do have amazing resilience. Shine on.
  5. @XBlackWidowX I'm very late but would be happy to help regarding getting started in Switzerland. Feel free to hit me with a PM if it still serves a purpose.
  6. @Jarric Thanks for your support and sorry for the very, very late reply. Insurances were on my radar, as well as banking. Diplomacy and negociating could also have been part of the picture. Anyways, news: An opportunity came quickly to me through a private study I very much like, where I have acquaintances who have been working for some years. The working conditions they've communicated to me in writing are attractive and meet my aspirations. The job looks quite challenging (to the level of my current one) but also very rewarding, with a lot of both responsibilities and freedom, which I enjoy and were searching for. It seems we have an agreement and I am looking forward to meeting them again to sign the contract. I am taking two months off between my current job and the next one. These months will be spent charging my batteries, hiking and setting up my new environment. Moving is on the horizon, since my current place is pretty cheap, I can organize my life on my own terms, by keeping both places for some time and setting up my future new place under the best possible conditions. I like where the study is located and had some of the nearby places under my radar for some time as places where I would like to live. Writing things down helped, even though I did not 100% follow through and certainly didn't report here. Priority 1 now is finishing my current job and keeping good relationships with my current network. Priority 2 will be replenishing my energy tank and doing things I like. Priority 3 will be living life on my own terms by setting up the habits I want to carry on. My next challenge, which will not be the current one, may actually be about fitness. Imagine that.
  7. I've found a way to register online. This will give me written proof of my timely application while not creating a conflict with the person potentially in charge of validating my future proofs of job searches. ⭐ I'll give myself ⭐ smileys every time I do something smart. I've got to break with the negative environment of my job place.
  8. 1st application is done. I went to the unemployment office and have been told I had to wait until after my last day of work to register, which is not true. One form I need to give to get the financial benefits actually requires it, though, so some of the administrative work could have been done beforehand and only a few steps would have required to be done. I can handle a few months without pay so I won't fight for that: I need my energy to better recover and search for good jobs. I'm behing on calling people but the first check with reality shows that my view was good and the asinineness of the situation I was working in is recognised. No real harm has been done to the image I give in my field. Getting that clear was the most important step, now to actually get a job I want.
  9. Global checklist: One off : Register to the unemployment office. -> Do that on July 1st (been told it can't be done before the first day of unemployment, which is not true, but getting financial benefits requires a document that I can't get until I am truly unemployed, so not worth fighting for). Check back with reality : make a list of people to call and ask for feedback about the time they've had working with me. let them know I am available. if the feedback is positive, ask if I can use them as reference. Write a prototype of work certificate I would like to receive. Decide how I want to handle my time off during the last two months and get in touche with "HR" to discuss it. Go through my phone contact list and clean it from any junk. Check the requirements for the Mountain Leader certification and craft a plan to get there. Get in touch with the Social Security office, charged with registering self employment status, check if I have to register or can pursue some activity while being unemployed. Update my profile on our professional association's website. Craft a website for my activities. Get domain names for my website. Set the website up.
  10. Saturday : Workout 3 Eat meal 1 Eat meal 2 Go to bed by 10:30 Groceries
  11. Alright, now I am ANGRY: I didn't register to the unemployment office yesterday because I have prioritised handling a last minute task for someone I respect. Today, I missed the opening hours again because I've been assaulted with last minute requests that I didn't know to cast aside. I can be better than that. I must prioritize my own procedures and learn to cast my employers and colleagues aside whenever it needs be done. On the bright side, my first application will go out in time and it is a job I would really like to practice. Another bright note: there are tons of jobs to which I can legitimately apply without really having the right profile, so filling my applications quota shouldn't be hard. The brightest note, though, is that checking back with reality was the most important step of all. My view is correct and I am appreciated for my work by the right circles. All is well, let's keep shining. Thursday : Workout 2 Eat meal 1 Eat meal 2 Go to bed by 10:30 Call person 3 (postponed once again, wrong priorisation in a day that had me overworked) Call person 4 (postponed once again, wrong priorisation in a day that had me overworked) Call person 5 (postponed, wrong priorisation in a day that had me overworked) Check Newspaper 2
  12. That is not sounding strange at all, I am very happy for me too. Wednesday : Running Eat meal 1 Eat meal 2 Go to bed by 10:30 Call person 3 (postponed it to today, to make the call more natural and address more things at once) Call person 4 (postponed it to today, to make the call more natural and address more things at once) Register to the unemployment office (did a last minute task thrown on me by someone I like instead of sticking to my planning, the office was closed when I got there - this is not acceptable behavior and is what I must ward against in the strongest possible fashion)
  13. I'll get to answering, just a bit tired for now. Tuesday : Workout 1 (no known reason, it just slipped entirely) Eat meal 1 Eat meal 2 Go to bed by 10:30 Get proof of residency from the Municipality Call person 1 Call person 2 (didn't answer the phone) Check Newspaper 1
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