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  1. Right, let 'em come and get what's coming to them!. You are fearsome, take 'em down!
  2. I know you know this and don't need to read it but you are also worthy of being angry at times and of letting it out when it comes. Anger is a natural reaction aiming at putting us in a state of mind to get done with shit and overpower it. While it is what you are living now, it won't stay and won't define you. It is but a bridge across turmoils, made to help you move further. It is your mental immune system doing its thing. Being angry is fine. I've found this song recently and liked it quite a bit. It may or may not resonate with you in your situation.
  3. Was the chilli, tortilla soup or other awesome cooking done? It better because mine was wholesome and a treat for the heart (which I access through stomach, as is customary). These are my meal preps for the week (they taste better than I make them look): Another kind of beef stir fry (instruction video behind spoiler because of size): And a vietnamese chicken salad (instruction video behind spoiler because of size): I also totally randomly have stumbled upon some music by burnboy and Brooke Williams and I have fallen in love with it. This is my temporary new Anthem, until I get through this:
  4. Home buying is overdone, people underestimate the costs of ownership and the opportunity cost of tying money in the downpayment. The principal amortization is a form of forced savings, and since many people wouldn't save otherwise, they think it is what is making them richer, while there are actually other ways of saving and it is the actual savings, and not the home, that matter. Of course, being able to set up our own home to our taste and do whatever we want (for a price) in it are benefits hard to argue against but still, on a stricktly financial point of view, renting is often a better deal than owning (exact conditions, of course, vary).
  5. Fair warning, these are just ramblings about cooking. I'm just a dude happy about rediscovering his cooking instincts once again. Pictures will come tomorrow but I've cooked salmon teriyaki yesterday and it was good, though I would spice the pak choi more next time, and I'm still not good with jasmin rice. It's an easy recipe too so I love it. I've started doing some mean chilli con carne too until I realized that, duh, the dry kidney peas I had bought needed some time in water before being ready for the cooking. No problem, the chilli was meant to be used for dinner today so I could let it rest during the night and use it tonight, which I did. Except I then didn't realize that they were still not cooked, so pretty tough and certainly not fit for that 1 minute in the chilli it was meant to get which was a problem. It was very bland too. So, there I was, with dry overcooked meat (because the peas needed more time to cook) and untasty despicably crunchy peas until, shazam! Thanks Chef Jack Ovens! It dawned on me that I could use more of that beef stock I had used earlier in the recipe to make this both more moist and more tasty, while allowing for the peas to cook better and that, ladies and gentlemen, did the trick. That chilli is awesome, it tastes awesome, it looks awesome and adding some creme fraiche and sriracha mayonnaise on top of it, as suggested by chef Jack works wonders. This thing is just magnificent and I am all the more magnificent myself for it. Also, exercise has been made but that's just background noise to the choir of awesomeness that is filling my palate and tummy. That is all, you can get back to your life now. Enjoy your evening, night, day.
  6. I find that meal prepping helps: find a good youtube channel that you enjoy, browse it endlessly, get captivated by a recipe, copy-paste the list of ingredients straight from it, buy that (or order it online), cook following the video instructions. This is the one I'm currently following: https://www.youtube.com/@ChefJackOvens I hope the visit from mom-in-law is going well and that you can enjoy it despite the pressure and all the preps. Admittedly, I don't have a mom-in-law myself (and am not a woman so would endure waaaaaaay less pressure anyway) but was reupholstering the chair cushions really necessary? (Also, I've learnt a new word, yay!) I mean, she knows what having kids is, there's got to be stains on the fabrics in the house when it is lively occupied.
  7. Indeed. I know what it's telling me and I can't give it to them. Unfortunately, in our current society, you sometimes need things to break for it to be acknowledged as legitimate. I'll not dive into the debate but the two options are good enough with me: power on and make it through toward a more restful and balanced life or break on the way and get it anyway, with a pretty long recovery time (and, of course, no guarantee to ever get a real recovery but life doesn't usually offer me guarantees). Today has been pretty productive. It better had been after having sacrificed two whole days to make to it. I've done my groceries, worked on some administrative and financial stuff on which I was behind and which I enjoy, have eaten one decent meal and some McDo trash and went out for a full workout. Things could be worse.
