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  1. I am a female software dev, who has been training with a competitive weightlifting club for a past year, but due to time constraints (talk about training 12hr per week while trying to have a life outside of work and gym!) I had to pull out of weightlifting. Without it, my training discipline and diet has gone awry and I want to establish a consistent routine when I am out of gym, and use my free time more wisely. I am also preparing for a huge change in my life (quitting well paying full time job and moving to Germany to study music performance) so I need to keep myself focused and stop beatin
  2. Day 1: Starting Stats: BW: 141.2 Chest: 34 Arm: 11.5/11 Waist: 28 Belly: 32 Hip: 39 Leg: 24/24 Goal 1: Check. Egg/Bacon/Coffee + Whipped Cream/Protein powder/Lettuce Wrap/Beef stir fry Goal 2: No running day today. Still recovering from the sore neck and shoulder from the game on last Saturday Goal 3: Did it before Breakfast today, before dinner I was getting super anxious and mad at inanimate objects because I was so hungry and pushup and pull ups didn't even occur to me after food so I just did it. Morning: 4 assisted pull ups, 9 push ups Evening: 3 assisted pull ups, 7 push ups Goal
  3. Thank you! Good luck to your first challenge as well! Also thanks for pointing out my silly mistake Oooh that's cool that we have same number of push ups and chin ups.
  4. Hi there! I was traditionally a warrior but with rugby, I can't just focus on lifting anymore and I decided to pick up my running (so I'm not dying in the pitch all the time) and become more fit. 1. Lose that darn fat! I'm currently in "healthy" weight/BF range but I still have much more to go. My fat loss have been stalling with my increase in carb intake, thus low carb goal. Goal: Fit into size 4 jeans (currently tight on size 6) How: Through out the week, I'm going to follow Paleo(+dairy) w/ low carb (<50g). I also need to watch my overall calorie intake, since being a college stud
  5. the roll of shame.. ha ha. I have heard of the weight dump, but never seen this one before! Now I know how to escape properly ;p My gym doesn't have trainers since it's school gym and all we have is people who takes your id card. Though I guess I could ask them if they are doing nothing. catspaw, I'll give that a try. Sounds like a good skill to know how to use lower safeties in these cases.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been following Stronglift for a little bit now.. and all my potential workout buddies have dropped out during the process. :/ So I usually go to gym by myself, which I have no problem except for bench press. Last time I went to gym, I was on my last set and I couldn't get the weight up to even first rack around 3rd rep or so. I somehow escaped, but sacrificed some hair in the process ;p And now it worries me that it will happen again and no one will save me! I have tried benching in a squat rack, but somehow I couldn't get the safety bar height right. What should I do?
  7. It has been a goal of mine since summer 2012.. And I finally did it!!!
  8. Athena: It was breaded.. "deep fried onion." hence the problem. (bad oil, breading) Also I started with Whole 30 and allowed a bit more stuff from there (ie I allowed myself dairy for coffee etc) and they allow green beans for the green-ness of it so I do eat plenty of them. This is what they say: "Certain legumes. We’re fine with green beans, sugar snap peas and snow peas. While they’re technically a legume, these are far more “pod” than “bean,” and green plant matter is generally good for you."
  9. Update: day 8, 9, 10, 11. Goal 1: Eh. The stat doesn't look great, but I'm trying my hardest eliminating non paleo food from my plate! It's mostly something like fried onion in green bean casserole, wheat stuff I missed in a soup..etc that makes that meal non paleo rather than paleo. ugh. Goal 2: Week 1 : 3/3. check! Day 11: 5K race with my mom on Turkeyday! (1/3 week 2) Sad story: My mom out ran me. This is not acceptable -__- Next time, I'm going to make that 5K under 30 min! Goal 3: 15 seconds..ish? I've been just doing static hold whenever I pass by that bar ;p Goal 4: Total practiced: 12
  10. Nice work! And yes, I totally agree with that group work issue. It's demoralizing when other people in the group are slacking off and I'm the only one running around trying to put stuff together.
  11. Your week 1 looks awesome! Keep up the good work.
  12. For sure! Getting a nice set of guns would be cool (my left arm started to show a little bit ) by end of this challenge! Oh those egg cups look amazing O_O I'm definitely going to try! Thank you! Ahh heights. At least we never have to worry about our head bumping into something! ;p I love kale chips! They are my special treat since I like to do stove top stuff instead of using ovens. But I'll give that method a try. It's mostly that I'm at home now and I have hard time saying no to my mom trying to treat me :/ She knows that I mostly eat paleo and eliminates a lot of craby dishes but rice i
  13. I'm so jealous of your lunch!! I had a slice of pizza for dinner yesterday... my body didn't like that.
  14. Day 6, 7 update: Goal 1: 80-20 Paleo This one's definitely going down hill... oh.... Goal 2: Gym! Kind of pushed myself with this one because I still went even though I was suuuper sore. Result? slipped back down on OHP and barely managed to keep the squat where I left off last time :/ But my DL increased! Goal 3: I did it! I finally bought that damn chin up bar! It was not cheap ($18) compared to what I've been looking at, but I figured if I keep comparing and eye shopping, this thing will never be done so I just went to the offline shop and bought it. I just assembled it and... found out th
  15. That. Is Amazing. I wanna live there. :/ Yes, America is indeed fat phobic. Government and so called "experts" have successfully brain washed all of us into thinking fat makes us fat and I have hard time convincing my friends to buy full fat stuff when we are making stuff together because they so firmly believe that fat is bad. hump. At least that's doing some good in this case with meat since I get less of all the gunk and junk (hormone, grain etc) stored in the fat?
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