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  1. Out of curiosity, what are the numbers like ? You don't look like you're taking on fat to me in the pics you take while you seem very thorough with your workouts. Building muscle would add weight too.
  2. That's the one that felt like a full workout already at the begining, for me (and probably again now, since I've dropped it out for some time). xD Anyway, back to basics: food is a mess, I've slept through tai chi on Tuesday and I've forgotten to apply the golden rule: keep it simple. So, simple it is and back to my original idea with real bits of tweak. It needs not to be really difficult at first, it needs to be simple, it needs to be doable anywhere and it needs to build up over time into real sets and reps so: 10 squats 10 push-ups Everyday I'm not doing tai chi. +1 rep every week until I reach 20, then back to 11 reps but 2 sets, and so on. Of course, the 5' walks are staying too. I'll be adding handstands and pull-ups with time. Current tally: 10 reps.
  3. Jean

    Be Strong and Courageous

    Thanks for sharing, now is a very good time to dig into my strength stashes and summon some fighting spirit. I personally need to fall to the bottom to find my fighting strength so, putting myself into desperate moods is how I get the lion to get out. Motivational video that has kept me afloat the most when facing overwhelming odds: Songs that get me to reach the sun behind the mountains and make it rise into my days: Brunuhville - Spirit of the Wild: (this one summons up my dreams and give me a clear vision to walk toward) The Offspring - The kids aren't alright: (reminds me of what I am fighting for and why dropping out isn't an option) Two Steps from Hell - Final days of Rome: (helps me to build momentum during my sessions) Also, Megaman 2's Dr. Wily's Stage music: (because c'mon, let's be serious here) And now to get up on my legs, down on my arms and do some homemade basic workout to get me started again. I wouldn't have gone for it without you so... thanks.
  4. So, let me start by saying that I am a Robot and I don't do road signs (had to try those damn puzzles a dozen times...) And that's ok, 'cause Robot Rangers don't need no effin' vehicles to thread their life and be awesome ! No, what we need is a log and to look at ourself in the water and either be proud of what we see, or die trying. So here I am. I'm no lumberjack but I'll try to make this work anyway. Keeping a log seems like the right thing for me to do when it comes to accountability : it means that I have to take a good look at myself and keep my eyes open, no matter what I see. Or stop updating and know that I am failing (or that Internet is a thing of the past, we're back to maps and compasses and I have won my war against skillessly relying on machines instead of ourselves, but let's not skip intermediate goals, here). So, let's start with Why I'm in here : 1) Because I'm born and I want to play the game. Not enough ? 2) Because I can. 2.a) Because even Robots can be the best person they can be. Which is really to say that I just want to feel whole, again, on a regular basis. So, what feels right ? Practicing Martial Arts feels right. Solving a difficult situation feels right. Exercising in and of itself doesn't feel right. Having even lightly challenged my body at some point in the day makes me feel right for the whole day. So, feeling whole, for me, is feeling that I have the right skillset to handle most any situation, and tackle it, both physically and mentally. I'm naturally leaning more toward the 'Mind' side of things, so getting some body training in is what I want to do in order to gain balance. Which leads us to my Big Why : "I want to wake up every morning feeling like I'm ready for the day to come." It's vague, and nondescript, and not SMART for a penny but this is how Robot Me measures things, with guts and gusto, and this is how I'll roll, now more than ever. Now to my starting measurements : Weight : 77.3 Kg (wanted direction : up) Height : 1.83 m Number of consecutive push-ups I can do before feeling I'm over-exerting myself : 10 And to my training focus : - basic workout : push-ups, abs, pull-ups, running -> to be laid down [Target 1 = 1 full Vita Trail, walking] ; - getting some healthy sleeping habits ; - getting rid of my reliance on coffee [target = drink water instead] [Goal 1 = always carry a bottle of water with me].