  8. Not a good day either, most of it spent sleeping. I think I actually need some real rest. Ate my stir fry. Ate soup for dinner, cheese goes with everything! Didn't go out, at all. Good news is, it's the week-end. I think I'll double down on meal prep and pre-cook my dinners too. That means looking at macros to not overdo proteins and keep everything balanced. Sounds cool.
  9. It went sleeping since I've still a lot of fatigue to eliminate so, not so bad, I guess? I've taken today off too, it'll probably be more of the same. There is some administrative work I want to do and since I enjoy that, I'm confident it will get done.
  10. This. I use pan reheating at home and microwave at work. Those means don't seem to make much of a difference over my enjoyment of this specific meal, but I do enjoy the subsequent ones more than the first one. It may have just needed one day to let the chemistry/biology happen, or it may have been my mood and other external circumstances that had me enjoy the first meal less. Yesterday was semi-good. I ate my beef stir fry, I ate pasta for dinner and went out to run. Today is worse. I woke up very tired and decided to take a day off. The day is wonderful, just after snow, so a very short walk did me good but I'm afraid I'm not going to do any more exercise than that. I've eaten the stir fry, tonight will probably be pasta again.
  11. Not a great day today. It was snowing (which is great!) and I didn't muster the will/courage to go run outside so I just did a mini-workout inside. I ate my stir fry for lunch and, incidentally, it tasted better than I remembered from yesterday. I ate some McDonald's tonight, that doesn't really count as food but it was a relaxing moment (I like spending time reading the newspaper in McD for some reason).
  12. I find that a very important part, for me, would be communication. People have no idea of the stretch goals, so I should either act as if the normal ones are indeed the target or acknowledge that the stretch ones actually are, in which case, it may not be bad to let the people close to me know that I'm actually pursuing them but not putting pressure on myself for not reaching them consistently. Base goals are a destination thing, the stretch ones are all about the journey. Being on a journey is wonderful and it doesn't matter one bit if I stumble and stray away from the planned path. Life is meant to be explored and I enjoy it that way.
  13. Man, I love execution stage. Congrats on getting on on your plan. Edit: also, in case it matters, asset allocations and investing are meant to be simple (but not necessarily easy). Don't let any investing guru tell you otherwise.
  14. Maybe it's my coffee and how my body reacts to it but coffee seems to tend to dehydrate me more than the opposite. Strangely enough, herbal tea works on me as a mean of hydration. That's not to say that's not what Janeway would have done, nor that huge thermos of coffee aren't awesome, because they are, but still, I support the soup experiment. Also, thanks for the snow. First time this winter that we are having some real quantity of it of appropriate quality that should hopefully last a few days. Incidentally, those days will be this weekend and we should have nice weather to pair with it so you've done very well.
  15. Quick update: I ran, ate at a restaurant with colleagues at noon and as such ate the beef stir fry for dinner. It's a tad too sweet for my taste, I'd probably add a bit less sugar and try some vinegar in next time. It does meet its purpose, though, and tastes indeed as beef stir fry should so I can still use it to impress people once in a while.
  16. Strange how high energy days are followed by low energy/headache ones. My computer habits have something to do with it and this is something I'll have to work on. Being active helps building energy, but even the full workout wasn't enough for today. I've done what I had to but not a thing more. Maybe this is also part of what I should be working on: I usually have base goals and unspoken stretch ones and I assess my performance based on the stretch ones rather than the base ones. This pushes me forward and to always be thriving but can also have bad repercussions if I end up loosing faith in my ability to get things done. That will be put to the test this week. I have batch cooked delicious beef stir fry following Jack Ovens' recipe. This is the result: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. And let us become more sharp and perfect every time hardship befalls us, again, and again, and again.
  17. Didn't do nearly enough today in order to survive next week but my focus on my well-being is going well. I ate my last batched cooked meal (tomorrow will be the day to renew them). I ate a quick stir fry for dinner. I went for a small walk instead of running. I bought my groceries.
  18. Well, easy day on a well-being standpoint, less on a job one. We ate burgers for dinner at a restaurant, with colleagues. I ate some left over pasta for dinner. I did a full workout. I left work early and slept a bit to get ready for the weekend. Do or die, this is do.
  19. Indeed! The Dread, the cold, the pain and/or the empty stomach don't go away and the beasts around you are still beasts but you walk on anyway. I believe this is one of the shared experiences of life that will happen to us time and time again, without much control on our part but to march on. And march on we do! Thanks for the words of wisdom. Trying out NF coaching. I've made myself impervious to accountability over the years, so I don't expect much in that regard but I do trust that the freshness and outside view can help me move forward.
  20. You are, and thanks. It was a long day, so it was mainly just normal weariness. Everything is fine right now. I've eaten my delicious pre-cooked lunch. I've cooked something quick and not that balanced but filling enough for dinner. I've run for 4*5'. The week is almost over, main focus for tomorrow is to preserve enough of my energy to be in a functioning shape this weekend and spend quality time on myself.
  21. Alright, I've got less spoons left than I would like and I'm not making nearly as much progress as I feel is needed but that doesn't matter either: I'll do it bruised. What matters is that I have had a delicious lunch and am preparing to eat a delicious, if simple and easy, dinner, that I have performed a full workout, and that I can go to bed in a warm and safe house where I can rest and fight one more day, and then as many more after that as are necessary. Things are actually pretty good.
  22. "[My] deepest fear is not that [I am] inadequate. My deepest fear is that [I am] powerful beyond measure." Energized, up and ready. Thanks y'all! Let's tackle this day.
  23. As a reminder for myself: The path forward is not easy, and it is not simple but I have clarity of mind and I know what to do. The problem isn't knowledge and the problem is only partially people around me lacking the skills to understand reality as it is. The problem is acknowledging that I am in deep shit and that the path ahead leads to being covered in mud. No amount of hesitating at the bottom of the muddy slope will make the hill go away. I can somewhat choose when to tackle it but when I have a semblance of energy and mental shield, there's no hesitation to be had: I will have to go through the mud and I might as well do it then. Also, also:
  24. What it does for me is help me center and get a clearer view of what actually is and of what really matters, I hope you'll either find some of the things you are looking for in your current situation, or meet people who'll help you tap into the benefit of the pack while not sacrificing your own well-being as a price.
  25. So, I've taken lack of sleep, headaches and work anxiety as excuses to let things drop. This is usually where I would drop caring about my wellbeing altogether and use feeling beaten down as a coping mechanic. But not today! I have my emergency workout. I have my emergency food. I have my workout clothes at the ready. I have meals prepped for the lunches of my whole work-week in the fridge. I am a wonderful person who is worthy of being taken care of. Everything I've lived so far was necessary to get where I and my employer are now. Nothing I've had to do on the way is too ugly or scary to warrant any loss of sleep over it. What I lack is a more complete support system, which is why carrying out the Anti-Challenge to the end is worth it: My community is: You, dear friends, of course! Friends I can reach out to. There are some of them that would have a fitness/exercising mindset though they are located rather far from me so arrangements would have to be made. Some of my colleagues could be interested in mounting a sports-team and taking part to a few events together. What I really need is to setup a communication network to share events and training sessions and have anyone who wants to jump in jump in. Most of my potential teammates use What'sApp so that could be the plateform for it at the start. I'd rather not use something Facebook related but I'll not let what is best be the enemy of what is good enough. I haven't had breakfast today. I have eaten a deliciously diversified and filling meal at lunch and have cooked another one for dinner. I have run for 4*5'. What remains are the dark clouds on my mind that I don't know how to dispel. It doesn't matter. I'll do it scared. Also:
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